Metadata: Seven Shards of Flandre Scarlet
Wherein Everyone is Flandre.
Status Abandoned
Audience Public
Setting Gensokyo
Content Warnings self-hatred, psychological horror, social isolation, child vampires and logical consequences thereof, traumatized characters, aftermath of torture, horror, children around horrible things, violence commited by children, how many different ways can I say "awful things happen", child abuse, probably violence, it's not actually stockholm syndrome but gosh it kind of looks like it, aftermath of abuse, destructive coping methods, self-destructive coping methods, dissociation, Flandre Scarlet Exists, Are we the baddies?, Living inside a seriously dysfunctional brain, trauma
Word Count 5,283
  • Evenstar: 2,635
  • Aestrix: 797
  • RoboticLIN: 735
  • Diaeresis: 487
  • red: 438
  • Timerune: 191
Time Begun
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