She's The Way Of The Future
Nickname Young Minerva
Template Minerva
Facecast N/A

The Hero of the Future. They say she came from the thirtieth century to show us the way to make it there ourselves. A brilliant scientist and engineer specializing in force-fields, but she dabbles a bit in robotics and anything else that's needed.

All her tragedies are to come.

- - -

"One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, maybe even the atom... energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... in some sort of spaceship. And the men that reach out into space will be able to find ways to feed the hungry millions of the world and to cure their diseases. They will be able to find a way to give each man hope and a common future. And those are the days worth living for."
- Edith Keeler, Star Trek The Original Series, episode 28, "The City on the Edge of Forever."