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peka is the erogamer

She hates her life. It's spring and she's digging a latrine when she should be home with her baby and if she deserts and is lucky enough not to just be shot for that then in a month she'll abruptly cease to have a baby.

Shovel bites dirt. Dirt goes in pile around the red flag. And repeat, and repeat.

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A wall of pink-violet text appears in front of her. 

Peka Atan
"The Erogamer"
LVL: 1 (0%)


DOM: 0/430

SUB: 10/620

BOD: 25 (+)

LST: 30 (+)

SED: 12 (+)

FUK: 22 (+)

PRV: 15 (+)

ERO: 10 (+)

Points: 5

Money: 30tap

Description:  Peka Atan is the first of the three children of an undertaker and an autopsy tech; she's got a credit on layaway and a baby hanging in the balance. She lives at their home, when she's at home, which she isn't because the army pays better than anything in-district and they were hiring. She loves her baby, music, and sex, and it's that last thing that makes her a candidate for the Erogame.


Erogamer's Body (Lvl MAX): The biological ability to live your life as an erogame. Venereal disease doesn't exist for you. Arbitrarily large appendages can fit inside any of your orifices. You heal from all marks with a good night's sleep, ready for the next day's adventures. Other aspects of this skill depend on the BOD stat.

Erogamer's Mind (Lvl MAX): The mental flexibility to live your life as an erogame. You're more able to accept the realities of your new world. You'll also bounce back from painful, upsetting and bizarre sexual experiences with relative ease. Rape can be anything from a recoverable trauma to a random afternoon, but it won't ruin your life. Other aspects of this skill depend on the LST and PRV stats.

Erogamer's World (Lvl MAX): The consent of reality to live your life as an erogame. People are never too preoccupied to consider sex or romance, not while you're around. Bystanders won't ignore what you do, but they're unlikely to actually stop you. Those who do decide to involve themselves are drawn into the logic of the Erogame. If you go far enough that an authority sees no choice but to intervene… they won't treat you as a simple criminal. Other aspects of this skill depend on the ERO stat.


Pretty in Pink: Your caste is “Pink.” Everyone can immediately tell this by looking at you. Pinks are a magical caste that doesn’t play by the rules. Pinks are completely immune to pollution, and can therefore interact with reds or do red work with no censure (although objects in a pink’s possession can be polluted, including clothing, which means no one will bat an eye at you walking around naked just in case, no matter how formal the setting). Pinkness occasionally occurs spontaneously in the general population, and all a pink’s children will be pink regardless of the other parent’s caste. Further aspects of this perk will depend on your ERO.

Info // Character Stats:

LVL / Level: The quantified totality of your potency as an erogame character. The effect of this characteristic goes beyond just the 5 extra stat points you get per level, and the additional perk point you receive every 5th level.

BOD / Body: Your physical attractiveness. At higher levels, your body becomes able to enact more exotic erogame events.

LST / Lust: The intensity of your sexual urges. How easy it is to turn your keyhole.

SED / Seduction: Your ability to seduce others, to pique their interest and arouse their desire.

FUK / Fucking: Your ability to perform in bed and give others pleasure… or other sensations.

PRV / Perversion: Your descent into the world of naughtiness, fetish, deviance, and corruption.

ERO / Erogame Logic: The extent to which the world will bend---or can be bent by you---to create romantic and sexual situations in defiance of probability. Or at higher levels, physics.

DOM / Dominant Energy: Based off SED and FUK, fueling skills that invoke your dominance, sadism, or mastery.

SUB / Submissive Energy: Based off LST and PRV, fueling skills that invoke your submission, masochism, or service.

Info // Character Stats // Level:

At LVL 1, and 0% progress toward the next level, you're as pathetic as you'll ever be.

You can increase your level by completing the quests the Erogame offers you, or by causing romantic and sexual events to happen to you or around you. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the rewards.

Info // Character Stats // Body:

At a BOD of 2
5, you're the prettiest person in the room unless the room is hosting a mixer for a modeling agency.

You can increase this stat through exhibitionism, and other acts that invoke the pure beauty and power of your
nubile form.

Info // Character Stats // Lust:

At a LST of 30, you’re as horny outside of spring as most people are in spring.

You gain in this stat while experiencing sexual urges that are unusually intense or that go on unusually long.

Info // Character Stats // Seduction:

Your SED of 12 makes you a little better than average at enticing others to have sex with you. Not bad, but far from your full potential.

You can increase this stat by arousing the romantic interest or sexual desire of others, and successfully pursuing them or being caught.

Info // Character Stats // Fucking:

Your FUK of 22 makes you good at what you do. Combined with your natural enthusiasm, you’re approaching professional level. Only approaching, though. You’re going to need a little more practice first.

How do you increase this stat? Take a fucking guess. 

Info // Character Stats // Perversion:

Your PRV of 15, given your relative experience, is nothing to write home about. You’re not especially out there, nor are you a sheltered naif.

You can increase this stat by being a little less close-minded about things, and acting accordingly.

Info // Character Stats // Erogame Logic:

At an ERO of 10, your life has become an erogame taking place in a mostly realistic setting. What happens to you might seem unlikely to others, but it won't break their belief in a sane universe… yet. Witnesses will reach for explanations other than the Erogame, but they'll still notice the unusual events.

If you keep pushing probability to its limits, then probability will learn to be a bit more flexible down there, relax and take it in and not protest so much.

Info // Character Stats // Dominant and Submissive Energy:

If this were a different game, you'd have mana and hit points.

And they'd refill just from you sitting around on your ass doing nothing.






She's too startled to read at first, but the text is between her and getting this latrine done on time so she scans it looking for a way to dismiss it, and it doesn't have that but it does have a whole lot of wut.


The text continues to sit there, the plus signs next to the stats beckoning metaphorically.


There isn't even a dismiss button or anything. She rereads the text looking for instructions and finally tries jabbing SED's plus sign five times in case that helps.


The plus signs vanish, and then the rest of the text wall. In its place appear the words:

Quest Available: Music is the Universal Language

Seduce the Anitami unit's red despite not knowing any of their language aside from song lyrics.

Success: +300xp

Failure: Your dry spell days tally marker ticks up by one

Accept: Y/N


She waves at the letters as though batting at flies. This doesn't work. ...she considers, turns up another shovelful of dirt, hits Y.


The text vanishes. 


She finishes digging.

...she goes back to her tent and she sits outside of it and sings.


After a little while the Anitami red comes out to listen. 



She switches to a suggestive clubby song in Anitami when she's done with the first one.


She knows what the lines mean, although she's not confident on how the words divvy up except the ones that are similar to Tapai ones.

The last line of the chorus is "won't somebody keep me company this fine spring night". She... smiles back, repeats it without the bounce of the tune.


He asks something in Anitami. 


"Tapap," she says apologetically. "All I wanna do is sing all day and night~."


He nods and steps closer. 


She holds out a hand.


He grins and takes it. 


And she tugs him into her lap and kisses him.


Ooh. He is very pleased by this development. 


So is she! It's spring, after all, and she might not have had the song lyrics idea without ?????help?????, and he's pretty squeezable.


Investigation of his squeezability may lead to the discovery that he is also ticklish!


That's adorable.


Well she is adorable. 


Is she now. Would he like to be tugged into her tent to convince her of this.


He would love this. 

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