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Wynn and Luna meet up.
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It's been an okay dream so far. Except for the collar! Everything is fine and good. Get it off! There are lots of fun plants to smell. Some of the flowers were kind of grabby, but Luna squirmed away pretty easily when they tried. She saw some big icky bugs near one of the big flowers, but they weren't interested in her, so she went right past. Some scary dogs came close one time and barked at her, so Luna swatted one of them. It flew right away! The other dogs were so surprised, and ran off!

She got a little tired after a while, and stopped to take a nap, but there was a big grabby tree that was sticky and gross! It poked her and woke her right up! She had to claw it to pieces to get away! After that, Luna decided that she wasn't quite so fond of all these trees. There seemed to be less of them the further she went, so she kept going.

Now, she's near the edge of the forest. There's a big grassy area ahead... and there's another human smell nearby! Or... sort of a human-y smell? It's kind of strange. Luna will investigate the new smell... but this time, she'll be sneaky about it! Luna is good at sneaking! Low to the ground, hidden in the tall grass, approaching into the wind. Luna is a good hunter! She's definitely going to surprise this human-y person!

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There's a house over there! Kind of an ugly one, made of rocks and dirt. It smells like cooking and smoke and not-quite-human. There's a glowy rock on the ground that has traces of not-quite-human-smell on it. It would be a Really Bad Idea to touch it. Actually, there's a lot of glowy rocks in a big circle all around the house. They're not perfect, though, there's gaps.


Scary glowy rocks? Do not touch. It's fine, Luna can sneak past.

Hmm... dirt can be a house? It has a door, and a human-y smell, and a food smell. Probably a house?

The door is shut. Doors are hard! The window is open, though! Luna sneaks just a little bit closer, and nimbly leaps through the open window!



The house has a stone fireplace, a bed, an eating table and chair made of wood, some shelves with stuff on them including some food, and another room with lots of wood smells, where Wynn is at the moment.

"Aaah what the shit!"

She was leaning over a table, intently carving something into a rock.

Now she's alarmed, ears and tail bristling, and grabbing a stick and making a wall of blue appear in front of her. 

"Oi, who are you and how'd you get past the ward rocks?" She pauses a brief moment. "And why are you naked?"


Who is she? How did she get past the weird rocks? Why is she naked? Why does she feel the need to answer those questions?

Luna tilts her head to the side for a moment, juggling the questions, before the blonde woman confidently replies, "Luna is a very sneaky cat!"

She crawls a few steps closer, sniffing at the air, before adding, "You smell really good!"



The best kind of correct, huh? Valid. I don't think you're gonna attack me, but hell. Sneaking into peoples' houses without warning is very scary!"

Why is she naked. Why is this random stranger hot and naked??? Is this the first member of her isekai harem???

She drops the magic shield.

"Um anyway y-you smell nice too."


Luna continues her advance, crawling up to just in front of Wynn's feet.

"Luna sneaks into human houses a lot. Then humans give Luna food and scritches!"

She looks up at Wynn and takes a deep sniff, which incidentally puts her face at groin level on Wynn.

"You look and smell... sort of human? But better! Luna is confused."


She backs up to the wall in this process, feeling awkward and avoidant. Her fluffy tail sticks out along the wall, and she's actively avoiding looking at Luna. Also, getting more aroused by the second, doesn't this feel like a doujin setup?!?

"Yeah I dunno, I'm human but with fox stuff now. I'm human. It's magic, I dunno. D-D'you want clothes or uh-"


Luna shakes her head, but does not further pursue Wynn.

"No! Luna doesn't wear clothes."

The pretty bronze collar around her neck shouldn't be there either is totally fine and normal.


"W-Why not? I like clothes, they're less embarrassing than uh. Being naked in front of people. I guess you don't care about that?? Evidently?? Wait again you're in my house- Augh."


Luna tilts her head again, considering this confusing line of reasoning.

"Luna doesn't understand. This is a strange dream. Luna has more words! But Luna doesn't know 'embarrassing'. It is strange. Luna is confused."


"-This isn't a dream. I've gone to sleep and dreamed and woken up to the same thing, instead of back home, Luna."

