Tregiah's Characters
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Template: Anara
Template: Anthony
Template: Dante

Sometimes makes some very good guesses, sometimes acts very overconfident when it comes to predicting things that will come. Dante likes to know things, smirks a lot, and otherwise tries to act sensibly while also getting things done.

Template: Ev
Template: Goalie

Part of the Theospectrum.

Imagine Theo got turned into a Sunnyverse vampire, and then imagine that he decided his previous self was utterly ridiculous and tried to ignore all association with him.

Except he also has a bit of a thing for destroying things Theo may have considered precious. And for biting, and for being bitten.

Alternatively he likes to prey on the weaknesses of the other Theospectrums. He finds Thea has a lot of points he can exploit to cause the desired emotions (of outrage and such).

Facecasts: Brant Daugherty, Gal Gadot

Template: Jade

Fairy chosen one. Details TBD.

Template: Jess

Maya's sister.

A bit of a gossip, relatively friendly, does actually try to do work while also keeping a social life.

Template: Kate
Template: Kian

Original instance is a tree-person.

Template: Lisa
Template: Matt
Template: Maya

Sometimes has a sibling, Jess.

Template: Messina

Relay's mother (in instances where Relay actually has parents, unlike Relay himself).

Template: Owen
Template: Rachel
Template: Samantha
Template: Shine

Ev's father (in at least one instance).

Template: Thea

Part of the Theospectrum.

Generally female though could be e.g. nonbinary or otherwise similarly motivated to tell social norms to screw themselves, Thea likes to fold her arms and raise an eyebrow when she notices someone is being ridiculous.

She finds herself needing to put up a front and function in a way she considers above average – though it ends up being more like 'above the 90th percentile'. This is made worse by her frequently noticing unsolved problems which she is not expending effort to try to fix, and then feeling guilty over that. She does try to fix things, but frequently finds her efforts are not in her mind 'good enough'.

Facecast: Gal Gadot.

Template: Theo

Part of the Theospectrum.

Theo is a bit of a kid. He tends to be oblivious to magic, often natively magical of some kind but doesn't know it until it's pointed out around the age of 17, and tries to work to solve problems but doesn't actually know how he could do them best and feels as though he should probably leave things to 'the experts' rather than treading on their toes.

Facecast: Brant Daugherty

Template: Tyler

Part of the Theospectrum.

Tyler often finds himself in unfair situations. Tyler often finds that he has a burning desire to save the world and fix every problem, but holds some contempt for those who generate problems and do not seem to try to fix them.

He, like Theo, relatively frequently finds that he is natively magical, though he is far more likely to discover it earlier on in life than Theo does. He has a bit of a self-destructive/self-sacrificing streak, and will take risks if he expects the benefits to be great enough.

He cares more about people as a whole, the human race, than about individuals, and is usually quite willing to sacrifice them to bring about what he considers an improvement.

Taylor, the female variant, likes to give the impression of being hypercompetent and extremely prepared to take you down however necessary to achieve her goals.

Facecasts: Brant Daugherty, Ludi Lin, Gal Gadot

Template: Victoria

Theo's mother.

Template: William

Theo's father.

No Template