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"Okay. We'll see. When you're giving a blowjob, the most important thing is to make sure there's lots of lubrication, and to try and stay relaxed, so that teeth do not get involved. But what you're doing now is also correct- You want to warm up your partner with your hands and with kisses and licking on their cock. Most penises are most sensitive around and just under the head. Don't try to take more into your mouth than is comfortable. A gag reflex is one hell of a thing. Mmm... Doing well so far."

She lets Alex work on her for a bit. 

"-And another important skill is listening to your partner's cues and feedback. Keep doing what you're doing now, and I'll tell you what feels good and what feels less good- By moaning, or with words. You can also use your hands to gently massage my testicles or stroke the shaft if you like. You can ignore the pussy that's hidden underneath for now, since you're practicing sucking cock right now. Fundamentally though, in my opinion being good at sex is somewhere between technique and practice, and the all-important skill of paying attention to your partner, and figuring out what works for them."


"Thank you for the advice and direction!"

Alex tries his best to keep in mind what Myra is saying while gently rubbing and licking and kissing all along her cock, and when he begins to take her cock into his mouth, he doesn't take in much more then just the tip despite how much a part of him wants to swallow her entire length as triggering his gag reflex would suck (and not in the fun way) and so have less risk of his teeth accidentally going against her cock.

He continues to gently stroke and rub the length of her cock, while beginning to lick against her head, initially with the lightest possible touches in case it's too sensitive for anything greater, before gradually getting faster and more intense.

After Myra's second bit of commentary, his tries to pay more attention to her cues and reactions and be less distracted by how nice it feels to pleasure her cock.

Whether she reacts more to have certain spots rubbed then others, how she reacts to having her testicles massaged, or if he speeds up or slows down some of what he's doing, if she prefers her head to be licked or rubbed, carefully changing and trying to check which levels of intensity she prefers for it.


Myra is exaggerating her pleasure with little gasps and twitches and moans. There's almost as much performance to receiving as giving, if you want to make your partner feel appreciated and accomplished.

She likes... A medium pace, the steadier the better, and she likes suckling and gentle nibbling around the tip. Plus a hand stroking the shaft lower down. That makes her moan softly and start bucking her hips gently at a steady pace.

"Y-You should grope my butt some more," She says, breathing deeply and massaging her own breasts. "And the Blow part of a blowjob is- Exhaling when you take more in and sucking when you pull back out. The change in pressure feels good. But you should focus on the tip, not the shaft. Taking the whole cock in your throat looks good in porn, but it's not necessarily the best... Mmh. Right there, hold that, please. More of that. You can nibble as long as it's very light and gentle. When you want to pleasure a partner, to make them feel good, you should vary things more... And to make your partner orgasm, find one thing they like and keep going."


Alex happily switches one of his hands from stroking Myra to groping her butt, experimentally switching between groping and rubbing different spots and to try figure out which she likes best, while his other hand strokes her lower shaft at the steadiest pace he can manage.

When she starts narrating how to do the Blow he tries to follow along, and fails initially, mixing up which action is exhaling and not managing to suck in time with pulling out, but he does eventually manage to do it correctly and hold it when Myra says so, and nibbles the gentlest amount he can, and tries to maintain a medium pace doing all the things she seems to like.


Myra moans more and more once Alex finds a steady pace. It's really hot to her if Alex uses the hand on her butt to push her hips forward gently in time with the blowjob.

It's not very long before she breathily says, "I'm going to cum soon. On you, or in your mouth?"


It take him a bit before realizing he could use his hand on her butt to push her hips forward, but when he does and notices how much she reacts when he gently does that, he adds it to the stack of things he's doing to try and bring her to orgasm.

Alex shyly stammers out "Onmeplease." before going to sucking her off, while being careful to make sure Myra can easily pull out when she does cum.


It's not much longer after that when she reaches the edge and pulls back, letting warm cum spurt onto Alex's face and chest with a series of loud moans. She rubs her hands through Alex's hair and scratches his scalp affectionately.

