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Sep 29, 2022 4:51 AM
culture clash in the bell kingdom when Lily runs into Kamryn
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She's not sure how to put this, but... 

"Whenever I was with Maxwell, it was always... his decision, on some level. I..."

She struggles for words. "I don't want to - be done things to... Well, no, that's not true... but I want to..." 

She frowns. "I don't know the word. Be the person who decides. Not just at the start, but, you know, the whole way through."


That seems to somewhat contradict her desire to avoid triggering her Resonance crest---wait no, that's dumb, Kamryn is missing the obvious.

"Alright. I'll tell Talance to leave your mouth alone, so you can always speak. And what you do, is you give us orders. I'll translate for Talance. And we'll obey you. Think that would be a fun game? If you get to the point where you can't verbally keep up with what you want, you can always tell us to stop playing and just follow your light, and merely want and feel after that."


"That seems like it would work. I, um..."

She lays back a little. "I'm not actually sure what Talance can do... but I think..."


She stretches out an arm. "Let me feel what her touch is like, somewhere where it's not so... intimate. And then maybe I'll direct her a little more deeply. And you... can touch anywhere I'm not wearing clothes, right now, and I'll think about taking off my bloomers once we get a little further in."


The flesh under Lily's knees gives a little, allowing her to sink a few inches in. Soft, slippery, dexterous tentacles with smooth surfaces sprout up and hug her calves with a gentle stroking squeeze, while more tentacles grow up to slide slickly around her thighs.

A section of flesh melts and roils like a gooey slow-motion thundercloud again as it pillars up to engulf Lily's hand. Each of her fingers feels like its slipping into a hot, slick hole of liquid warmth, even as something with the firmness and thickness of a lubed cock slides between the palm and thumb of her hand.

The entire flesh-bed shifts subtly, hinting at shapes the sight of which seem to stoke Lily's desire.


At the same time, Kamryn sits up and grasps Lily around her waist, caressing Lily's belly with her nose and lips and cheek.

"I can touch you, but you haven't ordered me to..."


My, that is a lot of new sensations. 


... She grabs the tentacles back, firmly squeezing like she used to do with Maxwell. It's still good. 

Lily reaches down and buries her other hand in Kamryn's hair. "Kiss lower. Along the edge of my bloomers, but no farther. And Talance, give me a seat, I want Kamryn to be... lower than me, like she were on the floor at the side of my bed..." 

She scratches her nails softly against Kamryn's scalp. "... Maxwell never let himself be below me. Oh, he'd eat me out, but - it was always clear that he was the person who mattered, in the room."

"So I want you to beg, Kamryn. Shamelessly and earnestly. Tell me how much you want this. Convince me."


At a nonverbal murmur from Kamryn, smooth slippery tentacles surge up around the backs of Lily's thighs and take on her weight, letting her legs bend and spread open to the degree that she isn't holding herself up. another pillar rises up to mold against her spine, barely wider than her spine itself but supported by numerous tentacles to shift with her every movement so that despite the thinness it never digs into her.


It takes a moment for Kamryn to locate the right mental gear and there's a small thrill that accompanies finding it.

Kamryn starts kissing and licking at the edge of Lily's garment, allowing desire for Lily to spill out into her actions, pretending for a second that all of her desire and the fate of her entire future sex life lies beneath this fabric...

"Please Lily, your body feels so good to touch and I crave every bit of you that arouses me. I can feel the beauty of the radiance in you, please let me touch it, please let me touch you inside and out and bring you pleasure. I want to make you cum, please let me make you cum, it would be so hot. Please Lily, please let me in so I can let it out. Please let it out. Only you can let it out. No one else can break the cage and let that light out into the world, only you, anyone else trying to break the cage would just make it stronger, only you can decide to shine and grace us with the joys to be found in your flesh..."


And she laughs, and she pulls Kamryn away with the hand in her hair, and she holds her there - 

"Well done. And you're right, I get to decide..." 

She presses Kamryn down. "Take off my underwear, but don't touch. I want you to watch me take Talance, and I want you to touch yourself, and I want you to be silent. Not even moaning. I've had to be quiet for far too long. You should understand what it's like. And no cumming either.


Oh there is no way-

Okay, no. Lily doesn't mean it like that. This is part of what Lily's light needs, to be free. It's not real.

Kamryn slips Lily's underwear off, staring hungrily at the slit between Lily's legs like it is the only meal in the world.

There is a noticeable pause, quiet unintelligible monosyllables passing between Kamryn and Talance rapid-fire.


Talance's flesh opens up and surges forward to half-engulf Kamryn. First, lifting her up in front of Lily, fleshy tentacles slithering around her legs and pulling her wide open to show her vulva off to Lily's eyes. Tentacles sprout in myriad shapes and sizes, winding around Kamryn's body, arms, neck. One tentacle latches on to Kamryn's face, covering her nose and mouth from below, sealing off her ability to make sound (or breathe).

Kamryn's breasts and pussy are untouched, emphasized and displayed, as Kamryn herself puts up a convincing struggle, her fingertips just barely able to reach far enough to brush at her nipples and clit.


A new pillar of flesh rises up between Kamryn and Lily, equidistant between their 'seats'. It soothes out into a thick, glistening, red phallus, visually detailed to be the most appealing-looking cock Lily has ever seen. It's form is perfectly to Lily's taste, having subtly conformed to what stoked her lust the most as it formed. It hovers now, pointed at Lily from between the two girls, bending away from Kamryn's lewdly exposed and needy loins to bump and nuzzle at Lily's more modest slit.


Is she really doing this - 


Well, she's already come this far.


So she shifts her hips forwards, her ever-slick pussy lips parting neatly as she bears down on the tentacle-cock before her, falling a little out of her "seat" as she kneels over Kamryn. 


