"Hey everyone! No major updates this week, since we had announcements Monday too - No new victims, but they still haven't found the killer. So, with no more news on that front, we've got some time for some lower-stakes announcements."

"With the new year we've got a new school nurse, her name's Marian. She's pretty good at getting stuff out of the void, so if anyone needs drugs, bandages, whatever, go talk to her, she's interested in trading for wards and stuff to keep her alive. Also if anyone gets hurt, of course, that's what the nurse is for."

"Nie Huiasang from Shanghai is running a store? For, uh, things to make life here less dreary. Freshman level, 278B."

"And, in the same spirit, Julia from New York is running group therapy out of her room during work period Wednesdays. Also freshman, 56B, starting today."

"Really appreciating the, uh, prosocial spirit that this year's freshmen are showing. Getting a great start here on being more open and cooperative and stuff. Thanks, New York and Shangai for setting such a great example. Uh. OK, that's all for this week, Holden out."