"...That was lovely. You're trying very hard to learn and do your best, and that's so cute. You look so hot with covered in cum like that, Alex. And you'll look even better after more progress on your transformation. I bet you're ready to switch places again, huh?"


Alex smiles up happily at Myra as her cum spurts onto his chest and face.

"T-thank you, it was really lovely for me too and I look forward to having you cum on me again when I'm more transformed. And yeah, I'm ready to switch places again, um, would you have anything you'd like to do next?" 


"Hmm... Next, I want to squeeze your cock between my breasts, or some other part of me that's not a hole- Feet, hands, thighs. It's hot to me that every part of a succubus is good for creating pleasure. How about I lay down on the bed, and you straddle me and fuck my tits?" She presses them together demonstratively with her hands.


"That is hot yes, I'd love to fuck your tits! Would I need to be to careful when straddling you, or is succubus biology/magic good for that too?" Appreciative staring at her 'demonstration'.


"Yes, most of your weight should be on your knees, not on me. I'm still made of flesh and blood, not magic. Mostly not magic. Sometimes you're going to have to work to find a comfy position..."

She claims one of the pillows from under Alex's knees, then scrambles backwards onto the bed and lays down, head on said pillow. She curls a little bit, taking a pose that should look good, highlighting the curve of her waist and hips.

"Come and get me, then~ I'm sure you're still horny. After you paint my tits white you can do the same with my pussy. I'm looking forward to it!"


"Got it! I'll try and avoid applying undue pressure to you." 

After Myra lies down, Alex follows onto the bed, kneeling before her tits and trying to get in a position that doesn't apply much pressure to her, before beginning to gently slide his cock in between her tits.

"I am too!"


She sits up for a moment and sticks her tongue out, applying sufficient drool to her breasts to make the experience more... Frictionless. She appears to be able to consciously control it, since it starts and stops in an instant. Then she wraps her breasts around Alex's cock before beginning to move them up and down with her hands, giving him plenty of soft slick pressure.

She wraps her wings around his back once Alex gets going, for good measure. They're warm and firm leathery sheets, applying even pressure over his entire back, like a weighted blanket or a full-body hug, as if trying to drag him down into her embrace.

"Yeah, fuck my tits! Thrust your hot cock in them. Grab them and squeeze them. Use me to feel good. I really love having sex. We can create so much pleasure and happiness... You're going to orgasm again, and soon. And then you'll do it again, and again, until you're drained... Because I'm a slutty succubus, free to fuck in any way you can imagine, and you've been tempted now, haven't you? My body, my scent, my voice... It's all designed to make you orgasm. And it's working, isn't it? You want to cum, because it feels good. Who doesn't want to feel good? Seeing you lose yourself in the passion... Mmm!"


When Myra finishes applying her magic drool to her breasts, Alex takes the opportunity to steal a kiss from her before she lies back down and wraps her tits around his cock.

After which he starts enthusiastically thrusting against her breasts, trying to match the timing of his thrusts with the rate at which Myra manually moves them up and down.

When she wraps her wings around his back, Alex says "Your wings feel so nice against me." and tries to lean back against their warmth whenever he pulls out, before leaning forward as he thrusts back into her tits.

And when Myra starts the dirty talk, Alex has no idea how to generate some of his own despite enjoying Myra doing it, and hopes just fucking and using her body, and shyly smiling at her works as a response??


She continues the dirty talk and careful squeezing with her breasts until Alex orgasms again, semen spreading across her neck and chin. She grins. Her eyes flutter in pleasure from the absorption of energy.

After a few moments to catch their breath she frowns, though.

"...Alex, did I make a mistake with the dirty talk? I thought you would like it, and I liked doing it, but I think it might have made things awkward. You certainly thrust a bit harder when I did, but... I think I might have seen conflict on your face, and if I made you feel bad that's no good at all. I was avoiding doing it in certain ways, like calling you names, which some people like, but... Yeah. Sorry if so."


After cumming again, Alex reposition to lie down beside and hug Myra while catching their breath, and maybe also lick the cum off her neck and chin.

When Myra frowns, Alex has a flash of worry about what he might've did wrong to cause that, before processing what she just said.

