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A different Wei Wuxian lands in Lotus Pier
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He got his feet back under him - keeping your feet when being dragged is an important skillset when you're him. He can't say he has any idea what he's doing but 'if a dom is physically restraining you they want you not to move' is within even his 'what do doms even want' interpersonal abilities. This would be a really dumb time to have feelings about how much trouble it is to punish him all the time, therefore he isn't.

His heart starts jumping again, which is objectively really stupid when Jiang Cheng is saying he isn't going to punish him. Autonomic nervous system: super useless as always!

(Jiang Cheng is going to have to keep readjusting his grip. He's not trying to be uncompliant but it's going to take him and then his reflexes a while to catch on to the new and unusual expectation about what his eyes are supposed to be doing.)

He is, in fact, definitely leaning on all his time hanging around Cloud Recesses. (...Lan Zhan will be so upset when he finds out what Wei Wuxian was doing here. But Wei Wuxian knows what his personal advantage is when it comes to doms, and every other way of causing doms to decide to spend time around him is not it.)


He - no -

Jiang Cheng being mad him, he could get a certificate of highest experience in Jiang Cheng being mad at him. And fed up with him, and irritated with him, and most other relevant words and sometimes the worse ones. Usually comes with more orders and less really literal shouting, and being told his flute is evil and he needs to carry a sword does. not usually happen. But Jiang Cheng is less than happy with him more often than he isn't, and mostly it only goes up from there.

This - Jiang Cheng doesn't do this! Absolutely definitely Jiang Cheng doesn't do this in front of him.

(Objectively he knows this is a thing - doms get insecure just like subs get insecure. But he knows it the way he knows the Imperial Jewels are a thing. He knows they exist, he's not going to be surprised that someone has them, and that doesn't mean he's expecting Jiang Cheng to take them out in front of him and give show them to him!)


"Course I'm yours sir." (Unknowingly to Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng in front of him will probably recognize this voice. This look in his face and eyes). "Whose else's would I be?" (Lan Zhan's, he's also Lan Zhan's. But that's different.) "- Who else would put up with me?"


That wasn't a denial, and therefore worlds better than a declaration to leave back for the Burial Mounds, but did Wei Wuxian have to sound so resigned about it? 

Guilt claws at him as he lets go.  Jiang Cheng hates how Wei Wuxian has been avoiding touch since coming back.  He wants a hug.  Wants any reassurance from his older brother.  Wants a conversation that doesn't devolve into an argument because all of the things they spend their separate days doing is actively repugnant to the other - Jiang Cheng hating demonic cultivation, Wei Wuxian furious with the other sects' actions in a way that Jiang Cheng isn't allowed to be. 

It was so much easier when they had classes together to complain about and free time they could spend hanging out in town.  Jiang Cheng had even suggested that they fly out to a town known for it's spicy food, once, not long before Wei Wuxian left.  Jiang Cheng had two days free for the trip (if he skipped sleep to organize his ledgers at night).  Wei Wuxian had refused and had spent the time drinking alone at the docks.  There had been no reason for him to turn Jiang Cheng down except that he no longer wanted to spend time with him.

He doesn't feel like finishing the tea but it would be a waste to ignore it.  Time to be embarrassed about his outburst and pretend it didn't happen.  Jiang Cheng sits back down and picks up his cup, gesturing for Wei Wuxian to join him.  Now it's Jiang Cheng who doesn't try to meet Wei Wuxian's eyes.  He looks at one of the familiar old carvings in silence. 


He's not sure if he's supposed to fix his robes and be House-Jiang-submissive presentable, or if he's supposed to not fix his robes because that was sort of punishment adjacent and he wasn't given permission. 'Not' is easier to correct if he's wrong; he goes for that one. Sits down obediently. (…Attempts to remember to keep not touching his flute.)

(It's not going to occur to him to read anything into Jiang Cheng not looking at him, but he can tell Jiang Cheng still doesn't look happy. And hasn't gone back to 'fed up with him'. Might be thinking about not having shown ‘appropriate dom behavior’, or maybe that one will take longer tonight.)

...What even helps doms feeling insecure? What helps doms-who-are-your-sibling feeling insecure; why are all the examples he’s thinking of romances, that’s not useful to him at all. What helps specifically his brother feeling insecure. In his experience beating him makes Jiang Cheng feel better, but apparently he doesn’t want to right now, and Wei Wuxian is pretty sure misbehaving is not supposed to be how you get doms to feel secure about you.

