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High energy physics = Walta --> Adelene's custom species's world

They warned her Wave Force was phenomenally hard to control. She didn't pay enough heed, figuring - not top of the class, no, but she's one of the best manipulation types, surely she could handle it? It took some badgering to be taught the technique at all, and a long time studying the equations before she made the attempt.

Out in the expanse of the Outback, far away from anything important that might be inconvenienced by having its atoms turn to quantum soup, two dozen promising students were allowed to try actually using the most basic wave force technique, her among them. It didn't go well. She formed the boundary, drew her impeller field through it, and then- Pain. Nothing but pain and noise and darkness.


Now she's lying crumpled on the ground somewhere, semi-conscious, the approximate shape of a human teenager wearing angular panels of white armor with red highlights, motorcycle-style full head helmet included and two large guns attached to the armor's forearms. She probably made quite a light show when she went down, and now she's wreathed twenty feet around in humming blue energy that feels like sticky clingy zappy fabric, difficult to move through, the impeller field on automatic defense.

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No-one notices, at first, or at least no-one nearby.

There's a hawk's cry overhead, but then nothing for several minutes.


If undisturbed for an hour, she'll eventually wake up, turn down the impeller field from 'lightshow' to 'faint flicker', and curl up into the fetal position with a moan. And lie there for... Considerably longer, nursing the mother of all headaches as the med system she was a genius to integrate slowly does its work.

Every single system is complaining about being badly damaged by spatial effects. Why hasn't she been picked up by S&R yet? ...Eh. No more room in the brain for thinking, only the most nail-pounding migraine she's ever felt. And then the fuzziness of strong painkillers, thank God.


It takes considerably less than an hour for someone to show up, but he decides that discretion is the better part of valor and doesn't mess with her shield, and has moved off a bit by the time she wakes up; she'd be forgiven for not noticing him.

He comes back over when she moans, though, and she doesn't have long to wonder about her situation before she becomes... aware, by some unclear method, that someone nearby is curious about whether she's hurt and how she came to be there.


"Whassat?" It's kind of hard to think right now.

She musters up enough focus to flick her lonesome camera drone into 'sitrep' mode.

...It deploys with a pop but promptly lands on the ground, camera down, with a pitiful whine and clicking noise.

She rolls over onto her back and tries to look around.


The observer makes a startled sound and backs up several steps when the drone appears!

When she looks over, she finds that the person who's come to investigate her appearance is a man of indeterminate race, perhaps in his late twenties, wearing a long poncho-like robe of pale blue leather with matching arm-guards and carrying a walking stick of a waxy green material with a decorative swirl at the top. There's a sense of cautious hesitance to the awareness that comes to her this time: he sees that she's probably not too badly hurt, and approves of that.


"Nah mate, I'm pretty fucked up here. Call U-V-F if you can."

She flicks her visor back, grimacing at the sudden light. Her face doesn't look particularly injured, at least.


...what interestingly complicated noises. He has no idea what sort of animal might make them.


With a grunt of effort assisted by a slight shimmer of impeller field (that makes her headache spike), she sits up. "...Kay, I'm out cold and dreaming. Yep." She tries a casual wave? Wait. She undeploys the guns, and about half the outer armor, folding it into nothingness, then gives a casual wave.


He waves back, still a little hesitantly.

It's a little weird at this point that she hasn't said anything to him. Can she understand him? If she can't communicate normally for some reason she can make an intentional action three times in a row at him to communicate that.



It's really much easier in the haze of painkillers and pain getting past the killers to treat this as a dream, but. Huh.

"Eins, zwei, drei?" She giggles to herself, then winces. Then, thinking that might not have been clear enough, slaps her still-armored knee with her hand thrice.


It's good that she can understand him. He doesn't know what kind of animal she's... referencing, presumably? He's never met one that makes sounds like that; whatever she's trying to get at he's probably not going to figure it out - maybe someone in the local community will know, he can ask when he gets home.

Two for yes, three for no: does she want him to help her to his house? He has a trundlecart nearby that can carry her. And four for if she wants him to take her out of his territory, he has unclaimed land on part of his border, but that doesn't seem very wise if she's alone and not able to stand.


"Ugh. Territory?"

Three. Then five. Not like she has any other way of communicating confusion, since the dream-alien is telepathic and doesn't know English. Well, it'll probably be fine unless it suddenly dream-logics into a nightmare of being picked apart by Antagonist missiles or Type Zeros- If this really is a dream, it hurts kind of a lot and very consistently-

Oh, there's an idea. She gropes around for the camera drone and turns it so the tablet-sized screen faces him with twitches of her fingers on imaginary controls, then googles- No network connection, ugh. 

...She opens fucking VPaint and then leaves it blank as she struggles to think of what to draw.


None of those, something else, okay - if she wants the doctor the first step for that is to bring her to his house so he can contact them, maybe they do that differently where she's from.

He's still wary of the drone - things don't just appear like that, what the heck, and also how is she controlling it without touching it - but he waits patiently to see what she's trying to do; it's welcome-and-expected to do it here, whatever it is, and the awareness of the fact that he thinks so comes with subtext that he thinks it's important to communicate, that it might cause problems for her if he didn't.


She smiles! She's a VK user, Mr. Dream Alien. Or Dream Native, maybe? Looks pretty humanish. Explaining valkyrie cores sounds way too hard right now, though.