"You didn't make a mistake or make me feel bad with it! it felt nice in fact! I just didn't really know how to respond to it or give some of my own and hoped just smiling at and continuing to fuck you would be fine as a response, which I realize was foolish now that I say it out, so if anything I should be the one saying sorry!

So I'm sorry for not really responding and making things awkward and making you think you might've made a mistake."


Snugs are nice. Warm bodies pressing against each other... She snugs up too. Her wings are involved, and her tail rests on a leg. The... Fluids are starting to get a little annoying, but she'll fix that in a second. 

She kisses Alex's cheek.

"Communication is important in sex. I didn't communicate that I didn't necessarily want you to dirty talk as well. So it's both or neither of our faults, I think? And it's not a big problem anyway. That was fun. I enjoyed it."

Hug tighter for a moment. 

"You'll almost never have to worry about my enjoyment. Absorbing essence is... Just indescribably good. It's like orgasming and eating a delicious cake at the same time. And I like seeing people enjoying themselves. I'm really looking forward to telling you all about how your journey to womanhood will be..."

She idly traces a spell with one hand, starting to evaporate away some of the accumulated fluids on both of them, and the surroundings. It's slightly expensive, but not a big concern. Pennies, relatively speaking.


Alex happily snuggles up against Myra and squeaks slightly when he's reminded that she has tail by it resting on his leg.

"That makes sense, and I'm glad you enjoyed it too."

Alex returns the earlier cheek kiss as the hug briefly tightens, and blushes happily at the reminder that he'll be becoming a woman.

"It really feels that good? A-and I'm looking forward to hearing that too..."


"It's hard to describe and it's not really the same... But it does feel very good. Like a pleasant haze from a hug and little surge of accomplishment and success. Like I said, hard to describe. The least I can do is make sure it feels at least as good for you."

Myra flexes her hips, rubbing her thigh against his cock.

She smirks. "Like that."


Alex squirms and grinds his cock against her thigh in response.

"You're very good at it! and huh it sounds neat and it's good that it feels pleasurable for you."


"Oh, I know I am. Just wait to see how it feels when you fuck me properly. Your hard cock is ready, and my wet pussy is right there, you know..." Myra hungrily kisses at Alex's neck, and her tail works higher up on his thigh.


"Why wait when I can find out right now?" Alex tries just pushing cock up against Myra's groin and ends up grinding against her cock which he had briefly forgotten about, followed by embarrassingly repositioning their cocks with his hands so he can enter her properly this time.


Myra giggles, and then kisses him again, adjusting on the bed so her wings can wrap around his back more comfortably.

...They keep having sex for a good while, in multiple positions. Myra lavishes Alex with kisses in missionary position, which then leads to Myra riding him cowgirl style while calling him cute. Myra orgasms again during this, spurting cum over Alex's belly and squeezing down hard on his cock.

She cleans it with another magical spell at this point, while Alex takes a break to stretch and take a drink of water.

Then, another blowjob. Then Myra bends over on the bed, spreading her pussy apart with two fingers and asking in a cute voice if Alex would please fuck her... After that she tries getting him off with her flexible, fleshy tail. Then a third blowjob. This time she keeps going until Alex orgasms three times in total, just continually sucking and applying pleasure with her mouth, wings trapping his legs in place and whispering praiseful dirty talk, with short breaks. 

After a total of ten orgasms, though, Alex isn't staying aroused quite as much after the latest round of succubus ministrations. Instead there's a deep sense of tired, satisfied floatiness. Myra announces that his magical essence is getting low, and now is a good time to stop, cuddle, and talk.


Alex comfortably lies down besides Myra and snuggles her close while asking "So what should we talk about?" in a blissed out slightly sleepy tone.


"How you're going to turn into a girl. What the steps are, now that I've gotten rid of unwanted hair. That's step one. What the other improvements I can make are. And how long we will take about it... How much debt you end up in, compared to the speed of your transformation. I will get my due, after all. One way or another. Maybe other stuff too... You'll need new clothes, you might need to show people the new you. Or fix your IDs."

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