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Jun 20, 2019 3:51 AM
Gabe is the Erogamer

A strange message appears right in front of his eyes, in pink-violet letters, floating in front of him on no substrate at all:

Gabriel Valentine

"The Erogamer"

LVL: 1 (0 / 200)



DOM: 60 / 320

SUB: 130 / 520


BOD: 26 (+)

LST: 31 (+)

SED: 12 (+)

FUK: 20 (+)

PRV: 21 (+)

ERO: 10 (+)


Stat Points: 5

Money: $520


Status Effects: None

Description: Gabe is young, hot, and full of energy! Unfortunately, the fact that he's living with his half-cousin Henry in one of the few jobs that included a living place they could find, wondering every month whether they will have enough to eat next month, means that these things are underappreciated by the world as a whole. He still has Henry to use as an outlet for his sexual urges, but the fact that he wants much, much more than this is what makes him a good candidate for the Erogame.



Erogamer's Body (Lvl MAX): The biological ability to live your life as an erogame. Venereal disease doesn't exist for you, or periods or pregnancies or yeast infections. Arbitrarily large appendages can fit inside any of your orifices. You heal from all marks with a good night's sleep, ready for the next day's adventures. Other aspects of this skill depend on the BOD stat.

Erogamer's Soul (Lvl MAX): A different player might have received an Erogamer's Mind skill to unlock their potential and allow them to play the game as it is meant to be played. Either you really didn't want that, or your mind was already porny enough to impress the Erogame. This core skill only prevents your mind from being fundamentally and permanently damaged by extreme sexual experiences, and allows you to make voluntary use of the FUK, SED, LST, and PRV stats.

Erogamer's World (Lvl MAX): The consent of reality to live your life as an erogame. People are never too preoccupied to consider sex or romance, not while you're around. Bystanders won't ignore what you do, but they're unlikely to actually stop you. Those who do decide to involve themselves are drawn into the logic of the Erogame. If you go far enough that an authority sees no choice but to intervene… they won't treat you as a simple criminal. Other aspects of this skill depend on the ERO stat.



Home Office: No matter how many times you skip work, if at least one of you or Henry shows up per week neither of you is going to be fired. Doing that too many times might come with other punishments than firing, though, or require you to "persuade" your superiors to prevent them.


Info // Character Stats

LVL / Level: The quantified totality of your potency as an erogame character. The effect of this characteristic goes beyond just the 5 extra stat points you get per level, and the additional perk point you receive every 5th level.

BOD / Body: Your physical attractiveness, and other biological capabilities. At higher levels, your body becomes able to enact more exotic erogame events.

LST / Lust: The intensity of your sexual urges, and how easy it is to get you going.

SED / Seduction: Your ability to seduce others, to pique their interest and arouse their desire.

FUK / Fucking: Your ability to perform in bed and give others pleasure… or other sensations.

PRV / Perversion: Your descent into the world of naughtiness, fetish, deviance, and corruption.

ERO / Erogame Logic: The extent to which the world will bend---or can be bent by you---to create romantic and sexual situations in defiance of probability. Or at higher levels, physics.

DOM / Dominant Energy: Based off SED and FUK, fueling skills that invoke your dominance, sadism, or mastery.

SUB / Submissive Energy: Based off LST and PRV, fueling skills that invoke your submission, masochism, or service.


Info // Character Stats // Level

At LVL 1, and 0% progress toward the next level, you're at the very start of your new life.

You can increase your level by completing the quests the Erogame offers you, or by causing romantic and sexual events to happen to you or around you. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the rewards.


Info // Character Stats // Body

A BOD of 26 is not bad at all - you're by far the most attractive person almost anywhere you go, and even straight men have to begrudgingly accept that there might be something going on with you. More people should see you naked, though.

You can increase this stat through exhibitionism, and other acts that invoke the pure beauty and power of your physical form.


Info // Character Stats // Lust

An LST of 31 places you amongst the horniest people in your city. Some people would say they'd like to have sex every day but they'd be wrong, and would get tired after three. You would do it twice or more daily if you had your way. You should have your way.

You gain in this stat while experiencing sexual urges that are unusually intense or that go on unusually long.


Info // Character Stats // Seduction

The fact that you're as attractive as you are, homosexual, and have a half-cousin willing to bang you are the only reasons you get laid at all with your SED of 12. Make no mistake, your seductive powers are above average, but... that's saying very, very little.

You can increase this stat by arousing the romantic interest or sexual desire of others, and successfully pursuing them or being caught.


Info // Character Stats // Fucking

Very few men can claim to have had sex more times than they have masturbated, and fewer still under the age of 20, so your FUK of 20 - placing you as the most sexually capable and experienced in most rooms you find yourself in - is well-earned. They say variety is the spice of life, though, and that's how you get better at this.

How do you increase this stat? Take a fucking guess.


Info // Character Stats // Perversion

With a PRV of 21, you're definitely one of the kinkiest people around. You're willing to contemplate things about which most people would blush if they even read about, and you've done your fair share of them, if a bit limited by your means. But there are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your fantasies, and finding them would be so, so good.

You can increase this stat by looking for opportunities to get even kinkier. 


Info // Character Stats // Erogame Logic 

At an ERO of 10, your life has become an erogame taking place in a mostly realistic setting. What happens to you might seem unlikely to others, but it won't break their belief in a sane universe… yet. Witnesses will reach for explanations other than the Erogame, but they'll still notice the unusual events.