She sketches bad lineart of... A red stick figure holding a circle, stick figure with a lot of spikes going everywhere, stick figure lying on the ground with a couple of spikes still in it.

Then: Another stick figure in blue, with green stick, walking up to hers. Hmm. How to put the next part...


He doesn't comment yet, but settles back a little to wait.


......Squiggles over blue stick figure's head, then gesturing at her own head.

Squiggles coming from her stick figure's mouth while she mutters aloud about how this is a sentence in English and her head hurts.

Then more squiggles above his head, then she slaps her knee three times again and marks squiggles by her knee.


Oh! The sounds are communication? That's pretty clever, he's never heard of that before.

...probably not, uh, useful, though, since he has no idea how to make sense of it. He'll try?


She smiles and shrugs (winces again). Good luck to them both with that, it takes a helluva long time to learn a language.

...Two slaps. "Yes." Three slaps. "No."

...Hmm. Writing, do they write? Blue stick figure holding a 'pencil' (line) that's adding squiggles to a square, with a question mark added to the right side when she's done.


He can write, yes - "y'ssh". It doesn't seem very likely that they do it the same way. He'll show her anyway if she wants to see; does she?

...actually, first, should they be doing something about her injuries?


She mimes writing. "Yes! I can learn." Mimes bandaging herself. "No," and shakes her head.

...Bright yellow circle near her stick's midriff. Bright yellow circle with arrows to drawings of her body armor, to the drone, to a wavy blue square, to a red plus sign. Arrow from plus sign to several of the spikes she drew earlier.

...She checks a time estimate.

Sun, moon, sun, moon, sun, moon, red figure without spikes.


He only followed some of that; he doesn't understand the wavy blue square or the red plus and he's not very clear on the yellow, either, but it seems like she's claiming something's being done about her injuries, yes/no?

He's really reluctant to leave her here for days. If it's not safe to move her he'll figure something out but it'd be much better to have her somewhere more central, even if she doesn't want to come to his house.


Injuries, "Yes."

She points at the blue wavy thing and flares her Impeller Field, a blue lattice in the air between them, static in the air, for a moment.


...House drawing, box with triangle roof with blue stick figure in it. Red stick figure giving a small red circle to blue stick figure. Three question marks.


He does not like the Impeller Field and she should not do that again.

He finds her new drawing pretty baffling, when he's calmed down enough to look at it - the box means nothing to him, the spike on top is flattened enough not to be very worrying but is still a spike, he's only vaguely confident that the question marks are the same glyph as before and doesn't have a good guess of what they mean - three could be no, maybe? And the part about her giving him something isn't much better, he does recognize that that's what she's drawn but he has no idea why - it doesn't seem like she's confused about this being his territory? Maybe she's trying to ask him to go to hers, but it should be obvious enough that she's not from around here, he's never seen her before. Very strange.

This seems like it'd be improved by more shared vocabulary. He settles to the ground, laying the walking stick across his knees, and works the decorative end with his hands to remove some of the material making it up; after another few seconds he's shaped it into a thin oval that'll do as a writing surface, and he begins scratching words into it.

The glyph for 'house' is a lumpy oval subdivided into three roomlike sections.

The glyph for 'territory' is an irregular hexagon with two concave, two convex, and two straight sides.

The glyph for 'household' is a circle with five lines radiating out from it, each tipped with a smaller circle.

The glyph for 'head of household' is the same, but with only the central circle and lines, and the glyph for 'household member' is the same again but with only one of the peripheral circles present, and that one outlined with a second circle to bring it to the size of the central one. The glyph for 'guest' is similar to the 'head of household' glyph but with much shorter rays that terminate in a single circle around the whole glyph. She's a guest here, if that was somehow not obvious.

'Go', 'far distance', and 'give' are more abstract arrangements of lines and curves, somewhat evocative of the concepts they're representing but not trying very hard to be. The glyph for 'danger', which he adds as an afterthought after looking back at her drawing, is a starburst. Not/negation/no is represented by drawing a circle around a glyph and adding two parallel diagonal lines to the inside of the circle to frame it.


Wavy blue near blue stick figure, "No," she agrees.

She pays close attention to the lesson. Luckily, the camera works. She's too fuzzy brained to program something to speed this up right now right now, but.

-Pastes in the photo of the sign for 'guest' and smiles emphatically. Good, thank you.

...Question mark, with lines drawn to three dots and two dots. Question mark, three dots. "Yes." Question mark, two dots, "No." Question mark, five dots, and she shrugs.

Blue figure, head of household, question mark?

Blue figure, give, guest, red figure.

Red figure, give, blue figure, question mark?



Danger, go, red stick figure.

Red stick figure, danger. Then emphatically, she draws wavy blue between them.

Wavy blue, danger, "No."


He shares his glyph for uncertainty, when she's explained that that's what the question mark is - it's another modifier, like the negation glyph. He is the head of household here - that's what it means for it to be his territory, and it means he's in a position to give her things and he doesn't expect her to be in a position to give him things. It's actually pretty disconcerting that she's suggesting she could, his species doesn't work that way and it does look like she's one of them. Maybe she's not? He will keep that in mind while she's here, it might mean she has different needs than he's expecting.

...she was in danger and the Impeller Field fixed it, if he's following that? That's a handy capability to have. She has his permission to do it if there's a bear or something, not that he expects that to come up.

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