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Template: Alistair
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Template: Kris

hates computers, mostly self raised, lives in the woods, angry

Template: Luke

4 options- 1. he grows up in a society like Mando society where he has a way to pursue that "fight alongside other people to make the world a better place" drive, 2. he realizes that the country he's in and it's military are not making the world a better place when he comes into contact with a rebellion and can immediately join a rebellion, going straight from Naively pro-Military to Rebel Fighter, 3. He realizes that when he doesn't know how to join up with a freedom fighter group and ends up very undirected and rebellious, a very unsustainable state where he's going nowhere fast until he gets a Rebel Fighter group, 4. he actually gets as far as joining the military, actually gets orders to do something he can't approve of, and very suddenly and violently defects

Template: Mateo
Template: Revan
Template: Seren

Basically an ex-paladin. Starts out with very black and white, simple, follow the rules morality, has an incident, develops a much more complex view on things. Very much wants to be a good person and make the world a better place, at any stage

Template: Settings

Sticking all my setting character accounts here

Template: Song
Template: Sparrow (SI)

Outright author insert characters

Template: Xue Yang
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