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May 30, 2020 7:44 AM
palatinates in forest arda
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Well. That's an adorable world view. Completely incorrect, but adorable. Clearly this person (had they introduced themselves? Murevo can't remember, doesn't really care) didn't know him very well.

Murevo hesitates, just before the wall that Escher is on the other side of. Not knowing the kind of state she's in is...problematic. He hopes he takes her enough by surprise that she can't manage a specifically targeted defense. If she can it'll make things...somewhat more difficult.

He... doesn't bother with a needless breath, and moves through the wall.


{would it be helpful/for me to shield Escher/would that just make things worse} Comforts-The-Lost asks Raef rapidly.

To Kado, she responds distractedly: {have been/much better now than originally/but very different frames of reference} and {Eru/can tell what people will do with information}


Watches-And-Assesses follows Designation: Murevo through the wall, continuing to come up with and discard plans for dealing with Designation: Murevo, as he sees the results.


Kado notices the distraction in Comforts-The-Lost's response. Something is happening.

He isn't sure he wants to know, but...

But maybe it'll tell him if things are real. And Escher might be in danger.

Whatever Comforts-The-Lost had put in place to block Murevo out is as easy to bypass as she suggested. And now Kado can see what's going on.


It takes a second for Raef to process the question. {Not if she attacks you again. I can...probably stop that though.} If Ma-Esch lashed out. She might recognise the protection as friendly.

A minute pause before he realises that he hadn't actually answered the question. {Net-outcome positive if she doesn't hurt you.}


{will then} she replies, gives them a moment to register that, and then wraps skeins of herself around them.


Everything seems to snap into focus as she feels Murevo come through the wall behind her. (Deaz had said he was non-corporeal.)

She lets go of Mirage, and pivots, neatly placing Raef and Mirage behind her.

Around her, she feels...that's the mind who tried to protect her before. (Raef's informing her.)

But she needs to stop Murevo. She scans the information available to her.

Everything about Murevo should just...freeze. (He doesn't need to breathe right now, so pulling this trick isn't a risk.)


His sister is moving to protect Designation: Escher, and -- yes, this is where Designation: Murevo was going. He fails at what he was going to try to do, Watches-And-Assesses knows that, but what happens after--

Oh. It shifted, too.

He tries to -- no, that will not work -- and that will not work either -- he lashes out at Designation: Murevo just lightly enough to not seriously injure the bystanders (it will heat the area, and knock things around, and maybe ionize things, but the defenses mostly hold), to break his concentration, but

not quite

in time


Murevo isn't even aware of tweaking those strings that were the things he'd implanted in Escher. But right now he's being followed, and that's a threat. So he'll leverage that to redirect her.

He can't risk trying to take her over right now. He needs to escape first. He can try again later.


Defend. DefendDefendDefend.

(Something twists, bends, but she dismisses it, can't spare the thought to process it.)

Lock down communication, lock down movement, lock down everything.



Raef moves easily with Ma-Esch's movement. It's instinct now to react to even the tiniest inkling of a movement.

He feels her response to Murevo, reaches out to-

That isn't Murevo she's hit.

Which means Murevo's still free to move and act. Raef would alert Ma-Esch to this, but he needs to try and stop Murevo trying anything else. That needs to take priority right now.

{Sorry,} he throws at whoever Ma-Esch has caught, the only thing he can spare brain for right now. (Especially when he's knocked back by...something. He manages to keep his feet, and keep Ma-Esch on hers, but it's a close run thing.)


Deaz pivots as she hears Mirage let out a startled sound. She can...feel Murevo's incorporeal form moving in the room now.

He shouldn't be moving.

She isn't sure this will work. But she also doesn't know it won't. So she's going to try and just stop him.

(She's absently aware of reflexively pushing back against the force that tries to buffet her, feels burning when she puts up her hand in a rare motion of using her power - but it's nothing like plasma burns, so she ignores it.)


Murevo missed something. He has to have.

First he feels like he's run into a steel wall. Then something else hits him - an attack that he can track back to the person who had been following him.

