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Conqueror. Usually ruler of something or other. Often runs a problematic military and has varyingly problematic personal habits. Pretty personable, though.
Family was descended from a ruling line before they became the current rulers.

Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Arel Eteo King Charlie Hunnam Amenta
A'rohja Nunh King the-garish-sun Ranveer Singh Etheirys
Ego revolves-around Ranveer Singh MCU
Hrodebert Theudobald King Charlie Hunnam Jörmungandr
King Orion Rathe King heart-of-ashes Charlie Hunnam a/b/o
King Rojan the-garish-sun Ranveer Singh Evil Overlord List
King Theobald a-red-day Charlie Hunnam LOTR
Maric Theirin Conqueror fire-and-blood Charlie Hunnam Dragon Age
Ọlọrun there-is-a-lion Harlod Perrineau SV Disney
Rael Tian King the-best-defense Sung Kang Arcania Artefactum
Ragnar Storm-Heart Soldier Ragnar the Red bold-battle Tom Hardy The Elder Scrolls, Nirn, Skyrim
Robar Thum Conqueror warhammer Tom Hardy WTFMagic
Robert in-a-rut Charlie Hunnam Legacy
Robert Baratheon King a-hollow-victory Tom Hardy Westeros, Dusteros
Robert Fell silver-bullet John David Washington Primordial
Robert Montgomery father-knows-best Charlie Hunnam Pleasantville
Robert Morcant in-the-pines Charlie Hunnam Refraindre
Robert Morcant knight-in-leather Charlie Hunnam Skyfire
Robert Morcant trying-to-cover Charlie Hunnam Servitor
Robert Morganrath double-or-nothing Charlie Hunnam Ashes
Robert Morganrath Charlie Hunnam Alex Rider
Roberto Vongola Soldier better-than-gold Charlie Hunnam Skyfire
Roberto Vongola Conqueror fear-and-blood Charlie Hunnam Titan Fleet
Robert Rathe boar's-tooth Charlie Hunnam Sigil
Robert Rathe wrath-and-ruin Charlie Hunnam Gotham
Robert Theobald Soldier never-so-alive Charlie Hunnam Buffyverse
Rob Winchester Soldier Harold Perrineau Supernatural
Rodebert Theobald King Charlie Hunnam Elsewhere
Zeus King to-all-things Charlie Hunnam Reborn Gods