Template: Mehdi

Wants to be providing for his family, is usually busy being kidnapped

Name Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Maitimë vamptime bereft-in-deathly-bloom
Maitimë Bridetimë mourning-in-thy-robe-of-pride Melissa Fernandes & too many others
Mehdi thoughtheirpriceishigh Sophia di Giorgio Pontic Steppe
Mehti gorl mehtien Han Eu-Ddeum 한으뜸
Meh’tien Eastern Steppe Mehdi air-of-valor Chikaru Okunugi
Mei mermaedim under-glimmer-under-gloam Sophia di Giorgio
Mellyn selkie mehdi tiny-pleasing-one Sophia di Giorgio + misc. mediterranean monk seals