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Gremlin. Do not feed after midnight.
Usually Clary/Carter or sometimes Clary/Jamie kid. Twin to Liv/Liv. Shows up as Fred Weasley and other unrelated people as well, though.
The older and meaner twin. Has an affinity for chemistry, explosives, and related subjects.

Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Crackerjack Moreau Samuel Franklyn Moreau it-goes-boom Leonardo DiCaprio The Expanse
Fred Weasley dare-devil Leonardo DiCaprio Harry Potter
Sam Morcant bubble-bubble Alicia Silverstone
Sam Morcant snake-in-the-grass Leonardo DiCaprio, Cole & Dylan Sprouse Refraindre, X-Men
Samuele Vongola Samuele Federico Vongola feed-me Leonardo DiCaprio Skyfire