Daelen Bascombe
Template Shadowling
Facecast Damon Albarn

I look through the eyes of humanity.
I look at myself, so many things I hate in me.
So many things are so hard to believe.
All alone, I hear the angels scream my name...

He was just a scared kid with an "overactive imagination," until the monsters in the closet clawed their way out and began attacking his family. Young and afraid, he learned to control the things... and then learned, through a combination of intuition and experimentation, that they were part of him. Nobody quite understands how or why he developed the ability to manipulate demons and control shadows, but here he is and that's exactly what he can do. And worse: those things are attached to his soul.

Daelen's life has always been a rollercoaster. From being considered an overly imaginative child to deemed a mentally unwell teen, he never quite had social graces. And he never quite knew what direction to take his life, drifting in and out of jobs while working as a webcomic artist on the side and tinkering occasionally with musical inclinations. He was the weird kid, then the eccentric guy, and eventually... Well, the unwilling pawn in an interdimensional experiment.

Maybe it's not the best idea to strip away powers from the person with shadow demons attached to his soul. Maybe it's an even worse idea to implant a fear of mirrors into his mind, when his imagination is the thing that brings forth murderous, dark entities. It sounds a bit like a villain arc waiting to happen, doesn't it? But... maybe there's hope. If only his friends could be trusted not to leave him behind when rescuing the other captives.

If only there were a reason to care that he's losing grip on sanity and falling ever further under the influence of the evil things attached to him.