Ephemeral's Characters
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Template: Cameron

Contractually obligated to be extremely scary at anyone who interferes with anyone else's sexual liberty, but often distracted from that obligation by her quest to let literally everyone be sexually liberated at her if they so choose.
Is always an aromantic pansexual malcontent with an extreme affinity for sex work, but can come in any gender configuration that lets her be nondysphorically sexually objectified by her native culture.
Can vacillate between ruthlessness and meticulousness. Will almost always have THE BEST healing magic.

Template: Eelesia

A panromantic polyamorous demisexual nerd with a heart big enough for worlds. Very smart and graceful in a widely applicable way but occasionally disastrously impulsive. Can range from "genki" to "creepy" and back, sometimes over the course of a single sentence, but is always sweet-natured and well-meaning.
Attractors for generalist magical talent and/or receptive mental powers.

Template: Lyn

What is best in life? To smite your enemies, see them driven before you, and, y'know, normal stuff.

Template: Scyelen

She's cute. She's quirky. Her relationship with consent is murky.
Tends to develop neuroses about social conformity in direct proportion to how sexually liberated her native culture isn't. Very submissive. All her sexual inhibitions are aftermarket and her romantic ideal features stockholm syndrome.
Usually has some kind of magical impairment, and/or the same powers as the antagonists.

Template: (TBD)

Eelesia's mom.
A fathomless core of guile wrapped in optimism.

Template: Vanessa

A paragon of chill, ethical sluttiness, and a social ninja who uses her powers for good.

Template: Various Meguca

Instances of iconic magical girls.

Template: Various Settings
Template: Various Shok'ush

Shok'ush are an erovore race native to Chaeral.

No Template