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[Group: Doppelgängers] CassCal. Original characters.

Cal: Is very morally grey. If it's possible to be soulless, she is.

Cass: Doppelganger/twin to the Cal cluster. A ray of sunshine. Has terrible taste in siblings and men. Token straight.

Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Allocer Cal Allocer ofthesky Hilarie Burton Inferno
Callie Theirin Cal very-image Hilarie Burton Twilight
Callie Theirin Cal Void widersinnes Hilarie Burton Mystic
Camille O'Connell Cass guiding-light Samantha Logan Mystic
Cassandra Wyatt Lahey Cass unto-this-storm Hilarie Burton Nemeton
Cassia James Cass own-image Hilarie Burton The Magnus Archives
Cassia James Cass own-image Angélica Celaya The Magnus Archives
Cassidy Wyatt Cass once-more Angélica Celaya Cimmeria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Cass Starbright Cass first-star Samantha Logan Ashes
Cass Starbright Cass outshine-the-stars Samantha Logan Alex Rider
Cass Theirin Cass sigh-no-more Hilarie Burton Mystic
Cass Theirin Cass with-feeling Hilarie Burton Argentum
Darla Cal Darla we-have-become Hilarie Burton Cimmeria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Jane Chatwin Cass summer-night Celeste Cid The Magicians
Protogenia Halliwell Cass deep-end Hilarie Burton Charmed
Slayer Cass>Cal Cass psycho-killer Angélica Celaya Cimmeria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Thor Odinson Cass midnight-sun Chris Hemsworth Marvel Cinematic Universe, Acheron
Vinceres Cal Vinceres enpathos Finn Jones Charmed