If you keep pushing probability to its limits, then probability will learn to be a bit more flexible down there, relax and take it in and not protest so much.


Info // Character Stats // Dominant and Submissive Energy

If this were a different game, you'd have mana and hit points.


And they'd refill just from you sitting around on your ass doing nothing.






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Gabe almost hits the pink-purple text with his hammer. What the fuck? He blinks, looks around the empty attic and then... he reads the entire thing.

He nods along for most of it. He is not going to apologize if people can't recognize the value of a direct aproach to get down to business. But the text isn't wrong. Also, he has no idea what hell is going on, but that's kinda exciting in itself.

He pokes the BOD stat once... hmm, his body is already pretty great. He will put four points on SED.


He can feel the increased BOD reshaping his body. It doesn't make him more muscled, but it does rearrange his muscles a bit to make him more toned. The SED points don't feel like anything, though.

More text appears in front of him:

Quest available: Hot Construction Workers

Take your shirt off and don't put it back on until the end of your shift. The world deserves to see those newly-sculpted abs!

Success: +50xp
Failure: The knowledge that you can't show off even when you know you're in an Erogame
Accept: Y/N

Quest available: Coworkers With Benefits

Jack Brennan, one of your coworkers, is bisexual but in the closet. Convince him to let you blow him and give him the best workday of his life.

Success: +100xp, +1 SED, increased relations with Jack Brennan
Failure: Decreased relations with Jack Brennan, ???
Accept: Y/N


Oh, my. This is just fantastic.

Gabe will promptly remove his shirt. Because the game is wise. He feels out his abs. Nice. While we are at it he will lower the height of his jeans just a touch. Good.

He goes to find Jack Brennan (Gabe always suspected him, it's nice of the game to give the juicy details). He clicks "Y" on both quests.

Taking your shirt off in the middle of your shift for no good reason has increased your BOD by 1!

Jack is downstairs painting a wall, a sleeveless white T-shirt doing less than nothing to hide his muscles flexing as he moves and - dances, apparently, to whatever it is he's listening to on those headphones. His black hair, cropped short, has a couple of stains from the paint, but he seems to not care about it as he shakes his ass and accidentally sprays droplets of paint all over the plastic-covered floor. He doesn't notice Gabe come in, and hums along whatever he's listening to.


And that's why Gabe suspected him. He takes a moment to appreciate the view, but then walks up to Jack. "Hey, dude. Training some new dance moves?"


Jack jumps and drops the roller. "Jesus Christ on a stick, don't sneak up on a guy like that," he says, turning around... and his eyes very definitely go all the way from Gabe's waist up to his face before getting resolutely glued there. "Why the fuck are you shirtless?"


Poor Jack, so distracted. So very much distracted.

"Why the fuck wouldn't I be? We are doing hot physical labor. It's not like we are interacting with clients and honestly if we did we would be boosting sales."


He rolls his eyes. "'Physical labor.' I know you're gay and I respect your life choices, man, but d'you have to sound all posh and shit?"


"What I am supposed to say instead?" He changes to his best dudebro voice. "Pumping our muscles, bro?"


He rolls his eyes again. "I dunno, physical work or something. And don't call me bro, it's weird."


Gabe snorts. "Sorry," he says, not sounding very apologetic. "Anyway, are you busy? I need help with something."


"No, I'm painting this wall because it's fun." He sighs. "What is it?"


"Someone - who was totally not me - might have dropped some tools and a key through a crack on the floor and I am pretty sure they fell in the middle of that pile of cement sacks we have. I think someone could sort of lift the cement up while someone else reaches for the things, you know." He makes some ilustrative hand gestures to explain the plan.


He furrows his brows. "God, Valentine, you're worthless. Show me."


He briefly considers retorting with a "you can punish me later", but figures he should stick to his idea.

"Hey, I am very worthy for several things," Gabe says, waggling his eyebrows. "Not my fault if you haven't seen them yet."

Gabe leads Jack towards the cement pile, which just turns out to be in a more isolated area of the construction because they've paused the changes they needed the cement for.

"Here. You lift and I will reach."


He sighs but lifts it. His T-shirt gets lifted with it, showing the happy trail down into his pants...


Gabe's eyes linger over the happy trail for a moment. He bends over to reach through the crack between the sacks and with his low cut jeans he is sure Jack can see another kind of crack (Gabe is vaguely sad that he couldn't put the word "sacks" again in that thought process).

Very furtively, Gabe removes the key and screwdriver from his pocket and places the latter between the cracks. "Got my keys, the screwdriver is still there though. Come here and take a look," Gabe says while still bent over.


Gabe turns his head to look back at him, still bent over and keeping his eyes at their current level, quite obviously looking at Jack's crotch. "Over there, see?"


"Yeah, I see it," he says, studiously ignoring Gabe's gaze. "Fuck, Valentine, how'd you manage that?"


"What? My dashing good looks? Good luck at genetics, I guess."


"To lose your screwdriver there," he says, rolling his eyes.


Another shrug. "Bad luck at everything else lately. Seriously, it says something when the highlight of your day is giving one blowjob."


He almost drops the sack. "You what?"


"'What' what?"

He is genuinely confused.

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