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Sweet cinnamon roll; too good, too pure.

Dino is weak-willed until he is Not. Dino is often possessed by and/or twin to Jalex, and is otherwise always connected to him in some way. He is frequently romantically involved with Anya's Ava template.
Dino has dyspraxia affecting primarily gross motor functions, which he controls by moving carefully and paying close attention to those movements. Despite his gentle nature, he frequently ends up a soldier, knight, and/or part of the criminal underground. He adores horses and would love nothing more than to live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere with his family.

Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Admetus untamed Xavier Samuel Reborn Gods
Aladdin diamond-in-the-rough Elliot Knight Agrabah, SV Disney
Alan bow-and-bend Elliot Knight Legacy
Alana Constance Verlac glass-slipper Josephine Langford Themis-Zeta
Alan Chevalier que-tout-recommence Boran Kuzum Last
Alan Harker sea-of-wonders Xavier Samuel Dracula
Alan Knight blood-and-salt Elliot Knight Obsidian
Alan Knight blood-inheritance Xavier Samuel Wormverse
Alan Knight book-keeper Xavier Samuel Otherworlds
Alan Knight by-night Xavier Samuel Doppelgängland
Alan Knight cloak-of-night Xavier Samuel Eclipse
Alan Knight deep-and-dreaming Xavier Samuel Sailor Moon
Alan Knight did-not-hold Xavier Samuel Synanon
Alan Knight Ale dust-to-dust Xavier Samuel Ashes
Alan Knight live-in-harmony Xavier Samuel Firefly
Alan Knight psychic-receiver Xavier Samuel Psych
Alan Knight purple-heart Xavier Samuel
Alan Knight say-forever Elliot Knight Whoniverse, Z-Space
Alan Knight some-disconsolate-prisoner Xavier Samuel Animorphs
Alan Knight strong-enough-to-stand Xavier Samuel Twilight, Evenfall
Alan Knight swallow-the-shame Xavier Samuel Supernatural
Alan Knight the-shadow-cast Xavier Samuel Firewalker
Alan Knight wer-man Xavier Samuel Bewitched
Alan Knight pour-une-chanson Xavier Samuel Mass Effect, Catalyst
Alan Maitland bucking-horse Xavier Samuel Stardew Valley
Alan Maitland make-a-start Xavier Samuel Beetlejuice
Alanna shape-the-future Josephine Langford Polar Night
Alan Rivers as-above Boran Kuzum Neath
Alan Spade fade-into Xavier Samuel Twilight
Alan Willelmson earth-and-kingdoms Xavier Samuel Primordial
Alan Willsson solid-ground Xavier Samuel Alagaësia
Alen Lars sink-in Xavier Samuel Star Wars
Alexandre Constantin Verlac carry-your-burdens Xavier Samuel Themis
Alin Knight space-between Xavier Samuel Whoniverse, X-Space
Alin of Archenland horse-man Xavier Samuel Deep Magic
Alin Ritter Xavier Samuel Charmed
Allen Knight what-is-behind Elliot Knight Visare
Alyn Greyjoy half-so-mortal Boran Kuzum Dusteros, Animos
Aulus Aemilius Constans century-of-war Elliot Knight Assassin's Creed
Constantin 'Costin' Chevalier The Steed noble_steed Xavier Samuel Jörmungandr
Constantino Cavallone Dino half-tamed Xavier Samuel Skyfire
Costa Cavallone as-a-root Xavier Samuel Titan Fleet
Costin Cavalier take-your-mind Xavier Samuel Dragon Age
Deeno Nyte sea-unto-the-pine Xavier Samuel Under
Din not-so-dark Elliot Knight Alexandria
Dino take-your-soul Boran Kuzum Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dino Cavallone lonely-nights Xavier Samuel Dormire
Dino Cavallone lost-world Xavier Samuel Mystic
Dino Chevalier not-be-afraid Boran Kuzum Deep Magic
Dino Knight it-won't-stop Xavier Samuel Pokemon SV
Dino Ritter on-my-life Xavier Samuel Gate of Truth
Horemheb Ramesses through-the-heart Elliot Knight Heliopolis
Lt. Alan Knight safe-and-secure Elliot Knight Star Trek: X
Sir Dino impossible-quest Xavier Samuel Labyrinth
Tino Aristolos Boran Kuzum Theogony
Tino Cavalo deny-evil Boran Kuzum Avernus