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Aug 25, 2019 12:38 AM
Leo in the Erogame
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Leo shivers slightly. "Uh, I would, but I'm... otherwise occupied." He twists, showing the cuffs.


God's dick twitches upon seeing that. "Ha! I see." He tilts his head. "You must be the guy that Kevin brought in."

Then, like it's the most normal thing in the world. He takes a picture, there is a pleasant chime that signals that the picture was sent.

"Anyway, I decided to not attire myself tonight, so I have a spare." 

Quest available: Don't look a gift horse-hung in the mouth.

Lamont Clyde is sure the guy with highest BOD stat you've seen in person. How can you say no to whatever he has to offer?

Accept whatever spare clothing he provides you with and do not take it off until the end of the night (losing it is acceptable as long you don't do it on purpose).

Success: Increased chances of sex with Lamont Clyde, BOD+1, LST+1, +500xp.
Failure: -20% in a SED rolls involving Lamont Clyde in the foreseable future.
Accept: Y/N

Special: Accepting this quest will make the "Kink Prince of the Night" quest immediately accessible.

 "This way."

Getting a picture of your completely naked body - including your face - on the internet raised your BOD by 1!

Fuck, that's a lot to take in.

As soon as Lamont's back is turned, Leo noses the Y button. His body moves on autopilot, rising from the bench and following behind Lamont. His cock, by this point, is dripping freely.


"Call me, Magnus," by the way, "Magnus Bond." Smirk.

Being so overwhelming horny by the hottest guy you ever met has raised your LST by 1!

"Magnus" leads Leo around the corner and through a door. The place has a couple desks, mirrors and precariously placed lamps. It all adds up to a sense that it was all hastily put together to work as a dressing room of sorts. More importantly, there are four other guys in there. And while they are not on the same level as Magnus... that still leaves plenty of room for some quite fine specimen of men in there. They have a broad shouldered black guy in a leather harness. A bronze-skinned blond guy with a strong jaw, who is applying oil to his muscles. Finally, two east Asian guys - likely Korean - one of which is wearing a domino mask, the other is toweling off his hair... which appears to be half-white, half-black. They are all fitter than Leo and only the blond guy is wearing anything from the waist down. They turn to Leo and choruses greetings.


Black leather guy extends a hand towards Leo.

"Don't bother," Lamont/Magnus says, passing through and taking the space between the black and blond. "He is handcuffed."

"Kinky," he says wiggling his eyebrows at Leo.

Lamont/Magnus is looking inside a bag, and he takes what appears to be a pair of boxes patterned after the American flag which he takes to Leo. "Hey, dude-who-never-introduced-himself, put a leg up."


Those are very breezy boxers ...And with his dick tenting the mesh fabric. It looks normal from some angles. And nearly transparent from others.

And from behind, it has the words "Freely Thicc" on the ass. Lamont/Magnus salutes it. "Looking good."


Leo is about as far from being "thicc" as it is humanly possible to be. Also, he's Argentinian.

"Yes, sir," he says anyway, because he's in subspace. It still sounds a little bit sarcastic, because he's Leo.


The black guy in leather tsks and says. "A tone like that really should get disciplined. I am Bruno, by the way, but my stage name is Dixon Hughes. And it isn't a Bruno related to that Sacha Baron Cohen movie. I am Brazilian."

Bruno reaches behind Leo and squeezes his hands.


"Sorry, sir." There's much less sarcasm this time. Then he pauses. "Stage name?"


"Yeah? Like a secret identity thing, but less crime-fighting and more dancing naked in front of a crowd?" Bruno says.

Lamont/Magnus is fixing his hair and gives a distracted nod.


"Is this place a bath house or a strip club? Also, have I just been shanghaied into an exotic dance troupe, because if you expect me to dance I'm going to need alcohol. Or Xanax, but my prescription's in my dorm."


"It's not a strip club!" The masked guy protests.

"It kinda is." Bruno says.

"It's a bath house that is hosting an event with stripping."

Quest begun: Kink Prince of the Night.

The Happy Springs bath house has fallen on bad times. First, public bathing had too many sex connotations to keep it a proper family business, then they even lost the money from turning a blind eye to sex inside the establishement leading to debt with the mafia. To clear their debt, they accepted to host tonight's event, gone are the pretenses, now they have male strippers openly offering themselves to the thirsty clientele. The mafia has offered to the first and second places the chance to win a sex-filled trip to Asia. Help them. Participate in the contest.

Failure: Happy Springs closes down, permanently blocking it as an Erogame area, alongside all related quests, events and relationships, the Thirsty status for 48 hours.
Success: Happy Springs becomes a cum feeding area, increased relationships with ???, Ethical Slut status for 48 hours and +2,000xp.

Hint: This quest has hidden bonus objectives.

"Didn't Kevin explain anything to you?" Lamont/Magnus says, then after a thoughtful pause he adds. "Actually, that sounds entirely in character. Though, a bath house in this part of town really should've given you the hint, dude. Anyway, you're here to fill up the numbers while we do the actual work. Maybe be the comic relief or something."

"He doesn't look bad enough for a comedy relief," Bruno comments.


The mafia.

For fuck's sake.

"Seriously, do we have alcohol here? Because if you put me onstage sober then I'm just going to have a panic attack."


"No getting drunk before the performance," says the masked guy again.

"He just wants to take the edge off," Bruno says, "liquid courage."

"If it helps him, but you know my suggestion," Lamont/Magnus says, he wiggles his eyebrows at Leo.


"I don't, actually. What is your suggestion."


"Magnus here wanted us to have fun while filming us, like we were in an actual porno. And then called it a professional approach."

"That's the worst way to paraphrase what I said." Lamont/Magnus protests. "I suggested that we should make a backstage video. And I also suggested that we should get some release to calm us down, because the cumming test is only the end of the night, anyway."

Quest available: Another kind of Liquid Courage.

Consume the semen from one or more male strippers in the Happy Springs before the start of the show. While Lamont films.

Success: +5 in all bravery rolls for the rest of the night, The Nectar Skill +1, BOD+1 and +100xp.
Bonus Objective: Drink the semen of all strippers, you have until the end of the night, SED+1 and +500xp.
Failure: Not getting to succeeding at this quest is bad enough, but you will also get -5 in the contest related rolls.
Access: Y/N.


Leo nods thoughtfully, pressing Y with his forehead. "What's wrong with having some fun? And recording it for posterity?"


"It's unprofessional?" Bruno suggests, while inspecting his facial hair and carefully grooming it.

"We are sex workers." Lamont/Magnus counters.

"Professional sex workers. Also, it's exactly that thing suggested in There's Something About Mary and that was a sabotage plot."

Lamont/Magnus scowls at Bruno.


"What's so unprofessional about it? If you were a teacher or something I'd get it, but there's nothing scandalous about a stripper with some amateur porn on his record."


"Yeah, it's not unlike an artist building their portfolio, or an influencer expanding their on-line influence." Lamont/Magnus adds.

Bruno appears to be thinking about it.


"You don't have to go first," Leo says. "I don't know the rest of your names, but any of you want in?"


"Jess and Peter. I am Jess." says the Korean guy with half of his hair dyed white, "and I don't want to. My thing is older guys."

Peter - who was brushing his teeth - raises his head from the sink. "Your thing is rich guys. Anyway, what do you want to do exactly?"

The blond guy was apparently about to say something, but waits for the answer.


"What do you want to do? I'm nineteen and horny, I'm up for just about anything. And filming it, because I think Magnus' idea sounds cool."

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