He could get out his ID card but probably Jiang Cheng is not feeling insecure about the government knowing Wei Wuxian belongs to him.

In lieu of currently better ideas, he watches Jiang Cheng drink his tea so he can get the timing right on the refill, like a real attentive attendant submissive. Which Jiang Cheng may or may not notice at all, and is more likely to notice if he didn’t manage it, and he knows he wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but. He’s learned anything from all his lessons, he can keep himself paying attention for one teapot.

(He’s learned anything from all his lessons, and he knows perfectly well that he’s an absolutely terrible candidate for attendant submissive. His notes aren’t fit for anyone except him, he misses cues even when he’s trying not to miss them, he’s more likely to forget things than to be able to remind a dom about them, and the only way he can kneel still for any length of time is if he’s had a whipping in about the previous two hours. And if he has to be quiet while important doms talk for long enough eventually he will do not that and a whipping in the last two hours will seem really fun by comparison.

Obviously Jiang Cheng uses the household subject submissives and this is a much better idea for everyone. That’s not what ‘be at my side’ means, that wouldn’t even make sense. Neither of them will have fun if Jiang Cheng decides to order him to do it. Why is he thinking about this!)


Wei Wuxian is also thinking about hugs. Those being a pretty obvious idea for what he’s looking for. He mostly only tries hugging his brother after he’s been really severely punished, but that does kind of imply he has standing permission? It’s pretty hard to hug someone over a table, but he’s a bit worried that if he waits something else will happen in between. 

He succeeds in getting the tea refill right. (This means he hasn’t really been able to drink more of his own tea, but that’s fine. He already had some anyway.) He puts down the teapot and attempts to edge around the table and recreate asking-for-a-hug nonverbals while sitting down. (He hasn’t actually been really severely punished, so there are some missing elements, but it should be pretty clear what he’s doing.)


Jiang Cheng has noticed how little tea Wei Wuxian drank.  Even though they're only drinking tea because Wei Wuxian was standing around and clearly wanting something before sitting down.  Why is he like this.

Jiang Cheng also notices the nonverbal cues.  Wei Wuxian always just puts his arms around Jiang Cheng's shoulders.  It's strange that he isn't doing it now, and it makes Jiang Cheng hesitant to breech whatever invisible wall that Wei Wuxian thinks is between them.  He leans towards him like a plant in a window, but isn't sure himself that his general prickliness isn't going to lead him to shrug away Wei Wuxian after a few seconds if he actually tries.

At least Wei Wuxian has bathed thoroughly between leaving the Burial Mounds and coming here.  Jiang Cheng can't detect the place's smell on him at all, only an unfamiliar scent from wherever he was last.


He didn't drink that little tea, he's a fast tea drinker! And he would have drunk more tea if he hadn't been dragged up from his seat in the middle! (Yes yes, he brought it on himself, but he was totally trying to think of the good of House Jiang! Jiang Cheng could give him a bit of an exception on the insolence. Wei Wuxian's not the one with the discretion about what to drag him up about.) (Why is he like this: always a great question.)

Hug! It occurs to him immediately afterwards that prooobably given the not-actually-severely-punished he should have waited for Jiang Cheng to get all the way to hugging him first, or else actually asked permission. Ah, too late now. Maybe the leaning and the sort-of-standing-permission is going to be enough permission, and hey, maybe leaning-only is what insecure doms do and it'll make Jiang Cheng feel better to have Wei Wuxian do the next part. Or maybe this is how they can get to beating him making Jiang Cheng feel better.

(Jiang Cheng might notice the hug is a bit different from what he'd have been used to. But it's definitely a hug, no invisible walls here.)


Hug!  A half hug, with one arm, since he's still feeling embarrassed and that makes Jiang Cheng worse at hugging.  He missed this.  He wasn't sure if he'd ever get to hug Wei Wuxian again.

Jiang Cheng's need for physical affection is matched only by his self-consciousness.  He gets a few seconds of calm and connection before it catches up to him and he disengages.  He's going to pretend that that didn't happen either, or if it did happen that he was only humoring his brother since Wei Wuxian has been acting so off.  Sect Leader Jiang is an adult and a war veteran and he does not have emotions other than anger. 


