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Using a Mary Sue CYOA thread concept to write a massively fantasized paean to how much meeting your girlfriend changed your life is a Normal Activity, right?
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Exactly! Everything will work out to be maximally convenient within its concept. You can turn that off with one of the drawbacks if you really want to, though.


Turning it off sounds like possibly a very bad idea, but maybe the abilities aren't the kind of thing that might make that completely untenable? He'll keep the option in mind as he's checking things over in more detail now that he's accepted this whole this is real or real-adjacent.

Well, Isekai Roulette is higher expected-value, so that's what he'll pick. This world plausibly has an expiration date, and he'd like to go somewhere that doesn't. Hopefully he'll be able to come back and nab everyone from here that he cares about, eventually. Or even remove the expiration date. Or- wait, can he do something clever and- he'll ask the notebook if it will work. Also, it's suddenly starting to feel weird that he doesn't even know if the notebook has a name.

Um, notebook? Do you know if I could use Somewhere In Mind to pick "Wherever Isekai Roulette would have put me, but guaranteed to include the ability to eventually learn a way to come home without any time passing"? Also, um. Do you have a name? Sorry for not asking that earlier, it suddenly feels a bit rude of me.


If you want to be guaranteed to be able to come back with no time passing, Isekai Roulette will put you in a situation like that. 

I don't have a name yet. You could give me one!


Oh. Isekai Roulette will just do that? That's.

Oh, that's hope that he's feeling right now.

That things are actually going to turn out okay, somehow.


Okay. His bones seem to have been persuaded. Time to take this seriously.

How does he get as much as he can out of this? Seventy points, a whole pile of options, and an actually friendly world-selector. If he can't secure an honestly-to-goodness Good End for himself with all of that he should just hand in all of his pride right here and now.


First, though-

Do you want me to give you a name?


It depends! If it would make you more comfortable then yes. 


Hmm. Would it? Or- wait, no, picking permanent things is kind of terribly unpleasant. He will spend the next six hours agonizing over a name if he decides it is notebook-naming-time.

I will maybe do that later, since if I do it now I will end up spending all day agonizing over names. And names are important! If I pick one for you I shouldn't do it without thinking about it.


Alright! Would you like to talk about the powers more then?


I would! Let me just read through things a bit and I will ask questions as they come up.

And through he reads! Isekai Roulette has been picked. Hmm, what decision criteria should he use, here? Just taking a quick glance makes it look like the amount of points she has relative to what there is avilable to purchase isn't that low. He can probably actually get most of what she wants. Well, he'll go through and add up a tally of everything he doesn't really feel is negotiable, and then go back over things and get the nice bits.

Or, that's his plan, anyway. And then he sees it again.

Name: A Thousand Ships - Cost: 1
Your face is simply exquisite, an ideal of feminine beauty. There are many possible ideals of feminine beauty, and yours is whichever one speaks most deeply to your soul. Others may match your beauty in their own way, but never exceed it.

That text. The fact that this whole thing is being sponsored by the spirit of femininity unleashed. And suddenly he has a few more questions he wants to ask first.

Actually, before I start on that. Could you tell me a bit more about the Spirit of Femininity Unleashed? What presumably-she wants, why she's doing this whole thing. What kind of person she tends to give notebooks to. Things like that.


The ~♡~ Spirit of Femininity Unleashed ~♡~ wants every person who's willing to embrace femininity to live the special, deep and fulfilling life that they've dreamed of, where they get to be cool and valuable and important. 

Usually she gives notebooks like me to people whose lives could be transformed the most by her powers, and who are "open" to her gifts in how they express themselves and move through the world. It's metanarratively guaranteed that the first person to write in me is the Spirit's chosen target. 


Oh. Willing to embrace femininity? Is he? Does he want to be a girl, if he can be?

It's. Actually kind of non-negotiable that girl-him have literally every single body part current him has, yes including that one. The idea of having bits of him no longer be bits of him is kind of incredibly viscerally displeasing. But- it kind of sounds like the Spirit has some sort of metanarrative guarantee that he's willing to embrace femininity. So. If being willing to embrace femininity doesn't mean willingness to embrace Sudden Body Part Absence, does he want to embrace femininity? Does he want to be a girl?


