The Exiles
Nickname(s) Corvo, Lygos, Marta, Sasha, Talance, Uuloo, Yosaphen
Setting Tentacle Realm

What happens when four sheltered tentacle monsters try to become adventurers?

Talance: A changeling who can take any form wrought of living flesh, and the only one of them who can really pass for human when she tries. Most often seen as a floating ball of random bodyparts and tentacles, she is the level-headed member of the group and the one the others follow.

Lygos: An armor-mimic that achieved self-awareness, he can only sort of pass for a human in armor from a distance. Impulsive and brash, he is usually the first to jump into action, and always the first to interrupt an argument by yoinking a companion into his tentacled interior.

Yosaphen: A cyclopean gazer girl who wouldn't try to pass for human even if she could. She is arrogant, and often the first to complain, but when the chips are down she's also the most competent at keeping them alive.

Uuloo: A humble seducer, she lacks a face and is incapable of speech, but is still perfectly capable of expressing emotion. Far more intelligent than she acts, Uuloo is the sweetest member of the group, and the one most concerned with preventing harm.