Ephemeral's Characters
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Template: Cameron

Contractually obligated to be extremely scary at anyone who interferes with anyone else's sexual liberty, but often distracted from that obligation by her quest to let literally everyone be sexually liberated at her if they so choose. Often has THE BEST healing magic.

Template: Eelesia

A proactive bleeding-heart in the best way. Prone to extreme violence when enraged. Often has receptive mental powers and/or is a magical generalist. Occasionally indulges in technobabble.

Template: Lyn
Template: Scyelen

She's cute. She's quirky. Her relationship with consent is murky. Often neurotic. Often has no idea when she's being rude or insensitive. Usually has some kind of magical impairment, and/or the same powers as the antagonists.

Template: Vanessa
Template: Various Meguca

Instances of iconic magical girls.

Template: Various Settings
Template: Various Shok'ush

Shok'ush are an erovore race native to Chaeral.

No Template