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Template: Betlings

The assorted Earthlings of Bet

Template: Hailey

Athletic heroine type, smart but often hides it (when aware of it at all). Usually comes with a toxic adoptive family, a meddlesome mentor, and a fated antagonist.

Template: MC

Prosocial, murderous, grinning defiance. Sometimes has familial links to her opposition. Usually has power that necessitates or encourages working with a partner.

Template: Quorra

A sometimes naive but always defiantly hopeful individual, a Quorra typically happens when a mutable medium gains self-awareness. She always has power over the material she's made of: a writer or runecrafter made of ink, a coder made of data, an artificer made of metal, and so on. She frequently uses this to shapeshift, gain abilities, create artifacts, and cheat the magic of her setting.

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