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[Group: Gotham] John Constantine from Hellblazer, the show Constantine and a bunch of DC comics.

Name Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Alice the-laughing-magician Kiernan Shipka Bartimaeus
Alice Constantine dangerous-habits Ruta Gedmintas Mystic
Alice Constantine mucous-membrane Maddie Hasson
Alulim devil-you-know Shun Oguri Inanna's Ring
Constantine red-right-hand Matt Ryan Sins-verse
Constantine systems-of-control Godfrey Gao Castlevania
John Constantine all-his-engines Matt Ryan & Caleb Ruminer Cimmeria
John Constantine dead-souls Matt Ryan Barrow
John Constantine good-intentions Matt Ryan Arrowverse, Earth-1
John Constantine original-sins Caleb Ruminer
John Constantine trenchcoat-brigade Matt Ryan Mystic
The Grimoire beholder-beware Imagine

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