It's time to get things done. Someone might have seen them and it is important to do a quick patrol to check for any mobs forming or people running around screaming.  Food will need to be arranged. 

"Come with me," he orders, standing up and grabbing his sword.  "All of your things are still in your room." 

Should he instead move Wei Wuxian to some other room where it will be less obvious, like the Lady's quarters or the nursery?  But no, all of the unused rooms are aired out on the same schedule.  He'll need to check that, too, and re-arrange the schedule if necessary. 



...Is Jiang Cheng feeling self-conscious about wanting a hug? That is so what's happening. Fortunately for his brother, Wei Wuxian has never felt self-conscious in his life, and can act accordingly! Jiang Cheng can get as much of a hug as he'll stand to allow. 

He does disengage almost as soon as he's disengaged from - needing to end a hug by telling off the person hugging you does not seem like it would be good for the hug experience. Looks a bit contrite, just in case.

?? his what things are still in his what room? 
(Also, where are they going?) Well, he can guess he'll find out both those things soon!

He - oh, hey, tea, he didn't finish his tea. He drinks the rest of the tea in his cup in one swallow, then stands up. "Yes, sir." He'll follow along to wherever Jiang Cheng takes him this time.


He does feel better after the hug he continues to have no emotions.

The Sect Leader's family's quarters are built around an open central courtyard, as houses often are.  Jiang Cheng's rooms take up the northern side.  Wei Wuxian's room is halfway down one of the adjacent sides.  Cutting through in a diagonal they reach his door in mere moments.  Jiang Cheng walks quickly; probably no one will see them but the faster they go the less likely it will be.  It's fully dark now so Jiang Cheng brings along a candle.  There should be a few left in Wei Wuxian's room but he hasn't checked recently and he doesn't want to make extra trips.

Jiang Cheng opens the door and ushers Wei Wuxian inside.

It is a bedroom with a single bed and a variety of other furniture. The design of the walls and wooden furniture matches with the rest of Lotus Pier (plus a few additions carved in by Wei Wuxian).  Other components like the bedding are entirely Wei Wuxian's style.  There's a flute stand and a sword stand, both empty.  Some spare red ribbons hang on the little mirror over the clothing trunk.

A large desk sits beneath the shuttered window.  Servants have organized it far better than Wei Wuxian himself ever did, meaning the dark wood of the desktop is actually visible for once.  Inkstone and brushes and other supplies are lined up in a neat row.  Stacks of Wei Wuxian's scrawled notes and ideas and rough drawings are next to them, left unsorted.  Jiang Cheng steps into the room for just long enough to set the candle down, then steps back towards the door.

"I'll be back in a few minutes.  Do not leave this room, Wei Wuxian."  He does his best Very Serious Sect Leader Voice for it.


Hey, Jiang Cheng didn't even give him a look about the tea! Maybe hugs are good for him.

(Candle!) He follows at the desired speed.

This room probably has lots of cool details, that he currently doesn't notice at all, because short term problem, Jiang Cheng is trying to leave him here.

(He's less worried than he was when Jiang Cheng first yelled at him about how he needs to carry a sword because his flute is evil. (...Should he have offered to leave the flute behind or something like that? No, how about no reminding Jiang Cheng of that topic unless Jiang Cheng brings it up again.) Jiang Cheng hasn't done more things like that, and maybe whatever's going on causes that and then causes hug-wanting and doesn't run in the opposite order. But he's still worried, and a few minutes is less time for anything to happen than more minutes, but it's still enough time for Jiang Cheng to run into some poor servant and accuse them of conspiring with the evil magic orchestra.)


"Could I come with you sir?" Is that likely to work: no. But it's worth a try!


"No!" he hisses, careful to keep the volume down while outside.  "I have to check if your arrival was seen by anyone.  You going out again will only give them more chances to see you, you idiot.  Step one foot outside of this room before I get back and I'll break your legs!"

All Jiang Cheng needs to do is go to the kitchen and back.  The dining area is the only place with a crowd at this time of day and everyone will know it; someone who saw Wei Wuxian would probably have gone there to spread word.  If they're safe, Jiang Cheng can bring back food.  If they aren't...

Jiang Cheng is too worked up to take the long, slow path.  Wei Wuxian is absolutely going to get distracted and wander off.  The roof will provide a higher vantage point and a shortcut.  He effortlessly jumps straight up twelve feet and disappears from sight of the door.



