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one last candle to keep out the night
when clones attack
Fulmination 270 6 10:39 AM
Complete fearfully and wonderfully made
ellie in cognoscente
Fulmination 1715 97 10:34 AM
Has Warnings Fight With Yourself And Your Thoughts In The Night
Baby Adrian and Anders meet in the psych ward
Hecate 68 1 5:57 AM
Has Warnings all I can do is cry on my own
magical girl Sasuke's adventures in PMMM
Hope Itself 276 1 5:39 PM
for when your world seems to crumble again
a (very decidedly ex) stormtrooper falls on Xena
Manual of Chaos 56 1 5:39 PM
Has Warnings I can't stop 'til the whole world knows my name
Young Avengers Assemble
Manual of Chaos 79 1 5:40 PM
Has Warnings and therefore never send to know
Rian and Orochimaru coalition build
Manual of Chaos 70 1 5:45 PM
Complete Has Warnings my shadow's over you
A new Loki is born
Manual of Chaos 421 1 5:40 PM
Complete sparks fly (whenever you smile)
Hashirama and Sasuke in space
Manual of Chaos 109 1 5:45 PM
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you
The Dioscuri growing up
Mercurous 219 2 7:34 PM
Abandoned Has Warnings one night it happened; the morning never came
the force awakens
Morning Star 331 6 2:13 AM
may we never find space so vast
To all mankind -- may we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.
Neon Altar 97 3 9:31 AM
there is no such thing as the unknown
Confusing the hell out of Bruce Banner is too much fun
Neon Altar 500 4 9:33 AM
Hold on, what's this
Bruce meets Zoombinis
Neon Altar 142 3 9:29 AM
here in the angle of house and barn
Deskyl and DZ in Valdemar
Sandboxes 1375 8 12:25 PM
alchemical tinkering
Belmarniss in Fullmetal Alchemist
Sandboxes 433 2 5:37 PM
Has Warnings fox games
it's a beautiful day in the land of horrible gooses
Sandboxes 112 4 5:37 PM
fireball whiskey
the 1920s sure were roaring (or, dungeons and dragons and prohibition)
Sandboxes 305 2 5:44 PM
the stars are free
Foresight and Cherish in the Honor Harrington universe
Sandboxes 312 1 5:22 PM
every step and the road gets longer
a portal opens between Murune and the Naruto-verse
Sandboxes 151 1 5:20 PM
in this handmade heaven
A Margaret in a transdimensional transhumanist beauty salon
Sandboxes 393 1 5:22 PM
Has Warnings can't have peace without a war
Margaret in Medallion
Sandboxes 3330 2 9:38 AM
hard to look right at you
Demon Cam in the Potterverse
Sandboxes 802 2 9:36 AM
after summer is winter, after winter summer
whately twins land on valdemar
Sandboxes 1578 20 1:27 PM
will one day reach the heart
Verity portalsnaked to MidChilda
Sandboxes 425 3 6:30 PM
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