Alida Gustavsdotter
She Does Not Have The Energy For Your Bullshit
Nickname(s) Auradon Tyrant
Template Tyrant
Facecast Winona Ryder
Setting Auradon

A war has been declared on her. She was not the deliberate target of the war, which makes it rather more insulting; if she had been the target of it, then that would mean her enemies were sensibly acknowledging her as a threat. Instead they have ruined her life by attempting to target someone she has only the faintest connection with, for actions taken before she was born, which she could not possibly have affected in any way. Ruining her life, you see, was an accidental byproduct of their true intentions.

This was highly unwise of them, as she now intends to demonstrate.

- - -

But ye say, "It will mar our comfort." Ye say, "It will minish our trade."
Do ye wait for the spattered shrapnel ere ye learn how the gun is laid?
For the low, red glare to southward when the raided coast-towns burn?
(Light ye shall have on that lesson, but little time to learn.)
- Rudyard Kipling, "The Islanders."