Nope, fuck, he should not have been less worried. 

He attempts to run directly after Jiang Cheng (in a very technical sense that does mean he didn't step one foot outside the room.) "Sir! Wait for me! Jiang Cheng!" 


Adrenaline does stuff to senses for power. Wei Wuxian read a study about this recently actually! Not all the stuff is good, but some of it is. 

For instance, Wei Wuxian is currently well positioned to notice that a) (no power senses required) his brother just jumped twelve feet onto a roof (scale: also a big deal for senses), which is not a thing, and b) no power artifacts were involved at all, and in fact no power crafts were involved either, and in fact that was more like a foundation except that it wasn't.


This is what he gets for getting distracted from being randomly non-volitionally teleported. He is going to be telling Lan Zhan this story, and he's going to say 'Lan Zhan, I got randomly teleported in a way that felt really weird, and then it was a different time of year and my brother looked different somehow and was carrying a sword around and talked differently and lived in a historical reenactment village and thought I could do magic with an evil flute and didn't punish me for insolence and said I also lived in the historical reenactment village and really wanted me to stay in the room but didn't even close the door, and then he jumped onto a roof and I realized something might be going on'. And Lan Zhan will look at him the way Lan Zhan looks at him and then kiss him because Lan Zhan likes him too much to tell him he's an idiot.

(Wei Wuxian is currently not running after - possibly not his brother - or shouting anymore, though he continues to be not inside the room.)


Jiang Cheng glanced back two rooftops away to make sure Wei Wuxian wasn't immediately coming up to chase him, but otherwise did not stop or shout back when Wei Wuxian did and is now far out of sight, swearing quietly to himself as he hops from roof to roof.  He lands and makes the rest of the way on foot shortly before turning onto one of the more populated thoroughfares.  He walks swiftly but doesn't run.  He is in public and therefore adopting the perfect posture and stride of a gentleman with a purpose.  Running would only draw attention. 

No one else is in the courtyard with Wei Wuxian.  It's just him and the cold winter night air. 


He's already outside the room, no point in going back into it. (This is a great time think about whether the 'break your legs' was a real threat. But he's already outside the room either way.) 

He might learn anything poking around the courtyard, but anyone walking out will be able to see him, and he only has the one place to duck into. And he can't see that much. But he and Jiang Cheng had walked all the way here and he hadn't noticed anyone else up on the roof, and if anyone looks toward the roof from right below it's harder to see who happens to be on it if he does it right.

He can't jump twelve feet, but he can totally climb a building. He clambers up, then keeps himself low to the roof, keeps it easy to hide his face if he needs to. (...No one here's going to know the music camp uniform means him, are they.) Looks around.


The buildings are mostly single story and there are no tall trees between them so he'll be able to see a good distance away in every direction except north (the dark building behind Jiang Cheng's room is one of the few taller ones).  It's a decent-sized village with hundreds of people, built in a sprawling fashion with plenty of gardens and ponds.  There's a road in the direction Jiang Cheng headed that is more well-lit than the rest, but it's all much darker than someone used to electric streetlights would expect.  The opposite direction is especially dark; it's hard to tell but it might be a lake.  The lack of streetlights, cars, or any other electrical light continues into the distant hills. 

Above, the sparse clouds are mostly only visible as places where the stars are not.  There are no airplanes or satellites.  The moon isn't currently visible.

If he wants to continue scrambling around on the rooftops, the buildings around the courtyard have connecting covered walkways but there is a good-sized gap between them and the next building out.


He wants to move around the rooftops (carefully! He is being careful!) enough to look down into anywhere - ?other Jiang Cheng? - didn't already lead him through. Anything different there?


The building isn't as large as a mundane family's historical manor would be; Cultivators have much smaller families, servants seem to be housed separately, and other places in Lotus Pier are more suitable for hosting gatherings or housing guests.  The only lit rooms around the courtyard are Jiang Cheng's sitting room and the bedroom that Jiang Cheng tried to get Wei Wuxian to stay in.  One of the rooms on the southern side might be a kitchen?  It's hard to tell what is inside of rooms with translucent material instead of clear glass for their windows. 

With a bit of moving around, Wei Wuxian will be able to spot an outdoor clearing for sword practice hidden within the layer of ponds and short trees separating the building he's on from the next one over. 