... it feels good. She muffles a moan with one of her hands, and then - decides all at once that it doesn't matter, she can just fuck Kamryn -

She buries her face in Kamryn's sex, and starts licking. Her technique is a bit raw - it's the first time she's done this - but she's listening to the heat inside her the way she did with Maxwell but it's okay, she wants Kamryn to feel good - and with the guidance of her Resonance tattoo she quickly homes in on Kamryn's most sensitive places, and starts to tease her (not incidentally teasing herself too -)


The cock-tentacle holds still to let Lily impale herself on it, then it thrusts firmly in, filling Lily to her deepest depths. The 'seat' tilts with her, still propping her up and letting her feel relaxed and languid in her new position. Talance reclines Kamryn's fleshy 'seat' at the same time, brining Kamryn's pussy upward so Lily can get at it while remaining 'above' Kamryn.


Kamryn lays back and lets herself be helpless, be at Lily's mercy. Her hands stop trying to reach herself, Lily's earlier command to masturbate obviously discarded in favor of Lily's direct teasing. Kamryn's pussy is beautiful and juicy and silky-smooth and soft and just a very pleasant place for anyone with even a hint of attraction to the female form to put their face.

As for Lily's order to not orgasm, well, that's out of Kamryn's hands now.

(Also, she's not entirely certain she can hold back an orgasm and hold back her Lust-Aura at the same time. Holding back the Lust-Aura is tricky and she suspects most people wouldn't be able to control it at all. She's pretty sure the Lust-Aura is exactly where any orgasm she tried to suppress would immediately go.)


Lily moans lowly as the tentacle presses deeper into her, and presses her tongue in in return, her hands grabbing firmly at Kamryn's thighs. The taste of Kamryn is amazing, in a way that's difficult to define - it's not exactly delicious but there's something raw about it that just makes her crave more. 

She pulls back a little after teasing the pair of them... she lost count of how many times. Five, six edges? She still feels surprisingly lucid, though this is far more intense than anything she ever did for Maxwell. 

She wants more. 

"Give me Kamryn's mouth, I want to kiss her."



At her (super)natural baseline of arousal, combined with her familiarity with living in the cycle, edging doesn't really have much of an effect on Kamryn, but she can be completely uninhibited with every shiver, quiver, flutter, twitch, and moan that reflects what little effect there is, throwing herself into the role of being overwhelmed by what Lily's making her feel.

When Talance presents Kamryn's face to Lily, Kamryn meets Lily's lips in a hot, wet, eager kiss, shuddering and moaning into Lily's mouth. (One of those moans is stealthily directed at Talance to stop her from spoiling Lily's scene by immediately taking over and making Kamryn cum. The thick cock-tentacle that is buried deep in Lily's pussy but not moving much, wriggles just a little.)


Lily takes Kamryn's hand as she presses in close, and kisses her again, and again, and finally -

"Together," she says. "You can tell Talance to stop holding back."



Flesh roils and folds up, like a closing flower with the two girls in the middle. It doesn't cover their heads but it does squish Kamryn and Lily against each other, holding them in place for kissing as slick squirming tentacles of every size swarm over both of their bodies, molding to every erogenous zone either of them have and caressing them, warm and slippery.

The thick cock-tentacle in Lily's pussy suddenly swells, hardens, and thrusts, plunging in and out of her firmly and with steadily increasing speed as she adapts to the sensation. At the same time, a smaller, nubbed tentacle bumps up against her anus with a steady pressure that quickly overcomes the resistance of her hole and slides inside.

(A pair of tentacles plunge up into Kamryn's holes too, of course, pounding her hard and bringing her to orgasm in seconds, her body convulsing against Lily's.)

Tentacles wriggle around both girls' breasts, forming conjoined suction bulbs to tease and suckle both girls' nipples while also sucking a nipple from each girl into the same gooey lubricated mouthlike chamber. Massaging slickness ripples all around them both as they're nearly encased in Talance's amorous flesh.

Talance lets her own lust run free, diving into the glow of desire and pleasure and release in both Kamryn's familiar mind and Lily's less familiar mind, blissfully embracing her instincts and flowing with the raw carnal urges of her Lovers, feverishly touching and feeling up the pair of humanoid bodies within her mass.


Oh, fuck -

Lily comes as well. She was close to the edge already after all the teasing her resonance crest offered. 

It takes her nearly a minute to crash back into something resembling coherence, but even after that she's not satisfied. She's never really been, before, Maxwell would always stop when he came - and he never used that hole before - 

Who cares about fucking Maxwell.

She grinds in hard against Kamryn and squirms in the tentacles, feeling them inside and out, heat and pressure and slickness, and kisses Kamryn again because she doesn't have the words to say thank you. 


The gratitude is felt regardless.

The full-body lesbian tentacle-fuck only gets more intense as Lily's urges run free and blaze bright, rising to peaks of ecstatic intensity, falling to gentle massage for just a moment, before being driven back up to the next peak. An ever-rolling cycle from moments when craving exceeds stimulation, then when stimulation exceeds craving, then when satiation exceeds both, however briefly before craving rises again. Sometimes the peak is so brief there's no time for satiation before craving swells and they're being fucked to the next, sometimes Talance raises them up to the edge more gently, and then pounds and gropes and rubs and strokes with a fury that keeps them both at the peak of orgasm for minutes or more.

And it is both of them. No, it's all three of them: Talance climaxes when they do, recovers while they do, and builds up again right along with them, changing her approach each time. Always chasing the raw urges within them.

This is the cycle.

And eventually, they collectively allow satiation to dominate, and the little cycle of three beings finally winds down and stops. Or at least pauses.

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