Lotus's Characters
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Template: Adrien


Template: Carolingians
Template: Dross
Template: Elements

Sapphire, Silver, & Steel

Template: Emu

The brains of the Apocalypse Quartet. Loud, brilliant, loves explosions, dislikes the patriarchy, really fucking gay.

Template: Faith

The moving force of the Apocalypse Quartet. Tiny, temperamental, impulsive, literally the antichrist. Does not appreciate being bossed around. Means well, usually. Motto: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Template: Jay

The common sense of the Apocalypse Quartet. Calm, grounded, insightful, occasionally mystical. Unfortunately, usually dead.

Template: Jean

Perfect actor by day, walking disaster zone by night, rebel without a (sensible) cause on weekends. Aesthete par excellence. Excessively French. Rolled a critical failure on both morals and common sense at character creation. At least he tries? Just don't let him make any plans.

Template: Kamil
Template: Knife
Template: Mal
Template: NPC

Miscellaneous NPCs.

Template: Reuben

The heart of the Apocalypse Quartet. Warm-hearted, affectionate, devoutly religious homebody. Does not cope well with change. Or with magic. Solves all problems with hugs and hot chocolate.

Template: Salomon Family

Zari's biological family

Template: Sims
Template: The Good Place
Template: Timothy
Template: World

For writing as settings. (Most settings here depicted are not mine.)

Template: Zari

Jean's adopted sister. Will punch you if you include "adopted" in the aforementioned. Immensely nerdy, Jewish, good at communication, solves problems, not letting Jean get away with anything. Likes math, programming, cryptography, weaving, languages. Has the dubious honor of being the most sensible lotus.