argona's Characters
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Template: Amélie
Template: Ayra

a calm paladin

Template: Cat
Template: Hideko

Attractors to child abuse, isolation, facades, and inconveniently falling in love.

Template: Lan Xichen
Template: Lan Zhan
Template: Lelye

Mehdi's daughter, my girlfriend

Template: Lily
Template: Love
Template: Mai
Template: Mehdi

Wants to be providing for his family, is usually busy being kidnapped

Template: Psii
Template: Queen
Template: Quendil

Template attractors to witnessing horrible things and Not Enjoying It

Template: Rasa
Template: Shi Mei
Template: Shin Hati
Template: Sookhee
Template: Tengfei

Mehtien's son with an unfortunate conception backstory
Wild child. Likes to explore new places, likes to test his limits, likes to fly.

Template: Untamed Misc.
Template: Wei Ying
Template: Wen Ning
Template: Wen Qing
Template: Yao
No Template