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Sep 29, 2022 3:16 AM
Lilian meets Mayu
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After her business with the others of her world is concluded and she has volunteered for a role in the upcoming war, Lilian goes about the obvious next point of business.

She heads off to find the pink slime woman she remembers yelling about maps. Presumably the Tentacle Princesses took her up on the offer of up-to-date maps, but its been a while and she’s probably done with her conversations with them.

She’s going to be participating in a war in a strange place she doesn’t know; that comes with obvious risks. She’s strong individually, and the resistance only has so much force available to it. It’s all too probable that she’ll have to go out and solve problems on her own. She won’t necessarily be able to rely on other people’s understanding of the terrain, or even of what things are like in the Pink and Red. She needs more information.

More important than anything else, she thinks is to have a sense of where the various entrances to the Red are, so she can know where to maybe expect ambushes from.

This is a strange environment, a crumpled plane over a three-dimensional space of tunnels. She doesn’t have any knowledge of history to draw on and inform her how things are likely to go in environments like that, which is concerning. But she’s not going to let things like that stop her from helping people.

How easy is Mayu to find?

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Mayu is snuggled into a crevice of the palace library (such as it is), and is letting the tentacle wall gently fuck her while it holds up a book for her to read. 

She waves when she sees Lilian. Hi (nice to see you) (you're hot) (can I help?) she telepaths.


Incidentally, Lilian has, by this point, discovered her suit’s ability to retract its armor into a choker around her neck, so to all outside appearances she’s wearing a skin-tight and very thin black body suit with a few convenient holes between her legs for easy access. She got into the habit on her trip here with Morb, Borb, and Lightning, and didn’t particularly see a reason to get out of it once she got to the big orgy.

The first thing she notices is the tentacle sex.

Her cock twitches under her suit, visibly outlined pressed up against her belly.

Wait, telepathy? Yes, telepathy.

Does that mean the slime lady can read her mind?

Oh no. Well, she will power through the embarrassment (and arousal) of having all of her horny thoughts laid bare and attempt to telepathically relay the fact that she’s here to learn more about the layout of the Pink and Red by thinking about that fact really hard.


Oh, maps! (amusement) (reflected horny) (the telepathic equivalent of a hug)

She hums softly and sends - what seems to be a swiss-cheese made of flesh. It's a little hard to figure out where everything is in it. 


The reflected lust makes her hornier. Lilian hopes this doesn’t start some sort of feedback loop that ends with her cumming herself silly right in front of Mayu.

(A twinge of pleasant lust at the idea. There’s a very large part of her that does want that)

The telepathic hug is nice. Lilian sort of mentally leans into it, entirely involuntarily.

And oh, that’s probably a map of the Red! It makes sense that it would be confusing, Lilian’s brain isn’t really set up to process things like that, at least not without context. She has a decent memory, but without understanding this will fade from her mind unfortunately quickly.

(She’s having a bit of trouble not focusing all of her attention on Mayu’s breasts. They’re larger than almost any she’s ever seen, and as the tentacle wall pleasures her, they’re jiggling pleasantly)

Lilian is sort of trying to think her thoughts in the direction of the pretty (sexy) slime lady. She doesn’t know if it’s doing anything, but she hopes it’s helping!


Let's talk (by which I mean fuck) and I'll show you (piece by piece)

Mayu jiggles a little more deliberately, and smiles at Lilian. Lovers usually like it when she smiles.


The smiling is nice! She has a pretty smile.

But Lilian is rather easily distracted! A moment after noticing the prettiness of Mayu’s smile, she notices the extra jiggling and loses quite a bit of her remaining ability to think about things that aren’t sex.

Lilian still isn’t quite used to this kind of thing, meeting people and having sex with them so quickly. A ghost of her old sense that you really should know people’s names before you fuck them prompts her to think, What’s your name? I’m Lilian!


I'm Mayu! (amusement at needing to know someone's name before you fuck them)

Mayu unsticks herself from the wall, simply squishing out and around between the tentacles, and "kisses" (more like gloops on) Lilian's cheek. 


As Mayu squishes around the tentacles Lilian feels the sudden desire to feel her cock squeezed tight in that jiggly pink slime.

(In the back of her mind, a dreamy desire for orgasm grows)

Squishy kiss! Mayu feels nice.

Lilian hesitantly reaches down to squeeze one of Mayu’s boobs.

Can I?


Of course! Stick it right in, I like talking with things inside me. Anywhere's fine, all of me is sensitive. She presses up against Lilian's side, getting more of her goo on her. 


The phrase “stick it right in” is hot enough to suddenly leave Lilian feeling almost frantic. She reaches down with the hand not suddenly greedily groping Mayu’s tit to pull her cock out of her suit.

Everywhere’s sensitive?

Her eyes focus on Mayu’s breasts. She strokes her cock while she thinks the image of what she wants to do at Mayu.

Lilian presses her cockhead up against Mayu’s left tit and thrusts herself into it again and again until she spurts.

(Well, that image was more orgasm-focused than she expected it to be when she started thinking it)

Lilian looks into Mayu’s eyes with a questioning expression on her face.


Mayu giggles and pats Lilian's head with one hand.

