Setting: Downfall RPG
Owner forsythia

Glimpses from an old IJ game, played and retired in 2010.

Detroit, Michigan - August 22nd, 2015

The morning began like any other that day, the sun rising behind vague and sparsely littered clouds while the moon faded into a state of perceived non-existence. The people stirred in their beds and began the bustle of unrelentless and unforgiving city lives. Children were dressed, infants fed, dogs walked and papers delivered. But as the morning transformed the city into a living and breathing creature, the lives of its inhabitants would be forever changed. It started with shrieks, cries for help that echoed through the streets and darkened what was already an impossibly dismal day for the DPD. A city already destroyed by crime and riddled with misery, it didn't take long for panic to set in.

Viral and extremely contagious, the population on a whole quickly succumbed to the effects of whatever disease had been set into motion. People began suffering from shortness of breath, seizures and internal hemorrhaging before finally collapsing to the ground. The dead began to fill the streets and - before any answers could be given - a full-scale evacuation was set into motion.

The news stations were filled with warnings to stay indoors, lock your windows and keep away from anyone that appeared to be ill. By then, it was already too late.

Some made it out of the city, but most were trapped in the streets, in their cars. It didn't matter either way. Everyone suffered the same, and everyone died. Those that didn't perish immediately began to change. Some effects were instantaneous, and yet others were made internally. Those that suffered the seizures and slow deaths were torn to pieces by those that had survived the first wave of the apparent viral infection, disfigured, unrecognizable and feral. They had become monsters.

The rest of us did what we had to in order to survive. Hiding, running, fighting to get out of our apartments and vehicles; we are the last of the human race. In every city and country in the world, the same thing has happened. Our kind balances on the edge of extinction, hunted by those that were once our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, lovers. If you see a face you recognize in the street, run. Chances are they'll be following anyway.