Alicorn's Continuities
Name Authors Last Updated
Amounts of Dragon Alicorn, Kappa
Bluebell Flames Alicorn, red
Coruscation Alicorn, red
Eclipse Alicorn, red
Effulgence Alicorn, Kappa
Envoyage Alicorn
Fairylights Alicorn, red
heavenly wish's blessing Alicorn
Incandescence Aestrix, Alicorn
interplanetary teleport Alicorn, andaisq
Leafy Glowfic Anyone
Lucent Beacon Alicorn, MaggieoftheOwls
Nightlight Alicorn, Fay
no cap, no gown Alicorn, lintamande, NormalAnomaly, Swimmer963
Resplendence Aestrix, Alicorn, Kappa
Room of Requirement Alicorn, lintamande
Silmaril Alicorn, lintamande
Smol Continuities Anyone
Volare Alicorn, Swimmer963
Witchlight Alicorn, Marri
Your harp and your halo Alicorn, Rockeye
Cameo Continuities
all the wise-gifted children sphinx, Swimmer963, westwind, WolffyLuna, zamboni-whisperer
Aurora Aestrix, red
Combustion RationalMoron
Corundum red
Fruit and Flower lintamande, MaggieoftheOwls
high-trust society Anyone
it's so easy when you're evil andaisq
Lighthouse Curious Discoverer, red
omnipotent moral busybodies ilzolende, WarmestLight
only that which they defend lintamande, Swimmer963
planecrash Iarwain, lintamande
Radon Absinthe andaisq, Kappa
Scholomance Christmas AU Calima
somehow, aglitter MaggieoftheOwls, root
The Bluse Genarment
the destruction of my enemies lintamande, Swimmer963
Timeworn Ink Kappa, Lotus