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Ever since the inception of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the group had but one overriding goal: to prioritise and promote the good of the realm, free from the shackles of political affiliation or partisan monetary incentives. Its history spoke well of that purpose - various scholars, adventurers, and other enterprising individuals who had formed their own groups with similar ideals kept running into each other, sometimes stepping on each other's toes, but ultimately working together and achieving better results than they would have otherwise been able to. It only made sense to merge into a unified banner, to improve their communications and coordination and to make their altruistic purposes easier to achieve.

And thus were the Scions formed, counting amongst their number the studied archons of Sharlayan, people of political power from all over the realm, and experts in combat and history and biology and all sorts of magic. A group that owed allegiance to none and to all; to the realm itself, and to all of its people, regardless of their origins or ties. This is the group that would manage to unite the countries of Eorzea under the purpose of fighting back against threats of external conquest, the group that could pool its members' knowledge to more effectively counter gods and mystical beings bent on destruction or subjugation, the group that had amassed singular amounts of power and influence and that vowed to use all of it for good.

So it was a bit of an issue that their main headquarters had previously been located in claimed territory.

There were historical reasons for such, naturally, as there always are, but the main reason it had not truly been much of a problem until recently was their relative secrecy. Sure, the leaders of the five (then four... then three...) great nations of the Eorzean Alliance knew where to find them, and the existence of some such group of mysterious origins but undisputable efficacy was more-or-less an open secret even to the public. Nevertheless, until certain recent events, the Scions had kept a lid on details such as their head count, who exactly was part of them, and most importantly where they were located.

But once that stopped being the case and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn stepped forward as a force in their own right, more and more petitioners started coming to them to request individual aid with this or that issue. Which would itself not be that big of a problem except for how these petitioners started trying to offer the group monetary compensation if their requests were bumped up the priority list, or in some cases even going as far as making veiled (or not-so-veiled) threats. Ul'dah - the country that owned the land the Scions used to occupy - had the most such petitioners, politicians and land owners and nobles implying that if the group wanted to keep their relative peace in Ul'dahn land they should bow down and accept these requests. But to counter that, there were also numerous offers coming from elsewhere, from Limsa Lominsa and Gridania: subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions that a group like the Scions should not be beholden to Ul'dah (and should, instead, move to their country).

It was all rather aggravating, but after sufficient amounts of hesitation they finally decided to leave. To leave Ul'dah, and to not go to Limsa Lominsa or Gridania. To go to unclaimed land, as suggested by Alphinaud Leveilleur, grandson of the great archon Louisoix Leveilleur.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn are moving to Mor Dhona - a difficult decision, but in the end the only one that made sense - and everything seems to be going swimmingly.

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And so it was that these meddlesome busybodies and do-gooders founded a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere in Mor Dhona. The location had been mostly unoccupied since the Calamity of five years prior had upturned the land and a great monstrous creature razed the ground. Unoccupied save for, that is, adventurers who had set up camp here and there, adventurers who themselves owed allegiance to no country and offered their help to all. Unoccupied save for, that is, researchers who were studying the effects the Calamity had had on local concentrations of aether, studying the enormous magic crystals unearthed then, or the even more enormous crystal tower that had been dug up from the ground and erected into the sky.

It was, in a word, perfect.

The move wasn't instantaneous. Although the group probably boasted the highest concentration of people with the ability to teleport nearly at-will out of any groups one could care to name, it was still better, safer, and cheaper to bring their belongings by wagon. Less of a chance of losing things in the aether stream, trying to teleport while carrying five boxes of random stuff. They also had to set up their new headquarters, plus various local amenities for the people who would be living there: a marketplace, a forge, an inn and a tavern, all of that. It took a while.

Yakata no Otohiko, the vaunted Warrior of Light, savior of the realm yadda yadda, and possibly the single most famous member of the group, was helping with that as much as he could. As one of the people who did have the ability to teleport everywhere pretty much at-will, he could make sure everything was going smoothly and help with any crises that might crop up. He ran around so much people were sure he must have a secret twin working with him, or maybe he had figured out how to be in two places at once. Otohiko always found it kind of curious how many rumours people started about him even when he was right there, availalbe for answering questions, but so it goes.

He has neither a twin nor the ability to be multiply located, though, and the place he's at right now is by their new headquarters in Mor Dhona. And that's where a masked stranger gets his attention and waves him over.

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