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Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
- more_than_this Alex Pettyfer
Amber Vives whatever-i-do Eliza Taylor Vicissitude
Emer when-you-will Eliza Taylor Myrka
Iter swift-as-a-shadow Alex Pettyfer Star Wars
Orionis Avery in-your-light Alex Pettyfer Hogwarts
Raide Dives Alex Pettyfer pathfinder
Raike again-infinitely Alex Pettyfer Niraya
Rain anyone-besides-myself Alex Pettyfer Élémentaire
Rain beneath-the-sky Alex Pettyfer Subnautica
Rain Vives River andare Alex Pettyfer Eos
Rain Vives can_seldom_see Alex Pettyfer, Eliza Taylor X-Men
Rain Vives Rain the-envious-moon Alex Pettyfer Mystic
Rapid Star Wars
Ravi bright-star Eclipse Phase
Rethiss 726 Animorphs
RI-264C of-the-moon Eliza Taylor They Will Not Return
Tarei dreams-built-from Alex Pettyfer Imagine
Taren Raith of-the-night Alex Pettyfer
Teryn heaven_dissolving Alex Pettyfer, Eliza Taylor Astrea
The Disreputable Dog walk-with-me Old Kingdom, Charter
Urdnot Wreath to-the-universe Mass Effect
Verity relentless-beat Eliza Taylor Cultist Simulator
Windrunner World of Darkness