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Jul 05, 2020 12:22 AM
Sulthar in Beacon Hills

The wyrm writhes across the plain and

a snake as tall as a person joins it, abruptly, and cuts a sudden swath through the line, their voices abruptly cutting out and

Sulthar twists aside, dodging it

only for the wyrm's tail to catch her, flinging her over and into Eithel Sirion's walls, hard.

she hears-feels bones crack and snap and

falls the few feet to the ground and gasps for breath.

she gets her sword into its sheath, somehow, and tries to get to her feet -- her bow is gone, she couldn't draw it anyway not with her arm broken --

too late she sees the wyrm's head turning

and then the whole area is on fire, with her and everyone else too slow to escape still in it


she can't move, can barely respond

she manages love you. kill it. and then

when the mirror-faced snake catches up to her, she is unconscious.

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She is unconscious, and lightly charred-

In a house. An old, decrepit house that is extremely charred.


She's not alone.

Derek crouches over the visitor, checking the severity of her injuries.

The burns look bad. He never saw Peter when the damage was fresh, but this could be worse.

Is her heart beating?


her heart is beating, barely

she is burned very badly; the chainmail she is wearing is undamaged beyond the gore, but it would probably be unwise to touch it, by the heat which radiates from it.


It's not a hard choice.

He puts his hand on her cheek, and her pains starts to fade.

He can't prevent any damage, maybe, but he can stop most of it. The burns that are starting to form don't.

Derek refuses to allow them to stay. And so they begin to fade as well.


And then he crouches down next to her, not moving.


Eventually she wakes, fuzzily

and then more rapidly, as she wakes enough to be alarmed.

"Man?" she mumbles, trying to move, and wincing.


"Who are you?"


She says something in a language that is most definitely not English.

And then she closes her eyes and focuses.

Most everyone who was alive before still is. Some of those who were at the battle but -- not many, and not more than could be expected from bad injuries. No one is in major distress, either, except --

Her eyes fly open again, and she says something else, intensely, in tones of a question. (She seems upset.)


That sure is a foreign person who appeared out thin air.

Druid, maybe. Fairly lost one. Could be an emissary angling for a truce.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak your language. Are you alright?"


She rolls over to look at him, making a few hissing noises of pain and some utterances that sound like swear words, and then,

Can you understand this? (It's not quite words so much as concepts and meaning)


Yes. What is this? Are you an emissary (mediator between tribes, favored ambassador of her tribe)?

If she's an emissary, why the armor?


No, she says, sounding slightly confused, I do -- mediation, diplomacy, occasionally, but I'm not -- only when there's no one better available? There's a moment's pause, and then, This -- is ósanwë? Do you not -- you can hear me, and direct --

'ósanwë' comes through as more of a word, but unfolds into something like 'the communication of thought'


No one I know can ósanwë. You must be lost. This town is called Beacon Hills, in the state of California, in the nation of the United States of America. 

What do you want with us?


There is a long pause. I am very lost, (or she's a prisoner. But Angband isn't far enough away that --) she agrees, sounding scared, but trying to hide it.

I don't know who you are, she continues, and she sounds -- genuine. If she's faking that, she's doing a very good job. I want -- to find out what happened, what's going on. To get home, she adds, after thinking for a moment.


We should move from here. This is not where I usually stay, I was just...visiting.

It has sentimental value.

I can tell you about this place as we go.


There's a flash of emotion and the impression of mountains and plains and mists in response to his statement about sentimental value.

She moves slowly, assessingly, and grimaces. I won't be able to move very fast with this many broken bones, but I can move if it isn't safe here.


I can help with the bones, after a while.

We can walk slowly.

He starts walking.


Sulthar follows, very slowly, but surely. She seems to have experience moving when injured, or be extremely determined. Perhaps both. They'll heal. Though. If there's. something I could use for splints. that would help.

(She's quite obviously in considerable pain, but just as obviously trying not to show it.)

You know this area?


I do. We're not staying in the woods, though.

I live in an abandoned train station.


The woods is all unsafe? Why?

And what's a train?


A train is a kind of public transportation. Metal containers that people travel in.

The woods are dangerous, the hunters could be out at any time.


She stops for a moment (though she starts moving again almost immediately), completely derailed from her inquires about trains. People hunt you.


Yeah, people train to try to kill me. 

I can defend myself, don't worry.

They approach the egde of the woods, and from there, she can see the town. 

There are a lot of buildings, and not nearly as many trees. 



(People don't train to hunt for food, not in the way he implies. And he hasn't acted or thought like--)


People like me can be dangerous. 

Does she always ask so many questions? 

Better than paying attention to the stares, anyway.

The hunters think I want to hurt them because I could. 

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