Evenstar's Characters
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First you set yourself to rights. Then your home, then your corner of the sky. And then... maybe then, the world will start to run itself a bit.

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The Mom Friend.

Template: Cocoa
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If you get born into the wrong body, you build yourself a new one, am I right? (I'm totally fucking right.)

Template: Ember
Template: Emptiness

There is a goddess / who lives between stars. / Her name is her mantle: / her mantle is love.
When all else is lost, / she endures, / she endures, / she endures.

Template: Eva

These are the ones who find boredom more aversive than pain. Most of their personality can be determined from what they find most interesting. Hope very hard that it's something nice.

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Template: Gravetender

Someone has to pick up the pieces.
Someone has to tend to the living.
Someone has to be strong enough.
Someone has to remember their duty.

Template: Hazel

best snail

Template: Hyacinth
Template: Isabella

Disciplined. Precise. Stubborn to a fault. Strong moral intuitions. Usually inconveniently embodied as a twelve-year-old girl. Tends to insist on having something or someone to hug.

Template: Ishaza
Template: Jinx

I didn't mean to blow up that building, I swear! What's this I'm holding? Bomb parts. No, officer, I'm removing the bombs, this is literally the opposite of a crime -

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Listen, I don't have time for this petty shit. Next time I'll just bring bolt cutters.

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Delicious. Often cheesy. Comes in many flavors.

Template: Realist

Affable. Considerate. Thoughtful. Zealot.

Template: Rosalie
Template: Rose

Horrible little gremlin.

Template: Scythe

Hot as hell. Rose's committed GF.

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Template: Sire
Template: Sophia

Dedicated. Loyal. Spartan. Appear to have divested themselves of any concept of "fun." Often overshadowed by stronger personalities. Unsually likely to be Lioncourts' Thing To Hug. Would like you to know that they actually do have opinions.

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