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Galaxia trip!
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"This power is heady, isn't it?"

She smiles, softly and lightly, and licks my tears from her pretty pink lips. 


"Just calling that part of he power feels... wrong. I feel alive and awake and ware and the things that I can do are..." 

I exhale, and shiver, and feel my skin and the air and the lights and the world and can't help but shiver. 



"It's made such a difference to you already - I can see it in your eyes. Still, even after your ascent, Goddess..." 

She flushes a light pink and places her hand on her cheek.

"I watched it carefully, and I know your powers are tied into the physical, and that you have some grace, from the gorging your soul has set out upon but..." 

She shakes her head a little. 

"Look around."


I take the time to see - there's the golden Thunder, silver Moon, dark and dangerous Sea, and old Samara and a few more of the Gods and the airdancers filling the space, and... 

hum lightly, and curiously, my mind pausing for a moment. 



I rest my fingertip against her nose. 

"Everyone in this room has a greater gift of endurance than you. The gods are ancient, and the Samarites are built of more-than-mortal stalks and have pursued their limited purview of power into a path that emphasizes endless endurance. Your mythical prowess is enough to aid you, yes, but you're tired, you're thin, and you need some rest, now." 


My eyes flutter shut for a moment and...


I swallow slightly. 

"The brother and his metals - we still need to ask after what he can offer us, with the hospitality, the metals in teh earth, and the process within this atmosphere, and your readings and..." 

I wipe my eyes. 


She smirks, light and soft, and strokes her chin and cheek oh so sweetly. 

"What do you think that I've been spending my time on~?"

"I have his breath-of-flame metal, my scans. You're full, and flowered. The atmosphere is a marginal help, now - Why do you think that Thallasa Cruises considered it such a worthy offering, if not for its independence from such things?" 

She shhhs lightly, and presses a finger against her own lips and then hers. 

"It's alright..."



My thoughts are slowed and I can feel the tired - the little ways that the extra depths are depleting, the way that my legs want to tremble, the ways that my ears bu my inputs, the way that I want to just... finish, with all this. 

"...We should go back, shouldn't we." 


She picks her up gingerly. 

"To the Galaxia, then."


In a moment, space is remade, the bed is soft against my back ,her hands are sweet against my bangs, my eyes are smooth against my eyes, and my mind goes dark. 

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