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Dec 07, 2019 4:41 AM
Actana Silvers summoning people
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Fortunately she has at least kind of seen telepathic connections without magical enslavement before, if differently, so she has some reference for what she's looking at.

(Non-magically, she looks for signs (consults Genea for more) that any of them really actually don't want to do this.)

"Ready?" she asks, if that checks out.



No one is thrilled, specially the snake person, but they are proffering to fulfill this condition.


As long as it looks like 'not thrilled' and not 'desperate not to' or anything, she'll go ahead.


It feels like distance inside, and an odd sort of focus, and time stretching like sticky candy. And Aye backlit, highlighted, extra note if she speaks.


(If they really need saving, and they've been taking people without asking for it, then - she doesn't disagree on 'not thrilled' and treatment of it, with that.

If they're lying, then.)


They are, thus very well under her thrall. More so than usual.


She can't say that's her favorite feeling but at least probably useful just now.

Then she will ask them every question she can think of or Genea can help her think of on the themes of are you (plural, as concerns the group) telling the truth in general, do you have any intentions to do not that, have you done something bad in this world, do you have any plans to do anything bad in worlds you make or have made contact with, do you know of anyone else who might, and so on.


The ones under the effect have not lied to them and don't want to, though the larger group might have divergent opinions on the matter of how they are approaching the summons, as many wanted to be more aggressive about it. If too long pass without the summons yielding progress, the group will likely decide that their survival outweighs diplomacy and honesty. They are not at that turning point yet. The four-armed giants are hoping to counter such attempts by denying access to the summoning magic. They are confident that they can...

Many outside the octagon shift uncomfortably upon hearing all that.

"Please don't ask them how they are planning to do that." Says one a dark-skinned horned person.

They have neglected to use their powers for the sake of rest and entertainment. They continue explaining that they have consorted with pirates to get transportation and supplies. They also have helped escaped slaves, which is a crime. They have killed in self-defense, specially after the end of the world. They have collaborated with keeping the fact that the moon fixes the world's infertility problem a secret for several years(they had a infertility problem before the end), thus denying ten of thousands the ability to have children, because they prioritized making the moon defensible against a war over it. They expect that even the most diplomatically successful contact will result in some friction and are willing to accept that cost, with the possibility of waiting until groups have enough food and shelter, then locking them into different dimensions until they are not foolish enough to cause trouble again. They are planning to build themselves up and use magic to go back to previously visited dimensions and do things like steal slaves and some criminals (like people that have committed homosexual sex where that is illegal) which is likely very disruptive and hostile, though their man goal is figuring out how to provide safety and well-being to the multiverse...

They can name several political figures that might try conquer other worlds, but they (again) are not planning to give them the chance. Here are their names and countries. None are on the moon, and most are in this specific besieged city...



...should have considered that they might have things it wouldn't be great for others to hear. 





Well, even she can't turn back time, so, not much to be done for that at this point. Except possibly not-asking-them-how-they're-planning-to-do-that; she'll find out what's up with that later and in fact refrain from asking for now.

...There's some senses in which this is really more reassuring than a 'nope no bad things' would have been. Including that it's actually far far less likely this is a planted-story-because-they-anticipated-some-kind-of-mental-magic, or something like that. 

Well. Definitely convinced we're not leaving at this point. In fact, she's going to take several more magical efforts intended toward hopefully being able to jump back here herself, if she needs to. Not that she's ever done that before, or has any idea how it might work. But she can make some attempts. 


And if what their takers had said was the truth then they want to help; that much they already knew. Now it looks like they know the other part.


They don't like slavery. That's - good.


It is!

And this has been enough mental contact that she can go for telepathy.

Anything else you think I'd want to know that you weren't going to tell us anyway?


Depends, because there is information that would get her killed or worse for it. But there are various security measures, magic knowledge and political information that could be potentially be useful. Phelix in particular also thinks she would want to know that it's much better to solve problems without violence, but he understands that people are sometimes afraid-

Jeza, the scaly-skinned woman, doesn't know if that was going to be kept secret from them and doesn't think that the others actually think is relevant. But on the moon, a few miles away there is a Dragon/Phoenix/Thunderbird Hybrid that's easily the scariest creature on the world, called The Inevitable and said to have defeated many armies by himself. He spends all his time in deep meditation to see the future and didn't do anything during the end of the world. Which, might mean that there was nothing to be done about it, but she wouldn't be surprised if the creature could single-handledly conquer a world. Or do nothing while their won world is conquered. But keep a distance.


