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Persona 5 but more Gender
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Oh shit, they might have gone too far. Did Ann's slap break something? She told him he was scum, did that stick?


And then Shiho interrupts everyone, the outrage in her voice carrying to all present.

"How dare you take the easy way out. All of us you've hurt have to live with the scars of this, so you don't get to be done yet. There are specific harms that will take work to heal. You have amends to make."


Ryuji arches an eyebrow at Shiho, surprised and impressed.


Heh. That's Shiho for you. Strong as ever.

Akira smiles into her hand.


"Shiho's right," Ann calls out. "You're not done yet. After everything you've done to everyone, threatening both of us, almost raping Shiho — every day I've seen her with bruises you left her with —"

She stomps her foot. "You don't get to run away from that!"






He lifts himself off the ground, back up onto his knees.

"You're right... You're absolutely right. I should be punished under the law and atone for my crimes. And I have done horrible things to a few students in particular.

"Wednesday night I intended to rape Suzui-san, and was only prevented because she was taken from the school before she responded to my summons.

"Over the past weeks and months, I've attempted to coerce Takamaki-san into having relations, threatening Suzui-san's position on the volleyball team to extort her. I encouraged the rumors that we were dating, in hopes that the social pressure would force her to give in and do so.

"I threatened Suzui-san into keeping quiet about my abuses by threatening to hurt Takamaki-san.

"And I personally orchestrated the destruction of the track team, by spreading rumors about one of its star members, Sakamoto-san, and goading him into striking me so I could break his leg under a claim of self-defense, and disband the team with accusations of his being representative of the whole."


"Threatening them both?"

      "—her position on the team?"

  "So the rumors weren't true..."


    "Sakamoto wasn't a traitor?"



Ann smiles and sits back down, her arms crossed.


The direct callouts aren't ideal but she can live with it. 

What about that other boy, though? Mishima?


Ryuji looks kind of shocked.


Shiho nods firmly and leans against Ann.


"As of today, I will resign from my position as an instructor and turn myself in. Someone please call the police!"


"The police!?"

    "Is he for real?"

  "He's gonna get arrested?"




The same teacher who spoke up earlier bustles into the crowd. "This morning's assembly is over! Return to your classes immediately!"

The students don't obey particularly promptly, instead gossiping heatedly.

"Isn't this just like what that calling card said?

    "Does this mean the Phantom Thieves thing was for real!?"

  "Was something done to Kamoshida!?"

      "C'mon, there's no way you could steal someone's heart!"

            "But why else would he start saying things like he'll kill himself or turn himself in?"

        "Maybe because it almost got leaked? Don't they go easier on you if you turn yourself in?"

          "I wonder what happened?"

      "Who knows? But man, Kamoshida turned out to be one sick bastard.

  "He's turning himself in just like that!?"

"But what's going to happen to the volleyball team?"

The teacher tries again. "Return to your classrooms at once!"

And the students finally start milling away.


... That's a job well done, even if Shiho and Ann couldn't resist drawing attention to themselves.

Akira heads back toward class. Got to keep her head down. 


A bruised-up boy comes over and stops by Shiho. 

"I'm sorry," he says. "I — told you to go — I didn't know —"

He looks down at the gym floor. "I knew it wasn't anything good, though. I should've... had more courage."


Shiho closes her eyes for a moment, takes a couple slow breaths, and squeezes Ann's hand. 

When she opens them, she shakes her head. "You had it just as bad, Mishima-kun. Maybe not the... sex stuff, but the spikes you took to the face were worse. It's his fault, not yours."


"I guess so..."

He sighs.


Ann squeezes Shiho's hand back.

They got through it. Together.


A brown-haired girl and a black-haired girl walk up to Ann, next.

"Takamaki-san, I had you all wrong. I'm sorry that I spread rumors about you!"

    "I didn't know at all... Kamoshida was forcefully pushing himself on you, and threatening your best friend... It must've been so hard for you two!"

"I'm sure there's a ton of people who want to apologize to you, Takamaki-san. We're so sorry!"


Ann gives them a gracious nod. "You couldn't have known. Be a little less quick to judge next time."


They nod.

Then the teacher who's been trying to clear the gym comes up to them. "Hey, you there! Return to class at once!"

The two girls nod and step back.

"W-Well, see you later then!"

And they're gone.


It's back to class for her, then. She'll hold Shiho's hand as far as she can. 

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