If he makes his way to the opposite roof he can see that there is indeed a lake there.  And a gazebo built out onto the water at the end of a series of narrow walkways.  Other docks and walkways litter the other edges of the lake.  A handful are occupied with tiny distant figures and their lanterns.

(Wei Wuxian is very lucky he landed here in the year that he did.  Cultivators, with their abilities to leap arbitrarily high and their excellent night vision, are prone to taking roof shortcuts and running around in the dark.  But this batch of disciples did not grow up in a cultivation sect and even the ones who have formed their golden cores already have not yet developed the habit of using their abilities as a standard way of interacting with the world.  Reinforced patches of roof tiles are still built into certain roofs like stepping stones where the most common paths once went.)


(If there'd been more people jumping around the roofs he wouldn't have climbed the roof!)

He makes his way around.

He's figured out the no electricity and other signs about the technology (chances that he's been teleported somewhere-else and also to a historical reenactment village: he doesn't think so.) He's not going to recognize a clearing for sword practice in specific, but helpfully the clearing comes with swords. 

Other things he can figure out: there's some alternate-whatever version of his brother here. Who might have different ideas about what makes befitting dom actions, but is not-differently also mad at him. Sounds about right. There's some alternate-whatever version of him here. Alternate version of him is not supposed to be here-here? Alternate version of him does magic with a flute. It may or may not be an evil magic flute. Alternate version of him has a room here-here.

He has good enough night vision to notice the reinforced roof tiles, and can figure out what they mean, but no way to know if that means everyone here jumps around roofs or that the people who do are just important enough.

(Is his flute magic now? He pokes it with his senses for power; gets nothing. He successfully resists the impulse to take it out and try playing it. First of all, he's trying to avoid being seen, and second of all forget Jiang Cheng, Lan Zhan and Shijie would both hit him if he did that.)


The disciples were talking about their most recent night hunts and plans to go out drinking, neither of which had anything to do with Wei Wuxian.  Assuming that Wei Wuxian doesn't somehow hear about the plans and try to join them.

Jiang Cheng brings back a meal of warm rice, vegetables, and a few slices of pork with a spicy sauce.  All in one bowl because carrying multiple would be awkward.  Only one person's worth, as Jiang Cheng ate right before leaving on his walk.  Hopefully no one is going to question why he wants two dinners tonight.  It occurs to him that Wei Wuxian might have also eaten before showing up, but Jiang Cheng doesn't trust that anything grown in the Burial Mounds will be good, and A-jie always made sure there was food around without asking and it always seemed to go well for her.  Maybe if Wei Wuxian can have a proper meal he'll remember that it's in his best interests to stay.  The whole thing is currently making Jiang Cheng feel like Nie Huaisang sneaking food to his illicit pet canary when in Cloud Recesses. 

He leaps quickly back and returns to Wei Wuxian's room.  Which is missing it's Wei Wuxian.  Food is set down on the desk with an annoyed growl, but not surprise. 

Then, Jiang Cheng jumps onto the roof to look around.  Spots Wei Wuxian looking out at the lake.  Flies towards him and grabs him and pulls him back down towards the courtyard.  He uses his cultivation to slow them a fair bit on the way down.  A cultivator, even surprised, would have more than enough time during the fall to react.  Someone only slightly better than a baseline human will not, and this will lead to them tripping even with Jiang Cheng holding a decent amount of their weight.


Ow ow ow ow ow. He does have time to react a bit, which is good news for most of his body, but his ankle really didn’t like that landing. He trips, which depending on whether Jiang Cheng keeps holding onto him will lead to him either hanging from Jiang Cheng’s grip, or falling on the ground at his feet. (If it’s the latter and Jiang Cheng is watching, he’ll notice the presence of training and practice at falling, and the absence of any cultivation use, demonic or otherwise).

Ow. In retrospect, ‘other Jiang Cheng dragged him up very suddenly to yell at him’ and ‘other Jiang Cheng can jump 12 feet’ could have been put together to give him ‘being on the roof when other Jiang Cheng comes back might not go great for him’. His heart rate is going off at him again, which is still dumb - other him is still alive even though other Jiang Cheng is definitely mad at him, therefore other Jiang Cheng is still not going to suddenly murder him. Hey, other Jiang Cheng didn’t even really toss him off the roof! 

