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PMMM!ranboo lands on the dream smp

Ranboo's teleportation magic has always been one of the most instinctual parts of being a magical girl for them; usually, they think of where to go and then are there.

It's a rare power, so she's never been worried about it interacting poorly with other girls' magic, but she's realizing that may be a mistake. She appears to have teleported somewhere that doesn't look at all like either Florida or the labyrinth she was just in, and she can't sense the witch anymore.

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deafrainbow joined the game.

Xe is in a... forest? It's a weird forest. Lots of... manmade stuff. Stone and wood and something red and on fire. They're sort of walls, or wall-adjacent, but you can get out of them pretty easily.

Whatever its notifications settings are for discord, it's no longer in the servers it was previously, and it is in a new server, where it's receiving messages. There's only one text channel, #general; there are 12 voice channels, from VC1 to VC12.

<Quackity> SUP
<RanbooLive> o/


Don't like that! Don't like that at all!

<deafrainbow> hi, quackity

<deafrainbow> o/

It doesn't want to ask about the other person using its name, but also it does. There are other, smaller questions to ask first.

<deafrainbow> I don't remember joining this server, sorry, is it for anything in particular?


<Ph1LzA> o/
<Ph1LzA> Dream SMP
<Ph1LzA> you lost?



<deafrainbow> Yeah, I'm in the woods somewhere, or something, I made a mistake with teleportation

<deafrainbow> And the GPS on my phone isn't working

She could just start walking in hopes she'll find a place with better GPS access. Is there a road or path she can follow towards something more citylike?


Not within the sort-of-walls. Outside the walls, there's a purple portal in the distance? And if they walk or teleport towards it, there's a path.

<Ph1LzA> GPS?


It will teleport towards the portal then! And follow the path. Always good to have a task to do

<deafrainbow> ? Yes, for maps and things?

<deafrainbow> Phil I know you're old but I've seen you use GPS before 

Although speaking of GPS they could probably text Techno, if Phil's in this server she probably is too. They will check.


<Ph1LzA> uh huh
<Ph1LzA> who are you?

Techno's in the server! A full list of server members:

Online - 19



Offline - 13



She knows most of these people but not all! That's a relief.

And also, right, the person with her name in their Discord tag. Probably a prank, or something.

<deafrainbow> Oh, sorry, it's Ranboo

<deafrainbow> I did see someone else with my name was here but whoever it is they're not me? 

Techno is online which means she's probably not busy, but Ranboo is too shy to interrupt her for something small. They'll DM her if this path doesn't lead anywhere good, but it's good to know she's at least available. Like a safety blanket. Similarly, she is not going to detransform even if there are no witches around.


<RanbooLive> um

<RanbooLive> pretty sure I'm me, actually

<Technoblade> can i get in on this

<Technoblade> hi I'm ranboo I'm the main character


Maybe not a joke? Xe has never met another Ranboo but it's not out of the question that someone else would also name themself that. Alternatively someone is really committing to the bit here.

<deafrainbow> Hello other Ranboo, then? I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone else had the same name 

<deafrainbow> It's like the Josh fight, we will have to duel for the right to it

<deafrainbow> Actually Techno are you busy? I'm pretty lost, if I can describe where I am do you think you can find me?

Xe has no idea how to prove their identity over text. Better to just ignore it.


<Technoblade> yeah I can do that


Technoblade! She opens a DM so as to not doxx herself to an entire server.

<deafrainbow> Thanks

<deafrainbow> I teleported during a fight and ended up somewhere much further than I've ever gone before 

<deafrainbow> I'm in the woods, near some stone and dirt walls, and a big black and purple portal. There's a path so I'm not in the middle of nowhere but I can't see the city

Hopefully that's enough.


<Technoblade> wait, you can teleport? kinda pog

<Technoblade> omw


Technoblade... does not look how it expects Techno to look.

For one thing, instead of wearing historically accurate SCA gear, she (he?) is wearing a loose white shirt, black pants, a red cape, a crown, and glowing purple armor. The armor has spikes and does not look period-accurate at all, even apart from the way it is glowing purple, although it does look pretty functional.

For another thing, instead of being a pig-themed human, they are a bipedal pig.

"Hellooooooo? New Ranboo?"

His(?) voice has the same cadence as the Technoblade she's used to, but it's significantly deeper.


Hm. Wow. Okay. Wow.


How does one even bring something like this up? She only knows ways not to respond politely when someone isn't who you expect them to be.

"Um. Are you... trying something new with magic, or am I really missing something?"


"Well, I've never met you before in my life, so. Pretty sure you're missing something."


It would never have asked him(?) to pick them up if it had known this. This is mortifying.

"Oh no. Oh, this is not good. This is very bad.

I... have a friend named Technoblade? I thought you were her. She is very like you, only she is not a pig? More similar than I think is a coincidence, maybe."

She pauses, then adds, "Also, what are your pronouns?"

It should have asked that earlier but in its defense it has never spoken to a bipedal pig before, or known this was a possibility.


"Uh, he/him is pretty pog. What about you, what are your pronouns?"


"I use any, but I prefer when people use a variety."

Pause. Deep breath. The Fundamental Question.

"I know you don't know me very well, but is the other Ranboo... like me? Not in the species sense, maybe you are all pigs, although I think if anybody I know would be a pig it would be Techno, I just don't know. But are they like me?"


“Like, is he trans? I’m gonna be honest, Ranboo, I have not asked that question.”


"Oh, no, not that way!"

Mortifying! She must explain further.

"Just, more, in general? I don't know. You talk like Techno, and you look like she would look if she was, uh, a pig, and she likes to wear armor and a cape? Do you like potatoes, she loves farming potatoes, and also the library. I also know a Phil, and she knows what GPS is and this one does not and I assume they are also not the same."


Pause for thought. “Yeah, I’m sort of the potato champion, no big deal. And Phil’s old, you got that bit right. The black and white, that’s Ranboo. And the red and green. Wrong species for sure, though. —We do have humans, you’re just not one of them.”


Oh no. She had forgotten she just called a stranger old.

"That's good to know, that's good to know. Um. Sorry for just barging in here and assuming I knew people, I don't really know what to do now. I was hoping my Techno could take me home."


“Yeah I have no idea where your home is.”


"That's alright."

They'll fidget with their magical girl outfit, for lack of anything better to do.

"Do you have a hotel or something here? Someplace I could sleep, or get food?"

Technically neither of those is essential but sleeping and eating will help keep her soul gem clean, which is essential.

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