Muttering, "Fricking frack, another isekai? And one in denial or... Something. Some more fucked-up mental changes than mine, maybe."


Luna holds up a hand, and looks at it carefully, before looking back to Wynn.

"Luna has hands! Luna has words! Luna only has hands and words when Luna is dreaming. So Luna is dreaming!"

She nods to herself, satisfied at having made a valid argument.


"-Right okay then. This isn't- 'Course not, okay. So, what happens when you go to sleep?"

Something about Wynn has changed now. There's a lot less anxiety and confusion and panic in her body language, she's speaking softly and gently.


Luna pauses, remembering.

"When Luna dreams, Luna has a different shape. There are strange places and strange thoughts. It is sometimes okay. Then Luna wakes up and is shaped right again. Less words. Less trouble."


Howwwwww to do this.

"I don't think you're dreaming. I think- I have no idea. Were you just - actually a cat, did someone Baleful Polymorph a cat, who would even-"

She pinches the bridge of her nose and takes a deep breath.

"...Food. Then thinking." She points at the stone cook-pot in the other room.


Luna nods firmly.

"Luna is a cat! Different shape in dreams. It is okay. Dream will end. Luna will go home."

The suggestion of food perks her right up.

"Yay, food!"

She follows Wynn eagerly to where the food is.


Food is apparently...

Well. After a moment of thinking and a considerable amount of anxious muttering she offers a bowl of some sort of stew-ish mixture, and some strips of meat that were relatively well dried and smoked, and after hesitating a few raw bloody slightly fatty cuttings from an antelope that she mutters something about 'bait' before offering.


Luna sniffs at the stew and wrinkles her nose.

"Humans eat weird things."

She's pretty enthusiastic about both the dried and the bloody meat, though! As Wynn herself gets ready to eat, a thought seems to occur to Luna.

"Oh! Luna found some human food in the forest. Here!"

So saying, Luna reaches into her bag, and somehow pulls out a basket larger than the bag. She hands the basket to Wynn. It is indeed nearly full of human food; roasted nuts, blocks of cheese, loaves of bread, a jar of jam, and a jar of pickles.


She takes it and puts it up on a shelf. "Hey this is the exact same basket I had when I got here! You're an isekai too. But you don't believe me, whatever. Also, cool bag."


"Luna doesn't know 'isekai'. Luna found bag in a place where a human had slept. Sleeping place was broken, smell was faint. But left bag! Had other weird things!"

She starts digging through the bag, pulling out a huge heap of other items... a serviceable wood axe, a barbed fishing harpoon, a stack of detailed maps and star charts, a sextant, a formidable suit of armour encrusted with runes and diamonds, a very fancy combination watch-compass-barometer-divinator, a sack bulging with precious gems, a giant golden sword as tall as Luna is covered with intricate runework, a pair of pretty pearl earrings, a solid gold ankh inscribed with runes of purity and protection from curses/demons/undead, a similarly-runed golden chalice, a strange outfit composed of bones and feathers, a modern-looking bullet vibrator, a floating golden ring, a rugged-looking travelling outfit, a silver mirror with a complex set of runes along the edges, a simple container containing a sticky green substance, and a thin cloak which only seems to be visible from one direction.

"Luna doesn't know what weird things do. Can you explain to Luna?"


"Yeah hold on I can read magic stuff I just- Kinda processing and wondering what next and stuff."


"That is fine. Tell Luna when you know?"

Luna returns to eating, apparently quite content to clean Wynn completely out of her meat stores.


"These are just tools humans use to do things. Uh, fake claws. This is stuff humans like because it's shiny. Holy shit there's magic on this stuff. This looks like some kind of map? ...If you're gonna eat all my meat I want some of this stuff in exchange."

She's negotiating with a naked woman who is a cat. What is going on. What even is her life.


Luna considers this objection.

"Luna gave other food? Can give shinies if not enough?"


"Yeah no not all of it, some shinies maybe, meat is just harder to get. You're eating a bunch. This cup makes stuff less poisonous, I have one like it. This looks like something you can hide under. The rest I have to look at for longer I think."

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