The Titanium Tyrant
It Goes Very Well, Thank You
Nickname(s) Young Tyrant
Template Tyrant

The most infamous and successful supervillain in recorded history, Sandor Balog is a Hungarian-American second-generation immigrant who rose from poverty to repeatedly threaten the world with domination. Honorable, loyal to his followers, cares nothing at all about people he has not personally met, an archetypical Armored Megalomaniac. A lot of fun to write.

This character incarnation is for him as a young man.

Powers: Hyperanalysis (A-ranked)
Classification: A-ranked nightmare.
Origin: Survivor

- - -

"I’m a most superior being, I’m the hero of my mind,
Well equipped to rule and dictate to the cattle of your kind.
Though I’m blamed for all your misery, for each sorrow small and large,
I don’t want to a monster… I just want to be in charge!"
- Mercedes Lackey, "Falconsbane."