...Why is there information that would get her killed or worse for it? What is worse? (Well this makes her pretty glad she asked.)

Information is a great and useful thing to have. 

Her own experience thus far is of having a very large capacity for violence (she isn't thinking of what she's doing right now as violence) and this being completely not useful for solving any problems she cares about. She doesn't know if he's thinking of the same thing or something else. (She doesn't express this whole part to him). ...Why is that something he wasn't going to tell her anyway?


That is definitely very good to know too. Also concerning, but if she thinks about it a bit, then in as much as it might be a threat to their own world that's probably already happened when they were brought here and may or may not even be affected by anything they do from here on, and at least if they're doing things it's less likely to just be a random surprise. Might be an extra reason to avoid contact with more worlds at the moment? ...She asks the other two about this Inevitable. 

She relays information to Genea.


Some information is private, state secrets or magical secrets that can't be trusted with an outsider. Having that information would mark a person as a potential threat and something to be eliminated.

Most people don't like when Phelix talks about peaceful cooperation because they have strong attachment about torture, dismemberment and slavery as punishments against crimes and it's often not diplomatic to make Phelix known to be against those.

(This is might be some weird magic interaction with how they are vulnerable to mind magic.)

Oh, the Inevitable is a really weird figure, even for their standards. They know from history that he participated in a great many deals of wars and an even greater deals of conflicts where he ruthlessly destroyed the opposition and some legends even say that he turned a forest into a desert by desecrating with the blood of his enemies.

But on a personal level, the Inevitable played board games with the children of the moon. He didn't move, he stayed in constant deep meditation for the entire time they've known him, but would move pieces with his powers and even let children fly around his head sometimes. Also, he is definitely capable of some form of prescience, enhanced speed, enhanced tactical thinking, long ranged perception, weather control, and likely some form of immortality. He never actually spoke or communicated in words. They don't know what are his goals if any.


She is at first confused by the concept of state secrets/magical secrets as 'private'. Consults with Genea. 


Genea doesn't have any existing real life instances of that to be familiar with either, but she can think it through pretty well, somewhat based on stories left from before Southern Crossing.


Right. ...Well, she's pretty interested to know that exists, but. She's not going to push enough to get private information, even if it's weirdly private. And also she should probably at least wait to maybe bring on being targeted for elimination until everything is less all-of-a-sudden, and definitely doesn't want Genea targeted for elimination.

...Looks like our worlds are in good company she says to Genea about the torture/dismemberment/slavery part.

...Alright, good to know.


And - she thinks that's about all they need that she (and Genea, when she asks) can think of right now, and also they should probably get to more doing stuff.

She brings them back up.


They resurface and go from calm and relaxed to unsteady and shaken.

People don't move to get them out of the circle, but they are casting something.

"Comments?" Asks someone. 


What are they casting? 

She thinks they're talking to their people but they shouldn't keep them all in suspense either, so

"We want to help you and we think we can.

How many people do you need places for? Also, anything you need more quickly meanwhile?"

And, to Pherikles and Phelix, silently, sorry, didn't think to think you'd have things others shouldn't hear. Sorry about that. We can probably also help with problems if that caused any.


They are apparently casting some form of detection to see if there is any lingering effects on the people who have been mind affected.

"We have at least three thousand on the moon. Can't be sure on the planet, but could be a thousand times that. We don't know. If we have time we can come up with multiple ways to save people, but that may take years."

We should have thought of that before offering. It's okay.


There isn't. (Well, not a magical sense. They have mentally now done this before and emotionally now gone through it).

"Three thousand we can definitely do, don't think there'll even be a problem." She does math. "Three million is... a lot.

We've still got stuff though."




"Where we're from actually has land no one's using, if you don't have a reason to live near anyone. If you do that might be more complicated but we do have info if you need it.

And I'm a mage; dunno if I can do anything you can't but I can do some things."


"We should keep them in isolation for at least half a hour." Someone else comments in earshot.

The person that was talking to them continues. "Well, taking three thousand somewhere remote would already alleviate our situation a lot. Humans might want to stay with other humans if you're open to that. What sort of things can your magic do?"

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