The Perk: Owl Edition

Harper Lebedev doesn't want to die, not really. 

The idea of being dead sounds kind of peaceful, especially if anyone who believes in a nice afterlife is right, but all the ways to hasten your way there seem really unpleasant. Some of them are supposed to be fairly quick and painless, if you don't fuck them up, but her mother is a phlebotomist who has spent enough time in hospital ICUs for Harper to have a good idea of how possible it is for people to fuck up suicide! 

So it doesn't matter if she has the occasional suicidal ideation; she's not going to do it, so she doesn't need to tell anyone who's going to be a mandatory reporter and get her involuntary psychiatric treatment that she doesn't want or need. 

She's fine. Everything's fine. Everything's normal. 

Until it isn't. 

The pink-violet text is--evidence that she's dreaming, probably, or hallucinating? She tries to test it, but every result of every test suggests that this is, in fact, her new reality. 

...She should be elated. She can do anything she wants, basically! 

But...people don't get old and die, in a game like this. Nothing in any of this suggests that she's going to, at any point, just--go to sleep and never wake up. Ever. 


Except this one weird perk. "From Harp to Bell." She doesn't know if it would constitute dying or not. 

But even if it didn't, if an Isabella-personality wanted to live, that would be an improvement. 

Years ago, her mother gave her a piece of advice; to create a bucket list, and if she's ever seriously considering suicide, to do absolutely everything on that list first. 

She does all of the things. 

They're fun. Wonderful, even. She's glad she did them. 

But they don't make her feel less tired. 

And if she's going to turn her life over to someone else, she should do it now, before she complicates what they'll be inheriting even more than she already has. 

She spends the point. 

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AAAah why is she what did - Harper, that was her name - what did Harper do - in what fuckening circumstance did Harper do it -


There is a sort of mental button she can push, appears in response to that question. 


She will push that button but she's also gonna, like, literally look at her physical surroundings.


Her physical surroundings are a fairly ordinary college dorm room. On "her" side are a variety of art prints; on the other side are some music posters. 

The "button" provides, as though through ordinary recollection, the information that Harper has been low-key suicidal since the age of twelve but seriously squicked out by all mundane forms of suicide, and gave the Erogame a serious go as the solution to her problem but ultimately decided that giving her life to someone who wanted to live more would be a positive action. 


And the Erogame is -

- okay, she can find lots of info on this thing. How the heck did it decide to bestow itself on Harper and not give her like. A cure for depression or whatever her problem was. Like, thanks, Harper, being alive is keen, but, what.

Who is her - Harper's - herper's? - no - who is music posters roommate.


(The Erogame did, in fact, solve Harper's immediate-term problems, but she just did not believe that the cure would stick, and was terrified of the permanence that came with "by the way, you're definitely not going to die of old age now.")

The roommate's name is Abigail Schmitt, she's seriously into gothic lolita fashion, she and Harper were definitely sleeping together. 


Well that's going to be awkward now that Bella has inadvertently bodysnatched Abigail's fuckbuddy!!!! Does she have like. Class tomorrow. Is she a college student now.


She is a college student, but she kept all of Harper's Erogame stuff, and that includes her starting perk: But She Was Such A Good Student. She should, like, make sure to learn things, but that's not going to be hard. She has class tomorrow but if she skips it's fine. 



Who else was Harper sleeping with, she needs to figure out how to navigate that and it seems more time-critical than figuring out how to tell her poor parents -


Does she want: 

A) Only people Harper has an established ongoing arrangement of some kind with

B) People whom Harper has slept with in the past and would have been likely to sleep with again

C) Everyone Harper has banged


.....let's start with A and particularly imminent members of B?


Group A: 

-Her roommate, Abigail 
-A shy slightly overweight boy named Trevor from her Calculus I class
-An English Lit professor whose class she's auditing under a false identity
-Madison, the countergirl at her favorite froyo place

Particularly Imminent Group Bs:
-Rhonda and Ryan, a pair that Harper had a threesome with after a particularly spectacular demonstration they put on for the MMA club
-Savannah, a girl that Harper met while Harper was doing a quest that involved Guerrilla Landscaping; has a kickass plot in the community garden on West street. 
-This guy Evan who has picked Harper up on three separate occasions while she was hitchhiking


What is with Harper's taste in partners. Bella supposes that at least makes the question of whether to try to carry on as Harper with any of these people really straightforward: no thanks, none of them really sparkle to her as people.

Why was she auditing the English Lit class under a false identity.


Because the professor was hot. 


Couldn't you just sleep with professors without, simultaneously, assuming false identities under which to -

- not the point.

Okay. What is the family situation like, they deserve to know.


