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Jun 18, 2021 8:26 PM
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Eventually everyone trickles away!


When Esther leaves, Jane gives her a "see you tomorrow!" and them promptly leaves herself, doing her best not to let her current state of confusion show. She heads back to her dorm to see if her video on PornHub has gotten any comments yet.

+1 BOD for nude pictures
Quest available: You Can Leave Your Hat On

You must complete a quest before you can advance your BOD beyond 30!

Walk around naked in public for 24 hours.

Success: BOD 31, +5000 XP, +5 ERO

Info // Online Presence:

You earn 10XP each time somebody comes:

- While looking at a non-retouched picture or video of you.
- While listening and paying attention to your recorded voice.
- While reading an erotic story you wrote that is entirely based on true events.
- While looking at an erotic drawing that you personally drew.
- While watching a hentai for which you provided at least one of script, storyboards, or voice acting.
- While playing a VR game whose models and motions were captured from you.
- While interacting with an AI that was programmed by you or trained on data you generated.
- While playing an eroge whose character routes feature you and your companions.

Only one orgasm per session will be counted. Repeated edging or ruined orgasms may qualify at the Erogame's discretion. Forcing or incentivizing orgasms (e.g. as mandatory supervised daily sessions within a territory you rule) reduces per-orgasm XP gains, but does not eliminate them. Promoting or advertising your online presence carries no penalty.

For details of how you are currently doing online, check Info // Online Presence // My Metrics. Advanced ad-free metrics can be unlocked by paying $5.99/month.



She didn't want to say "no" to a quest like that. BOD 30 had been enough to get someone she previously hadn't been nearly cool enough to hang out with to notice her, but the Erogame had said a "perfect 10" was BOD 40. Why shouldn't she magic herself into a perfect 10, if the Erogame had that on offer?

She vaguely remembers hearing about a college student who somehow got away with going to class naked for some time before the university put a stop to it, maybe Googling him would give her some ideas for reasons she could give for going to class naked? Oh shit, he killed himself she suddenly realizes as she reads his story. That's depressing. Still, she might be able to borrow his arguments about the inherently oppressive nature of clothing.

This could be a good test of just what Erogamer's World lets her get away with too. Actually, now that she thought about it, the idea of showing of her new BOD to the world was kind of sexy, which meant if the Erogame was to be trusted, walking around naked for 24 hours definitely couldn't have worse results in the long run than not doing that.

On the other hand, 30 BOD seemed to be serving her pretty well for the time being. Just because she wants to go higher eventually doesn't mean there needs to be a rush. In fact, before she increases her BOD any more, maybe it would be a good idea to go to class tomorrow and see just how many people give her the "you're new" treatment.

Anyway, what's this about earning XP for her "online presence"? "Info, online presence, my metrics" she whispers.

Info/Online Presence/My Metrics

You have uploaded: "Watch me take all TWELVE INCHES of this dildo"
"Watch me take all TWELVE INCHES of this dildo": has: 435 views!
You have caused: 92 orgasms!
You have earned: 920 XP!

Wow that's a lot of, uh, masturbation happening while I was at dinner.

But 920 XP is pretty damn good for just uploading a crappy cellphone video to one site. She should scale this. After spending some time researching all the places one can post porn to online, she settles for uploading the video to a half-dozen video sharing sites and posting the links on a dozen subreddits as being at least a good start. Maybe she'll do more later—she had no idea how many porn subreddits there were.

She figures that's probably as much Erogame as she's going to get done for the day, so she gets to work on the anthro assignment she's been putting off... only to remember she hasn't picked out a perk. She looks at the perk selection again. Re-reading the perks, it seems pretty obvious she's got a ways to go before any of them are terribly useful... except maybe the Truth, if something is already fucking with her memory. Also because it could prevent anything from fucking with her memory again in the future—something that seems like just about the worst thing imaginable.

What if she already voluntarily had her memory messed with? She can't imagine why. A life only worth living because you edited your own memory doesn't seem like much of a life. And it's possible that at 1st level she took a perk of the form, "make the horrible thing go away, and forget it ever existed"—if the thing was sufficiently horrible, maybe her past self thought that was a good trade, but she suspects the "make the horrible thing go away" part would have been more compelling to past!Jane than the "forget the horrible thing ever existed" part. In that situation she thinks, her ideal solution would be to make the horrible thing go away but still remember it.

What are other reasons she might have tampered with her own memory? Maybe to forget something horrible she'd done... but if she's secretly an evil person, she should really face that before doing any more playing around with what claims to be a source of ultimate cosmic power (or at least cosmic power enough to turn 99.99% of the population into sex zombies). Maybe she had some information that couldn't fall into the wrong hands, but if so, wiping her memory when the Truth perk was right there was a terrible plan. Honestly, if past!Jane messed with her own memory, she deserves to have present!Jane undo that, because what kind of idiot wouldn't see that turn of events coming?

The other possible downside of taking Truth is she won't ever be able to mess with her own memory in the future... but the options the Erogame is presenting her with for doing that all seem kind of insane. Maybe in the future she'll want to erase some past trauma from her memory, except the Erogame seems to be promising her she can't be traumatized for life anymore. And even if in the future she really, really wanted to forget something, after she forgot the thing, the Truth perk would still be there, and she'd no longer be able to remember a good reason for not taking it.

Okay Erogame, I think I've thought sufficiently carefully about this. She taps the perk's name with her finger.


Her memories do not change!

Several perks gray out to indicate that they can no longer be taken. 


Well, that's several bad decisions I no longer have to worry about making.

She finishes her anthro assignment somewhat hastily and gets ready for bed. She already came once today, but doing it again still seems like a good idea to help her get to sleep. As she lies back, vibrator in hand, her mind wanders to the thought of kissing Esther—would she really enjoy that? Maybe not. She's still pretty sure she's straight—she's had plenty of crushes on guys, but never on girls. So maybe it wouldn't actually be much fun to make out with Esther... or have Esther suck on her nipples... or—

She forces her attention back to an image of Daveed Diggs handcuffed shirtless to a table, and keeps it there until she comes. Then she falls asleep.


In the morning her attention is drawn to the bulletin board, which seems to have acquired several new fliers overnight. 


> read ye fliers


Fliers advertise:

-Consent is Sexy workshop!
-Kissing booth to raise money for queer-inclusive sex ed classes for underprivileged youth!
-Corset modeling! Earn $$$!
-Need to pay off student loans? This workshop will teach you to make YOUR porn career work for YOU!


Money is good. The purchase of the giant dildo yesterday still stings (even if she got 20 stat points out of the bargain), and it would be nice to be able to make that up. So she'll definitely follow up on the modeling job, and maybe the porn workshop—though she reads the flier carefully for any hints at whether this is more "sell videos of yourself jerking off" or "get fucked on camera for money". While she's at it, she takes a look at the date and time on the Consent is Sexy workshop—who knows, it could actually be sexy.


Consent is Sexy workshop is tonight, porn workshop is tomorrow, modeling job says you should call anytime. 


Jane takes down the info for all three. She'll call the modeling job immediately—she's got time, she designed her class schedule to let her sleep in a bit, but she hasn't actually been staying up that late.


The modeling job is happy to take her in for an interview.


Jane asks if they have any interview slots open tomorrow morning.

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