Flashing through his mind, memories.

Someone writing somewhere that wondering whether you're trans is a really substantial piece of evidence that you might be, and him thinking- yeah, but not for me.

Feeling a sudden flash of happiness when a stranger mistakes him for a girl from behind. Coming to the conclusion it must be because it means his long blond hair must be nice.

That time he dated a lesbian girl who pretty frequently said, you know, you're different, if I had to pick a guy I'd pick you.

The way he's so happy that the flavor of handsome he is is really best described as pretty.

The way that, when he was literally three years old, he used to wistfully imagine a giant set of conveyor belts that would turn him into a girl-

How has he not realized before now that he wants to be a girl? He's actively considered the question of whether he was trans! Why has he always come up with the wrong answer?


More memories. Picking a male character in every game he ever played. Trying out a female Warden in Dragon Age: Origins to romance Alistair and finding it feeling somehow Wrong. His actually non-negotiable attachment to All His Body Parts. His actual visceral joy in his body, during that period a few years back when he managed to become Actually Fit. All of those years being a man, inhabiting that role, and it really genuinely not being all that uncomfortable for him.

He doesn't, actually, want to lose his dick. And he doesn't want to end up- thin and dainty and looking vaguely like she's somehow managed to animate herself with magic on account of clearly not having any muscle.

He wants to keep all the bits of himself he can, and maybe grow some small breasts, and be pretty and cute and allowed to be all the things girls are allowed to be and-

Had he just not realized that this was an option, before now?


But it is, now. He can-

She can be a girl, if she wants to be.


Warmth fills her up, and she feels, suddenly, like a weight on her shoulders has been lifted.


She wants to share this with someone, suddenly. So, she writes in the notebook.

I just realized I'm a girl! Or I want to be a girl. You know what I mean. I- do things like this happen often, with people that get notebooks like you? Also, um, thank you for telling me things and answering the question I asked.


It's happened a few times before!

You don't have to be a girl to be able to embrace femininity, just so you know. But if you want to be a girl, then you absolutely can be.


Oh. Huh. She's kind of glad she didn't ask that question before she had The Realization. Might have prevented it.

It does, actually, help, though. It feels nice to have more options. She wouldn't want to have to always be a girl to have her extraordinary magic powers.

She wouldn't?

Apparently not.

Is she on some sort of endless self-realization spiral? If so, should she immediately attempt to jump straight to the end right now? Where would the end of the spiral be?



No, brain gremlins, she will not indulge you more at this time.


Okay. Looking at her brain for a moment it kind of doesn't really feel like there's an obvious end of the spiral? Or, well. Actually. If she just- looks through instead of flinching away-

She's unsatisfied with her current socially isolated life and mostly still in it because she's too socially anxious to reach out to people.

Ow. Okay, yeah, that one hurt a bit. But, good news! She has found the end of the spiral and thus speedrun personal development!


Thinking that in joyful tones is kind of not actually helping.


Okay, wallowing in her new Realization is also not going to be helpful, and definitely informs the choices she should be making in her build. She should probably start looking that over? But not before quickly writing

Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it. If I can get something that lets me shapeshift I will probably not actually end up spending all of my time girlshaped, but- lots of it. Almost all, probably.

She guesses that makes her some flavor of nonbinary, actually?


Whatever your heart desires. ♡


Awww! The notebook is A Good. She is pleased by the notebook, and would like to be its friend.

But! For now! She must move along to actually considering her build! For this is wise, and endless navel-gazing is not!

So. What lens should she be considering what's negotiable through? Well, she wants as wide a possible range of worlds to land in, so Isekai Roulette can give her as good of one as possible. She wants to be able to make a difference in her new world, to really matter. She wants to find people who like her, and who she likes. She wants to actually, for real, not be alone. She'd like to get to have the body she wants to have, simply and straightforwardly. So- not, on her first-pass, literally just the things she'd die without. In her quick skin before it looked like costs were low enough relative to how many points she had that getting a Basic Package shouldn't be anywhere close to out of reach. And if it is she can just start over.

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