Harper's mother is a phlebotomist at a hospital in Harper's hometown, which is not this one. Her father is a wedding planner. Harper hadn't seen them in person since the Erogame started, although they had texted. No siblings

Harper considered it one of the great benefits of this perk as a method of suicide (besides the obvious appeal of, uh, not risking horrible not-death things happening if she fucked up, her mother had lots of stories from the hospital about people who attempted suicide, failed, and had horrible things happen to them) was that her parents didn't have to know! Whoever Isabella was could, presumably, just slot neatly into her relationship with her parents, which was loving but not that emotionally close; Harper wasn't in the habit of telling them about her problems. Keeping her parents from realizing that their daughter was gone shouldn't be too hard, and then she would be absolved of the crime of making them suffer like the parents of teenagers who died in her mother's hospital suffered!


Isabella is not remotely sure she wants to be a party to this but she isn't going to insist on calling them up right this very second.

Okay. Erogame. How does it work.


The Erogame is a sex videogame, basically, except instead of playing it on a computer you play it in real life. Harper was--and thus Isabella now is--level three, with seven unspent stat points. Harper had two perks--her But She's Such A Good Student starter perk, and the From Harp to Bell perk that she bought with a perk point she received from a quest. 

(The quest involved getting therapy. Harper went to a therapist under an assumed identity--a different one from the one she seduced a professor with--and lied her ass off. The quest success flavor text did a very good job of conveying I Guess.JPEG energy for not consisting of anything but text.)


Dammit, Harper!

Did Isabella get her magic sex game skills, too, were all these assumed identities part of that or did she just bullshit for that purpose -


She got...some of Harper's sex game skills. 

Her BOD and ERO are the same as Harper's were, 21 and 29 respectively. Her SED and PRV are much lower, lower than Harper's were when she first started the Erogame, 7 and 8 respectively. And her LST and FUK are higher than Harper's were when she started but lower than they were when she took the perk, at 14 and 15 respectively. 

The skills that Harper acquired by practice--Ero Environmental Resistance (+Cute Cold Resistance, +Sexy Snow Resistance), The Nectar (none active), High Heels, (High-Heeled Runway, High-Heeled Fancy Footwork), Flirty Falling, My Boobs Are Down Here, Bondage (Nipple Clamps), Wardrobe Malfunction, and Let's You And Him Fuck--are all fully functional. 


Which do what?


Ero Environmental Resistance makes her more resilient towards inhospitable environmental conditions, while wearing sexy outfits, than she would have been if she wore more appropriate clothing. Cute Cold Resistance further boosts this with regards to (negative) temperature, and Sexy Snow Resistance helps prevent snow from getting into places it logically should, in that outfit, or melt and make things soggy, etc. 

The Nectar is a skill that gives her temporary bonuses and powers as a result of consuming other people's sexual fluids. 

High Heels makes it easier to maneuver in high heels! Easier to maneuver in high heels than in regular shoes, even. Harper was dangerously uncoordinated except when using this skill. "High Heeled Runway" gives an extra bonus to sexy strutting in high heels, and High Heeled Fancy Footwork gives an extra bonus to dealing with treacherous terrain in high heels. 

Flirty Falling makes it so when you fall--falling down stairs, falling from a height, or just tripping and falling--you're less likely to get seriously hurt and more likely to have something ERO happen, whether it's being caught by someone attractive, landing in an unintentionally provocative pose, or getting an injury just serious for sexy passersby to show concern without risking post-concussion syndrome. Harper slowed way down in leveling this skill when she got High Heels. 

My Boobs Are Down Here has two forms, passive and active. The passive form makes it more likely for someone to randomly glance at your chest; the active version can forcibly redirect someone's attention to them. 

Bondage is a skill for safely using bondage equipment! (Or, rather, exactly as safely as you want.) Nipple clamps is a subskill for operating those specifically. 

Wardrobe Malfunction is also a skill with passive and active forms. The passive form increases the chance of a wardrobe malfunction happening if any chance exists; the active form causes one to happen on the spot. 

Let's You And Him Fuck lets you apply a percentage of your SED to persuading someone to have sex with someone who is not you. 


Dammit Harper.

Okay. Is she wearing anything literally right now or should she, like, get dressed and set about figuring out how to face the day. Actually what time is it. What date is it.


She is wearing literally anything! She is wearing a barely-there scrap of a sleeveless blue dress with a neckline that reaches almost to her navel and a hem that reaches to mid-thigh if she tugs it down a bit. It is 11:45am, Sunday, April 2, 2023.


...she kind of hates it. She doesn't feel like she has a lot of clothing opinions but apparently she has the clothing opinion that she should not wear this, specific, stupid, dress, making its stupid modern art shape on her person. What else does Harper have. It might all be weird sexy clothes but there's presumably variety in the space. Or maybe she didn't ditch everything she owned before! How long had she even been erogaming anyway.

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