Name Authors Last Updated
Little Fears TransrealClouden, Wizard of Woah!
Lucent Beacon Alicorn, MaggieoftheOwls
Luminous Red Nova Curious Discoverer, red
Luna Anya, Tabs
Magini Sue's Multiverse Marathon Eiko, Fay, Kappa
Magnus ChaosMagic, Rotifer
Maleficar Tabs
Manual of Chaos ChaosMagic, Decima
Many Worlds Forum Anyone
mask and knife Lotus, root
Mecone Nemo, red
megacontinuity: scholomance Anyone
Mercurous Curious Discoverer, Sage/Nemesis
Mind Control University Class of 104,097,110,097,105 Kappa, MaggieoftheOwls
Mind Control University Summer Session 1 andaisq, Kappa
Minipyre Kappa, Marri
Mobile suit Gundam M Fist, Flareonflare
moissanite westwind, WolffyLuna
Moonflower Curious Discoverer, Lotus
Moonlit Embers Curious Discoverer, Guilty
Moonpool theevilcactus
Moonstone Fallowsthorn, Kaylin
Morning Star Anya, ChaosMagic
Multiplayer Tentacle Realm Anyone
MWF Classic Anyone