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Aug 25, 2019 12:33 AM
Leo in the Erogame
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Oh man, his brother? That's even better.

He's probably losing any goodwill Otto had for him at record rates, but this is in fact hilarious and Leo has never been overly cursed with empathy. His tongue traces under Otto's foreskin maddeningly.


Otto's brother has a tone of concern in his voice and Otto valiantly replies with something that isn't too moany.

The ding of the elevator rings and the cart rolls through a bump, elevator music starts playing.

After a few seconds the elevator ding rings again and Leo can hear more people walking in.


This seems like a good time to move his head enough to fully take Otto into his mouth.


This causes Otto to make a strangled sound that causes the conversation in the elevator to quiet down and make Otto says "sorry" in heavily accented English.

The elevator dings again and people get out.


Leo's still sucking away. And licking, as appropriate.


The elevator goes down another floor and the food cart leaves.

After a short walk. The cart, Otto and his brother stop. The brother has a concerned tone in his voice, much more mellowed than before... and then he is breathing loudly? The brother is breathing rhythmically and Otto is following the lead or command. Breathing deeper and higher.

It suddenly turns into a moan and Otto is cumming down Leo's throat. It is warmer than it should be and the sensation spreads pleasantly through Leo's entire body.

Quest complete: Bellboy's Blue(ball)s

Success: Otto will be grateful, Generous Tipping skill +1, SED+2.
Failure: Joel Korhonen finds you in the storage closet alone and deals with you in the non-Ero way.

There is a moment of silence, and then the cart is abruptly pushed aside. Exposing Otto's dick and Leo's face to Joel.

Joel is a tall handsome blond man who's every aspect of his appearance makes one immediately think "Viking". Even the angry look he is giving Leo only helps with the impression.



"Hi," Leo says, not without irony.

A skill has been created by a special action! Peforming oral sex while hiding under a food cart has created the skill Lurking Beneath.

Joel says something that's probably less amicable and soon Leo finds himself being dragged from under the cart by Joel's powerful viking muscles. With a hand over Leo's mouth he asks Otto something.

Otto - with his dick still hanging out - just fails to produce a statement and raises his hands apologetically.

Swiftly - or maybe Leo is a bit lethargic? - Joel is pushing Leo through a backdoor that goes into a docking area. 

ERO Achievement: Being kicked out naked in public because of your sex shenanigans. +100xp.
Your level has increased by 1!

Leo licks Joel’s palm where it covers his mouth. Immature, maybe, but a classic is a classic. 


By the look that Joel gives him, he is not the only that thinks that is immature. He lets go of Leo's mouth and pushes him into the docking area. Then he violently closes the door.

There is the muffled sound of Otto's coming from the other side.

The door opens again. Without even looking, Joel throws a folded dollar bill, it hits Leo in the stomach.

Again, Otto's voice. Maybe a single word.

The door opens a second time. This time Joel takes the time to look at Leo and aim a pair of pink flip-flops right in his face.

ERO Achievement: Being paid like a cheap whore. +100xp, $+10 and one (1) pair pink flip-flops.

Wow, that is cheap. Leo’s into being treated like dirt, but that’s something else. Still, right now that $10 is all he’s got going for him, so he crouches down and picks it up between his fingers. Then he slips into the flip-flops, because his feet are delicate and must be protected. Then he clears his throat. “Info?”


Leonardo Roderigo Santos Rosado Pascal de La Fuente

"The Erogamer"

LVL: 2 (250 / 500)



DOM: 110 / 530

SUB: 420 / 420


BOD: 15 (+)

LST: 19 (+)

SED: 10 (+)

FUK: 13 (+)

PRV: 23 (+)

ERO: 11 (+)


Stat Points: 5

Money: $24,779.13


Status Effects: None

Description: Leonardo Roderigo Santos Rosado Pascal de la Fuente ("call me Leo") is a young man whose luck has a tendency to vary. On the one hand, he's rich, moderately attractive, and intelligent; on the other hand, he's terribly anxious, dysphoric, and currently huddled naked in a stairwell after a blind internet date gone wrong. The second problem has just been solved, and the third is but a momentary inconvenience. The first seems like his biggest problem at the moment, but not for long, for Leo has attracted the unwanted attention of something far greater than himself: The Erogame..