Go right ahead.

She doesn't kneel, because she doesn't have knees, but she squishes down to cock level. 


Lilian lines up her cock with Mayu’s tit and presses forward. Once her cockhead’s in she lets go of her shaft and holds Mayu’s squishy breast between her hands.

She can see her cockhead outlined in Mayu’s slime as she thrusts into her and that makes it better somehow.

(She's not thinking at all about what she's here for)

(She wants to cum)


Mayu giggles, and squishes in firmly against Lilian's cock, fucking back against her despite the unusual position. It's kind of like a titfuck, but deeper and much squishier and more liquid. 

She could send maps, but it seems like a bit of a shame when Lilian's enjoying herself so much.


It feels so good. Different from anything else she’s felt before. Beyond just the physical sensations, fucking Mayu’s tit is viscerally satisfying in some strange way, like her attraction to Mayu’s breasts is being extra fulfilled by actually fucking them, instead of just rubbing her cock up against the outside of them.

As she gets closer to orgasm her thrusting speeds up as her desire for orgasm shifts from warm yearning to feeling urgent.


Mayu giggles telepathically, and suckles at Lilian's cock with her gel-like body. Any part of her can be like a mouth if she wants it to be!


Ooh, that feels gooood.

Lilian compulsively thrusts herself as deep into Mayu’s tit as she can and cums. As she spurts, her eyes travel Mayu’s body and her lust overflows.

That delicious suckling at her cockhead prompts a sudden desire to get a blowjob.

She wants to bend Mayu over and fuck her ass.

She wants Mayu to ride her until she spurts herself silly.

More than anything else, she wants this orgasm to keep going. Each time she spurts, her mind can be heard happily squealing, Yes, yes, more!


Mayu's body goes more amorphous, her head melting away, and then her head reforms where her breast was, with her mouth on Lilian's cock. She flutters her "tongue" and suckles firmly, her body pressing in firmly and clinging to Lilian - then her slime surges up, knocking Lilian back onto the fleshy floor and squishing up along her body. 

When her body reforms again, she's "straddling" Lilian's cock with those full pink breasts in her face. She smiles, and squeezes firmly. 


When all of Lilian’s fantasies start coming true her mind overflows with giddy happiness. She gets all the things! A warm burst of gratitude pulses through her along with her orgasm.

Seeing Mayu’s mouth wrapped around her cock is hot, and she makes it feel so good. Lilian spasms in renewed orgasm.

When Mayu knocks Lilian down, she’s too distracted by the pleasure of cumming to feel anything but happy. Once Mayu’s face reforms she realizes why she just did that. Being knocked on her back to be ridden is great. She nuzzles up against Mayu’s breasts happily.

Mayu's skilled enough in bed to prolong Lilian's orgasm as long as she wants. And Lilian is so, so pleased by that fact.


Mayu is happy to just keep milking Lilian's cock with her tight slick slimy hole. 

After a few minutes of basking in Lilian's uninterrupted orgasm, Mayu finally remembers that there was something she was supposed to be doing. She slows down a little and squishes up against Lilian.

... maps?


At the reduced stimulation she almost starts thrusting harder into Mayu to keep the orgasm going. Then she finishes processing what Mayu just said.

Huh? Oh, right. Maps.

The temptation to tell Mayu not to bother and ask to just keep cumming bubbles up through her. But no, this is important, it matters. So, she lets her orgasm taper off to a close.

And then she realizes she just spent quite a while having sex without even trying to make it good for the other party at all! She sends a sense of apologetic embarrassment off to Mayu.


Mayu just telepathic-giggles; she has no issues. 

She is in fact still snugglefucking Lilian, just... a little less so. 

She sends the map again!


Snugglefucking! One of Lilian’s favourite activities! Now extra soft and squishy!

But no! Lilian must focus on maps. And avoid being too distracted.

(In the back of her mind, the knowledge that this is, actually, quite good practice for if she has to orgasm to recharge her reserves of mana or elemental power in the middle of a fight)

And so, Lilian focuses on the map, attempting to see if she can recognize Deep-Heart-Glisten-Palace on it. Can she?

(Squish squish, goes the slime around her cock and ooh, it’s nice, but no, she needs to keep most of her attention on the map)


Yes! It's quite recognizable. Mayu "zooms in" a bit and selects the part that's closest to it. Local tunnels and tentacles snap into focus, laid out with impressions of emotions - nice friendly bad strict tastes like her so it's bad for Lovers - 


Huh, Mayu seems really friendly and nice (remembered telepthic hug, remembered headpat), she’s surprised she’d characterize herself as bad for Lovers. She feels curiosity about what exactly that means, and then sends a hurried sense that she didn’t mean that as a question, if Mayu’s not comfortable talking about that.

Lilian attempts to drill the images of the map and its impressions into her mind. She’s smart, was always at the top of her class if she tried and often if she didn’t, but it’s still taking substantial effort to hold all of this in her head.


Mayu winces, and sends her impression of what the places that taste like her do. 

The answer appears to be "dissolves people." Mayu chirrups and snuggles closer and sends reassurance that she doesn't usually eat people. She has it under control

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