Duke Sikandros
Quiet Amusement
Nickname(s) Revelation Tyrant, Sandor Balog, Sandy
Template Tyrant
Setting Revelation

In Revelation, Sandor "Sandy" Balog managed to tamp down on his ambitions enough to become a successful engineer. He summoned shortly before death out of curiosity to see if it was real, and showed up in Heaven when he died to pick up wings.

*Then* he snapped. He's the mayor of a small but highly-reviewed intentional community in Heaven that enjoys LARPing being an evil overlord and his minions, and has spent hours figuring out how to exploit his angel powers for MAXIMUM SUPERHEROISM if he's ever summoned to a grimdark superhero or fantasy setting.

Appears to wear black gothic armor at all times, including a face-concealing helmet with glowing red eyes; has black wings trailing tendrils of darkness. Has a sword with an intricately designed hilt and a blade a molecule's width made out of fingernail. Is secretly a good person, don't tell anyone.

- - -

"Wot ye the price of good pit-coal that I must pay?" said he,
"That ye rank yoursel' so fit for Hell and ask no leave of me?
I am all o'er-sib to Adam's breed that ye should give me scorn,
For I strove with God for your First Father the day that he was born.
Sit down, sit down upon the slag, and answer loud and high
The harm that ye did to the Sons of Men or ever you came to die."
- Rudyard Kipling, "Tomlinson."