He noses his FUK and PRV to 15 and 25 respectively, because uneven numbers bug him. Then he noses LST to a round 20. Yeah, this stat allotment is probably suboptimal and I should have higher priorities right now. What do you want, I'm dissociating.


The numbers dutifully go up. Now, only his ERO stat is not at a multiple of five.

He is now in the docking area, not quite an alley, though there is definitely that air of "poor lit desert place that you shouldn't visit at night if you care about your well-being" going for it. There is even a dumpster with a cat on it. The cat is black and looks at Leo with glowing red-orange eyes that appears almost demonic. Then it suddenly vanishes into the darkness. 

The night air is chill, but the warmth from Otto's seed helps, it almost feels like a soothing massage all over Leo's, but internally, the things that is doing with Leo's newly acquired prostate are not making Leo's dick any softer.

The side street that the docking area opens to leads to the main street (with the hotel's main entrance) to one side. That side is noticeably more lit. And darkness to the other side.

Quest available: Get home before dawn.

Get home before dawn.

Success: You get home before dawn. You want more? Fine, you will get ??? and ??? as rewards.
Failure: You didn't get home before dawn, though you can try expending the day away and getting there some time after dusk. "Ashamed" status for two days.
Accept: Y/N


Yeah, already planning on it, thanks.

He noses the accept button. It kind of sounds like a win-win, honestly; the game presumably knows his kinks, and "Ashamed" isn't a punishment if you're into it. But curiosity about what ??? and ??? are will literally consume him from within like rock salt in a snowbank if he fails this quest, and he does in fact want to get home before dawn for unrelated reasons, so homeward bound he goes.

He's sticking to the cover of darkness, obviously, because while being seen naked is intensely humiliating, it's also a bad idea.


The darkness sure provide him with enough cover. The downside is that very easy to lose one's sense of direction or distance here.

Or not notice other things in the darkness until someone lights up a match for their cigarette.

"Hey, mate," says a melodic voice, too nice for someone who smokes in extremely dark alleys. "Care to stay for a moment?"


Leo startles violently. "Jesus! Uh, that kind of depends on why. Like, if you're offering because you have a bolt cutter and a spare pair of boxers, or something, I'd love to."


"How do-? Why do you?" The voice's owner takes a step closer.

Then he lights up another match and lets the thing fall down immediately upon realizing Leo's completely nudity. Leo can glimpse at his face too, he might be of Korean descent and has nice high cheekbones.

There is a pause.

He starts laughing maniacally. "What the fuck, dude? And I thought my night was bad."


"It's had its ups and downs, honestly. Why did you ask?"


Snort. "Not every day you find someone streaking around." He takes a poof of his cigarette. "Too bad you don't have a pussy. Or too good, these alleys are dangerous, you know?" He snorts again, Leo can even see the smoke escaping this time.


"Yeah, real fuckin' pity. Anyway, I was actually on my way home, so..."


A hand grabs his shoulder. Hard. "No, dude, explain yourself. I want to know your story or it is going to eat at me for the rest of my life."


"Don't hook up with a random stranger from Grindr and then agree to let him strip and handcuff you in his hotel room. And then push you out the door."

Leo doesn't react to the hand on his shoulder, because he's not sure whether to be turned on, pissed off, or freaked out by it, and he defaults to sarcasm in all such situations.


Another pause in the darkness.

Then the cigarette falls out of the guy's mouth as he starts laughing. Guffaws even. Loudly enough that some birds take flight.


"Yeah, it's hilarious. Can I go now? Kind of trying to get home before dawn, here."

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