And that hurts.


It feels like everything is moving faster than Kado should've been able to track - barely seconds have passed since Comforts-The-Lost got distracted. (And a tiny, barely conscious how can I tell? Time hadn't been something he'd been able to track in...quite some time.)

He wants to do something. But he has...practically no idea what. He wonders whether or not throwing his...incorporeal body at Murevo will help?

He goes with that as a place to start.


Esch is barely aware of getting buffeted. Too focused on the task at hand.

There's a burning sensation. But it's inconsequential right now.

She needs to defend.


He cannot see. He cannot see.

He does not know what is happening/will happen/has happened and if he moves --

They are so fragile and his sister is not sure what happens to them when they die and he cannot see--

There are a number of things he could do, that are not frozen. But he cannot see, he does not know what they will do--


She barely has time to be grateful her brother isn't lashing out -- but he's hurting and she needs to fix that -- but first, Deazual's power can affect them -- {get him out of the ship/Watches-And-Assesses was working on how to without collateral damage/but he can't right now/Murevo interfered with Escher's targeting/but you might be able to move him out/we can handle him much more easily if we don't have to worry about hurting all of you/quickly please}

And then she warns Kado to be careful about not hurting people / damaging his surroundings (and how to be careful about that) and tries to work out how to interfere with what Escher is doing without hurting her.


She feels the circuitry in that room fry and the first thing she thinks is they're under attack and are they-- but no one in there is seriously hurt though Deaz is burned and she can't think about what that reminds her of and it stings and--

she keeps showing Deaz where Murevo is, after a tiny skip.


Kado takes Comforts-The-Lost's information on board.

He makes himself as obvious as possible, yelling, screaming.

If this isn't real, Murevo's going to have him back in his place faster than he can even think about it. If it is...well. If it is, hopefully people better placed to deal with this would manage, and Esch would be safe.

He's pretty sure the latter is just wishful thinking. Maybe Murevo's just letting Kado's mind run with his own delusion of freedom?


Trap wants to yell and scream at what he's hearing. Hearing Kado's voice for the first time in far too long should be a joy, but... But like this it's not.

He wants to tell his friend that this is real, that it's not an illusion but...

But right now, distracting anyone seems like a really bad idea.


Raef catches Comforts-The-Lost's information to Deaz.

The minute Kado- his father- Kado starts making noise, he realises it's likely to distract people. He makes sure Deaz won't hear that.

He mostly does this by redirecting the noise at Ma-Esch to distract her. He can't focus on properly stopping what she's doing until he's sure Murevo isn't a threat. He can't let Murevo get into Ma-Esch's head again.


Murevo snarls at Kado's attempt at an attack. Too noisy, too flashy. Not remotely effective. So, Murevo's just going to have to put him back in his place. Keeping him alive while they shared a body had been amusing. Now he was just a nuisance. It isn't like it would take much to crush his mind.

So, he moves to...


Something definitely isn't right. It's almost like his entire ability is just...offline. (He doesn't quite start screaming at that.)


{I can try to do that,} she throws at Comforts-The-Lost and focuses on getting Murevo off the ship now.

She knows where she is in the ship, has a pretty good mental map, and does in fact know the shortest route to the hull - down, straight down.

So. She takes a breath, focuses, and slams as much force down on Murevo as she can forcing him downdowndown.


He is distracted from his concerns and panic by a sudden force throwing him.

And he knows he wanted to be away from here, but he certainly didn't want to be going down. And who in the Stars is doing this?!

He tries to push back against it, tries to halt his descent, but fails, utterly miserably, and ends up in the water.

Which had not been behaving normally earlier. He needs to get out of there as soon as possible. Preferably not by going back through the Liberator. That seemed like it might be a bad idea.


The noise grabs Esch's attention. She blinks. Tries to go back to-

That is not Murevo. She cuts her attack immediately and pulls her mind back in on herself.

That is the mind that had tried to arrest Murevo. For counts of 'mental tampering'. Which is exactly what Esch has just done to him(?).

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