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Template: Alizara

Alizaras are rich girls with an interest in technology and a desire to teach others. Typically found with an Azure for a twin.

Template: Azure

Twin sibling to an Alizara, based off of Blue/Gary Oak from Kanto Pokémon games. Somehow manages to be both charismatic and rude.

Template: Diamondeye

Typically a god or a very important noble of some kind. Mostly indifferent to things, preferring to ignore their charges in order to maintain their hobbies - typically museums, menageries, or art galleries. When in a situation where they must act, prefers to play the long game, nudging things just enough that the pieces eventually fall in her favor.

Template: Elanor
Template: Elseca

Serious and loyal, their primary goal is to go looking for things long left forgotten.

Template: Iarlaith
Template: Meng Yao
Template: Monday

Prone to necromancy or vampirism.

Template: Untamed Characters

Various characters from The Untamed / MDZS who haven't yet become their own templates

Template: Vine

The three main traits of a Vine are Self Preservation, Adaptation, and Hating Lies / Deception. They are also usually very tall. Vine can shift between three 'sub-templates' depending on their environment:
- Ara'Vine are Vine which can leave their current situation. Curious, flakey, and generous though not to the point of self-sacrifice.
- Nomo'Vine are Vine which can not leave their current situation, nor handle their situation. They are paranoid, clingy, and prone to many phobias.
- Raen'Vine are Vine which can not leave their current situation, but are up to the challenge it gives them. Effective, sarcastic, and ruthless.

Template: Worlds and Side-Characters
Template: Woven

A troubled teen who likes to run off and play hookie from whatever her responsibilities are. Artistic, particularly in visual forms such as painting.

No Template