Curious Discoverer's Characters
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Group: Gray Family
Template: Adam

The third child between Stephen and Sophia. Music and mechanical prodigy and the only no nonsense among the Grayson.

Template: Arya

The first child between Stephen and Mary Jane. Adventurous wannabe hero.

Template: Ezra
Template: Franklyn
Template: Liam
Template: Meghan
Template: Stephen
Template: Temperance
Group: Oswald/Valentine Family
Template: Gabe
Template: Henry
Template: Rose - Gabe's Mom
Group: Fenris & Felix group
Template: Felix

Second-born identical twin/triplet after his brother Fenris. Ambitious, pro-social transhumanist that thinks everyone deserves love. Warm. So times too warm, in the sense of having fire powers. Proud member of the "cinnamon roll, too good, too pure" club.

Template: Fenris

First born of twins/triplets. Every problem is his persona problem and he wants to solve them all until the universe is perfect, do not tell him otherwise. Kinda of a cold exterior, sometimes cold powers and more often wind powers and wings.

Ungrouped Characters
Template: Abed

Abed from the TV series Community. Might end up being related to the triplets as a means to facilitate hugs. Neuro-atypical. One stop shop for pop culture references. And let's face, pretty adorable.

Template: Amy
Template: Camellia
Template: Cassius
Template: Dana
Template: Easter

The triplets' mom.

Template: Emilio
Template: Ernest
Template: Grandfather Jonas
Template: Grandmother Jocasta
Template: Guy
Template: Ima
Template: Isaac
Template: Jim
Template: JJ
Template: Julian
Template: Kane
Template: Kato
Template: Leo

Doctor with sensory overload issues.

Template: Lord
Template: Maira
Template: Mary Jane
Template: Max
Template: Patience
Template: Patrick
Template: Percy
Template: Sanguine
Template: Sawney

Ezra's one true love

Template: Sophia
Template: Tama
Template: Thunder
Template: Tide
Template: TripletsDad
Template: Vera
No Template