He climbs back to his feet (ow, ouch), gives other Jiang Cheng a cheerful smile. Time to be told how much this serves him right for disobedience, and what else is going to serve him right. (…He had better not be in a universe telling a moral story about disobedient submissives, he will object.)


"Don't actually break your leg, Wei Wuxian!  Are you trying to get A-jie to kill me?" Jiang Cheng snaps when Wei Wuxian nearly pulls them both down.  But Wei Wuxian's leg is holding his weight when he stands back up. 

There is, of course, no reason to assume that a cultivator would be hurt by something like this.  He and Wei Wuxian have been wrestling on and pushing each other off of roofs since they were twelve, and wrestling in less fraught locations since they were ten and were newly taught how to fall properly so they could start training their fighting instincts in play even before they developed golden cores.

Jiang Cheng's overall mood doesn't change much.  Jiang Cheng has been anxious since Wei Wuxian arrived.  His mind keeps coming back to what will happen if Wei Wuxian is seen and word gets back to Jin Guangshan.  There were already rumors about them, no matter how good their fake fight when Wei Wuxian left was.  And he can't go out to check without leaving Wei Wuxian alone, and with A-jie married off there's no one he can really bring in.

He gets to Wei Wuxian's room and shuts the door once they're both inside.  "Sit down.  There's food, if you want it." 

Jiang Cheng is going to lean against the wall next to the door and grouchily watch with his arms crossed, because Wei Wuxian is not leaving his sight.


Aw, other Shijie steps in sometimes for other him too! Of course she does! He wants to meet other Shijie. 

Good news about certain earlier threats! He’d mostly (after the first bit) not been thinking about it while he was making his way around the roof. Maybe it was just the local version of doms delineating how much of a thrashing you’re getting in years - you’re not supposed to think they’ll actually do it. And why think about it ahead of time, that’s just making his own punishment worse for no reason. He’s pretty glad other Jiang Cheng is not really planning to do that though.

"Sorry, sir."

(If this was his Jiang Cheng, he would figure Jiang Cheng would think it was the correct dom thing to do to have someone look at his ankle before he got on with punishing him. But his Jiang Cheng also can't jump 12 feet and wouldn't yank him off a roof, and if this is what's done around here then no reason to expect some other thing.)

His leg is holding his weight and is almost definitely not broken! He limps (ow, ow) only a little when he follows (or precedes, whichever) other Jiang Cheng back into the room. 

Aw, other Jiang Cheng brought him food! And is going to let him eat it before he gets the punishment part of the consequences-of-his-actions! That's really nice of him! "Thank you, sir." He did have dinner, but that was a few hours ago, and music camp sadly does not believe in extra snacks so he only has so many. The room is warmer than outside, but he's still shivering a bit, which makes warm food sound extra great! He sits down and digs enthusiastically into the bowl. (Wherever-he-is makes a good spicy sauce, he approves of this trait of wherever he is!)


Jiang Cheng wants to hit Wei Wuxian, but thanks to Wei Wuxian tripping his desire to hurt Wei Wuxian has already been overwritten with his unhappiness at seeing his brother hurt.  Which is a very inconvenient set of traits for Jiang Cheng to have!  He is very angry about it!

It is now the time for lectures.  Another privacy talisman is placed. 

"All I asked was for you to stay out of sight!  For five fucking minutes!  What were you even doing on the roof?  Did you forget that there's a reason you aren't supposed to be in Lotus Pier?  You are terrible, and absolute shit at remembering anything!  We had a planYou go to the Burial Mounds with everyone you broke out of prison and that disgusting undead abomination you turned Wen Ning into, and leave Lotus Pier out of your mess!  Us sneaking in to visit you was not an invitation to show up unannounced.  Not unless you're planning on dismantling the Stygian Tiger Seal and prostrating yourself in front of the whole world."

He falls back against the wall.  "Maybe not even then.  Yet.  Jin Zixuan has ideas."  The thought of Jin Zixuan thinking...  "...I know.  But he is part of the Jin sect, and so is A-Jie now.  He has the freedom to invite you to things.  He was thinking the hundred-day celebration for his first child.  No word on that yet, but they are-"

Trying, he cuts off before finishing.  Jiang Cheng hopes he'll feel differently about it once the kid is born, or at least exists, but for right now any thoughts of A-Jie having children is the thought of her and Jin Zixuan- 

Surely Wei Wuxian understands his horror.  They are A-jie's little brothers together, right?

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