Setting: Actana
Owner Curious Discoverer

Actana is a magical fantasy world, which (in the standard timeline) experiences a major apocalyptic event. The survivors have decided to reach out across the multiverse to find a new home.

There are two main kinds of magic. Species related magic that consists of 64 specific powers that are divided among the 8 magical species. These powers are innate and something you are born with. And ritualistic magic.

Plot hooks
- Typical glowfic stuff, Milliways, portalsnake, magical accident, you know the drill, that lead to someone to be dropped somewhere and contact happening.
- Actana characters summon someone for an interview about their world. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Actana characters astral project to another world and try contact. They look ghostly, have magical powers and plenty look like angels or demons. Imagine the fun.
- Actana characters send letters with proof that magic is a thing, correspondence starts.

- Not an Earth.
- Technology level is about Bronze age to Age of Sail. Steam engines have just been invented.
- Different cultures have different views on gender and sexuality.

Magical Beings
There are eight original magical sentient species/races in this setting, plus humans. Each species is associated with an element.
- Spirits. The original magical species, they have strange personalities. They have elemental control or mental powers.
- Dragons. Winged reptiles that breathe fire, powerful, strong and with a hoarding tendency. They have powers over magic itself or the strongest powers of the other races.
- Faens.
- Giants.
- Phoenixes.
- Sea Serpents.
- Thunderbirds.
- Unicorns.