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Aug 25, 2019 12:47 AM
Leo in the Erogame
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Lamont/Magnus grins. "Let me get my camera."

"We didn't agree yet," Bruno protests.

"Not yet, but you will."

Peter appears that he was going to protest, but then rethinks. "If I can fuck his ass, we would spit-roast him. With Bruno on the front. Unless, you want in Oakley?"

Oakley, the blond dude who has mostly been quiet, shakes his head. He goes back to obsessively fixing his hair, but he is occasionally staring at Leo's tenting bulge.


"You sure, Oakley? I'm pretty sure there's room for two back there."


Oakley gives him a disbelieving look. "You could tone down the whoreness."

"Hey!" Bruno says with a smirk. "People in glass houses."

Oakley - a male stripper - blushes.

"Anyway," Peter says, "lets do this, whoever feels like joining can just join. Leo, how do you wanna do this?"


"No, Oakley's right, that came out way whorier than I intended. I've had a weird night. Uh, I guess I'll just- lie facedown on the bench? And you guys can do as you please."


"...The responsible Dom in my immediately wants me to sit down and have a talk about establishing boundaries properly and safely," Bruno says.

"Really?" Lamont/Magnus says.

"Yes? For now, I am okay with just establishing the safe word 'orange"."

Quest available: Orange you glad we had this talk?

At some point in the future, have a conversation with Bruno Ferreira about establishing boundaries and safe sex. The conversation needs to last at least five minutes.

You don't actually have to follow any of the relevant advice, it's not like the Erogame is going to expect the impossible.

Success: Increased relationship with Bruno Ferreira, +100xp
Failure: None.
Accept: Y/N

"Anyway," says Peter, "lay down, there. I will lube you up."

They have unfolded a massage table that was resting alongside a way.


"Safeword 'orange'. Got it."

Leo lies down, incidentally pressing the N button on the new quest. (He does actually know what boundaries are, his are just very broad and he doesn't expect them to be pushed by a couple of strippers going to town on his ass. And he did read the Erogamer's Body skill, he knows that safe sex is now a meaningless concept for him. Bruno seems nice, but it'd be a waste of time.)

Being so nice and so unwilling to waste a person's time because you have fully embraced your inner unrestrained deviant has raised your PRV by 1!

Peter pulls down Leo's sheer boxers and starts applying lube. Lamont/Magnus does something that from the feel of it, is tying the boxers into a knot so it doesn't slip down. Not that Leo has a chance to look, because Bruno grabs his hair and holds still. Leo doesn't have the time to take a proper look at the cock before it's shoved inside Leo's mouth. But it's impressive, Erogamer's Body skill or not.

"Hello, my magnanimous fans! Here is your Magnus at the backstage getting ready for a show. I am here with Dixon, you can see more of him at Sweetheart Sadist."

"Hey, guys. I am just going through my typical pre-performance routine." He says that like he is some kind of sports stars. "You know, getting my leather on, check my hair and pumping up my dick."

Leo can even feel the camera pointing towards him.

"I noticed, hey dude. Why don't you introduce yourself?" Leo's head is raised up.


"Call me Leo," he says with a smirk. "Everybody does."

ERO Achievement: Not using a proper alias while shooting porn. +50xp.

"Wrong, I call you my cocksucker," Bruno says.

"Do you know?" Lamont/Magnus asks with a smirk.

"Well, he is good at it."

"Now I am curious, but let me talk to Peter. I think he is about to get deep into something."

What a well-timed statement, Leo can definitely feel Peter getting deep. "Hey, he is good at more things than sucking cock," Peter says.


Leo would respond, but his mouth is full. He's full in a lot of places at the moment.


There is a music chime. "Oops, I sent it by accident?" Lamont/Magnus complains.

"Did you?" Peter says, his voice strained by the physical effort and clearly focused on something else.

"My finger slip, it's muscle memory you know. I was planning to do some editing and put your contact and everything."

Peter provides a distracted grunt that might be dismissive.

Getting someone to change their plans and masturbate to your short pornographic video has raised your BOD by 1!

There is a sharp intake of breath somewhere in the room, and then a sudden movement.

Peter is removed from inside Leo. He is quickly replaced.

"What the fuck, dude?"

A skill has been created by a special action! Having someone forcifully penetrating you without applying lube has created the skill Naturally Lubricated.
The skill is sure needed.
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